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The Weight on my Shoes

Thursday’s run hurt. My calves were tight and my arches were sore and achy.  I think my PureFlow 4’s are dead.  Which is not cool as they only have 146 miles on them.  I think… I lost most of my shoe data when Nike… Continue Reading “The Weight on my Shoes”

Week 15 Training Recap

Upcoming races– Firehouse 5K (this week!!) SLO Marathon 13.1 Focus– Take it easy and bump it up to 4 days of running Maybe it was something in the air or the water but this week kicked my trash.    I haven’t been sleeping well and… Continue Reading “Week 15 Training Recap”

The Jury’s Still Out

Before I get to the boring medical stuff, how’s this for a roadblock-         That thing is huge!   And was standing 2 weeks ago.   Wonder when that came down. Why do I hope for answers from a doctors appointment when those have been… Continue Reading “The Jury’s Still Out”

Week 7 Training Recap

Upcoming Races– SLO Marathon- Half Focus– Recovery This will be a quick recap.   This week shaped up a little fluffier than planned.   Not a lot of exercise but eating like I ran a marathon.  Or 2.   Oddly, I was fine during race weekend and… Continue Reading “Week 7 Training Recap”

Return to Long and a Goofy Garmin

Thank you all for your encouraging comments on my last post.  I felt a little odd posting it.   I wasn’t sure how well “re-embracing the Slacker” would go over.  It does sound a little backwards 🙂 Friday was one of those days that started… Continue Reading “Return to Long and a Goofy Garmin”

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