The Weight on my Shoes

Thursday’s run hurt.

My calves were tight and my arches were sore and achy.  I think my PureFlow 4’s are dead.  Which is not cool as they only have 146 miles on them.  I think… I lost most of my shoe data when Nike updated their running app.  Boo.   But they felt dead on my run and since is my third pair of them, I am pretty familiar with the signs of a dead shoe.

So now what?  I am not hugely fond of the 5’s I have been testing.  Granted, I’ve only put 5 miles total on them.  The toebox feels small- which I usually like- but the ankle area feels very floppy.    I tried re-lacing them on my last run in them but they still felt off.  No bloody heels though, so that was a plus.


So while I was running, ok well, taking lots of walk breaks, I was thinking.   I’ve dropped thoughts about my weight recently- this still isn’t that post- but what if my weight is affecting my shoes?

Am I too large for my shoes?

I am honestly wondering this not trying to stir anything up.  When I was heavier I ran in support shoes.  Over the years as I both ran more and lost weight, my shoes kept getting lighter and with a smaller heel toe drop.  And things were mostly fine.   But now, I am heavier than I want to be by a decent amount.  Let’s be real, I am closer to the weight I was when I first started running than I am to when I was at peak fitness  2 years ago.    Could that be affecting my shoes?

I know the weight affects my form at times.  Especially if I wear the wrong pair of shorts on a run.   It could have all the markings of a great run but the wrong shorts right now will turn it to a crap storm real fast.   Which then throws off my stride.  So why couldn’t that be happening with my shoes?

Problem is that I don’t know how to test this little theory of mine.    I mean I could by another pair of shoes but all this shoe buying is getting a little expensive.  I am hesitant to return the PureFlow 5’s as I’ve only put 5 miles on them.   It took me 20+ to break in the teal pair of 4’s that I had but then I put another 200ish miles on them.    The last pair of normal running shoes-i.e more support- I owned was well over a year ago.  I actually gave them to my mother to be gardening shoes.  So that’s out as an option too.


Then on Saturday, I ran 8 miles in my Nike’s and my legs felt better than they have in weeks.   They have even less to them than my Brooks.  But, I was also in compression socks.  Is it all in my head?!?!

I would love to say I as going to lose the weight and all would return to normal.  But again, let’s be real, I’ve trying that for a year and failing in numerous ways.   So now what?

Help me, blog land, you’re my only hope!!!

Seriously, what are your thoughts?


10 thoughts on “The Weight on my Shoes

  1. I have already told you what I think about the 5’s. They aren’t the best shoe…well for me. And I was a 4 fan. I love the pure line…but these shoes….have never gotten more comfortable. I have well over a hundred miles on them but only use them for shorter runs (up to 7 miles)…if you don’t have a good fit now, you probably won’t. And if you feet felt great in the Nikes….maybe you should consider looking into a shoe change. Personally I would take them into a running store and see what they think about the fit/support they are giving you. Couldn’t hurt anyway.


    1. I wore them again tonight and they still feel off. I re-laced the right one again and it felt pretty good after that but I think the left foot will never feel happy. I have a feeling I am going back to the running store this weekend. I’ve been doing some online research and have some shoes I want to try. I do love my Nike’s but they are only good up to 10 miles. I have regretted every run farther than that in them. Otherwise, they’re actually pretty awesome. Why can’t shoes be easier?!

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  2. Wow, quite a bit of shoe issues. I keep it simple.Knowing that the rule of 300 miles per pair never applied to me, I change them every 150 miles. Do you wear them to walk to the store after your run? If so it does add to the wear a tear. I always take them off the minute my run is over. Good point about the cost. However, think about it. If we go out for a drink the average beer anywhere that is half way decent ids 7 bucks. If you like the shoe just give in and buy them every 140 miles. DON’T SKIMP ON RUNNING SHOES :).


    1. Generally speaking, I change out them after running. On rare occasions that’s not an option but very rare. It’s not necessarily the cost of the shoes themselves just how many pairs I’ve bought this year trying to figure things out. My mother and her tennis team may appreciate all my cast offs but my wallet doesn’t! 😛

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  3. I know that my weight affects my shoes – but I’ll never get the same mileage in them that you will – because I’m heavier and only run on roads, mine will wear out at the bottom of the range instead of the top. I have no advice though, cause I have a huge foot. I’m currently in a pair of men’s running shoes because all of the female shoes I tried on last time tended to pinch or my toes hit the end after a few feet. I also do the racers lace at the top so that my ankle is secure to the shoe and doesn’t give my foot the option of sliding around, I can’t run any other way. 🙂 Good luck!

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    1. HI kate
      Although I’am at my marathon weight of 128 at the moment, I also suffer from wide feet. I can only run with the New Balance 1540v2 in a 10.5 6 E. I honestly wold be lost without them !

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    2. I am extremely hard on my shoes, I usually hover on the lower end of the range too. I have narrow feet but long feet. And my arches tend to fall. Grr. I have the right one laced like yours right now- tighter on the the ankle, loose on the arch. Tried it on Monday’s run- it was interesting. 🙂 My left foot still hates the shoe.

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