Friday, Finally

Friday– oh you are so pretty.

It’s been a coffee and soda kind of week.  This week has me like-

Tuesday for example- You know it’s going to be a rough day when you drop your brand new foundation bottle on the floor.  The glass bottle.  On a tile floor.   I felt like I watched it in slow motion as it shattered.   Yeah, that was fun.

Considering how stressed and hormonal crappy I’ve felt this week, I haven’t gone completely crazy with the food.  But it’s cookie Friday and it’s the new bakery.  I can’t decide if that is going to an uh-oh or a good thing.  

Running has only been so so this week but I got it done.    My right ankle is a little achy. Not cool.    I think another pair of shoes and I need to break up.   This is getting ridiculous.    Odd aches aside, I’ve had some great scenery to enjoy.⬆️  

I have a 5K on Saturday.  I haven’t run a race in 2 months.  I think I forgot how.   I haven’t raced a 5k since September.  I’m gonna hurt.  Did I mention it’s up a mountain?  And the forecast calls for rain? Rain on the mountain.   Yay.   Now I am glad it’s only 3 miles.    But, in all honesty I love this race.   This will be my 4th time running it.    I need to remind myself of that when I can’t walk on Sunday.  Or Monday.  Maybe Tuesday.

How was your week?

Ever had the day where you should have just stayed in bed?

Bets on my ability to not eat all the cookies? 


20 thoughts on “Friday, Finally

  1. I had a stomach bug Wednesday and only walked 2400 steps… (10,000 under my norm) and my run Thursday and today showed it! I feel better, but I cut both runs short and did 2 miles… calling that honoring my body 🙂 Today and tomorrow it’s 12 hour volunteer shifts at Texas Motor Speedway for Duck Commander to raise funds for our Senior Class Celebration… you should have a cookie for me!


    1. 2400 is my usual. 😦 Sorry you weren’t feeling well! Good job on getting in your miles, I had the migraine from hell on Wednesday so I skipped my run. It made me cranky but it was needed.
      I can’t decide if your plans sound fun or exhausting! Good luck!!

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  2. Good luck this weekend! Oh man, the foundation on the floor…NOOOOOO. That is terrible! I think your ankle will be okay. Fingers crossed for you.

    Do you use an app to enhance your pictures? They are so spectacular.


    1. Thank you! Ugh, the foundation was everywhere!! I was late to work and bare faced for the day. The ankle doesn’t feel too bad right now but that’s because I got the mother of all calf cramps in the middle of the night and it’s still tight.

      Sometimes I use an app and sometimes I don’t, it depends on how I feel about the picture. When I do use an app I love Snapseed. It’s what I used for sunset up there. The lake/ ocean pics are usually filter free.

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  3. Forget cookie Friday, I’m eating a Nutella pocket over here. I may eat two or three more. SO TASTY! Anyway, good luck at your race this weekend!


      1. This was basically like a tiny hand pie filled with Nutella. And the fact that you’ve never tried Nutella makes me sad for you, but I’ll try not to give you a hard time about it 😉

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  4. I don’t know, rain on the mountain sounds kinda cool to me!

    Give the shoes another shot. You’ve been running a little more lately (like a 16 miler!!) right? I know that when I start increasing mileage I start feeling weird little creaks for a while. Maybe your body just needs time to adjust to the new routine.


    1. As I typed that, I thought that too. The weather is showing a break in the rain at race time right now, so fingers crossed.

      I’ve put about 40 miles on this pair and I hurt during and after all but one run. They feel great walking but everything hurts when I start running. I really want to like the Launch’s as they have more cushion for long runs but I feel better in my old Pureflow’s that gave me blisters!


  5. Good luck this weekend! Running up a mountain sounds tough but oh so fun. Hope the rest of your day and weekend turn out to be great!
    I always love your pictures btw. That sunset one is gorgeous.


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