Week 15 Training Recap

Upcoming races– Firehouse 5K (this week!!)
SLO Marathon 13.1

Focus– Take it easy and bump it up to 4 days of running

Maybe it was something in the air or the water but this week kicked my trash.    I haven’t been sleeping well and that hasn’t helped matters any.   I was so tired most days I ordered a coffee and a soda most mornings.   Not the best, I know.  Towards the end of the week, I made a choice about my stomach meds and that threw some things out of whack as well.  I was also feeling very hermit like this week and I ended up bailing on all my public involved plans.  #horribleslacker

Running was rough but I hit the days I set out to.  Last week was the week of the my first 16 miler attempt and this was the week where I stepped it up to 4 days a week.   In retrospect, I should have scheduled those 4 days better.  

Monday- 3.5 miles I ran on a Monday!  Say what?!  I was supposed to have plans later in the week, so I decided to run on Monday.    I also ran in some new shorts that I had picked up over the weekend.  I have to get over my sudden phobia of running in shorts in public somehow right?  Even if it means buying a bigger size.  😭   The run was average if anything.  I wasn’t sore after the 16 miler but my legs felt tired.  I headed to the lake path for a few easy laps.  I kept the pace slow and easy and just tried to enjoy running.  However I had shoe issues.  I started out in my Launch’s thinking the extra cushion would be a good thing right?   My calves tightened up so badly, I changed my shoes 2 laps into the run.   Luckily I had my Nike’s in the car as well.   I made sure to stretch really well after my run.

Tuesday- Rest This was a rough day at work and a big part of me wanted to run it out.  However I was trying to rest my legs after the previous days issues.    It was also the lovely shattered make up morning.

Wednesday- Rest– I wanted to run after work, I had everything packed.   I had a meeting in SLO in the morning.   Part way through the meeting my head started to hurt.  By the time I got back to work, I had a full on migraine.  I still told myself I was running after work.  Around 4:30, I realized that just wasn’t going to happen.   I wanted pizza, then comfy clothes and a dark room and an ice pack.    So I did just that.  

Thursday- 4.5 miles– Ouch, ouch, ouch, damn it.   Another run in the Launch’s and a ouch filled 4.5 miles.  I probably should have called it sooner but I was stubborn.  I kept stopping and stretching out my calves.   No luck.   I was thisclose to taking my shoes off and finishing the run barefoot.    But instead, I went back to my car, then home to stretch.  It was probably payback for not going to the work social thing that I was supposed to that evening.

I don’t know if it was the shoes or what but I woke up in the middle of the night with the worst cramp in my left leg.  I damn near screamed.  It was like a charlie horse all over my calf.   I felt like I had barely dozed off when it happened again- in the right leg.  WTF?!

Friday- Rest– Ha! Standing in the morning and walking around was real fun.  My upper calves were so painful and tight from the cramps.   Compression socks can be had to conceal at work but thankfully it was a casual Friday.  And I pushed it to the limit when I wore my old dark blue Pureflow’s with my jeans.  I meant to change them, I really did but never did.  So bad.  

Saturday- Firehouse 5K, 3.75 walk– First 5K of the year!  It was rough, no lies, recap will be up on Wednesday.   I tried to get ahead of the soreness I knew was coming by heading out for a walk later that day.   I could tell that I was getting super stiff already.   I was really hoping the walk would make things better.  I also missed another social situation- this one was family related.  #horribleslacker 

Blue skies ahead, storm clouds behind

Sunday- 7.5 miles– Oh my quad.  Serious ouch!  Full disclosure- I have never run the day after Firehouse.  I usually take 2-3 days off, sometimes 4, I’m that sore.   I ventured out Sunday morning for a long run.  I was hoping for 10 miles but I knew that was unlikely.    My quads were so tight, my feet hurt and my knees were sore.  Throw in 90% plus humidity and this run was Rough.  I slogged my way through 7.5 miles.   I welcomed any break so when some cyclists needed directions, I was more than happy to.  ☺  7.5 is better than none right?

All in all, it wasn’t a bad week.  The runs weren’t the best but I got them done.  The mileage was a little lower than I would have liked but I knew that was likely with Firehouse in the mix.  It’s suddenly dawned on me that SLO is only 3 weeks away.  How did that happen?   I feel unprepared, I’m not ready!  I need more time.  So this week, I am just going to keep my head down and just keep running.    Hopefully the soreness will ease up and I can have a decent week of running.   And foam rolling, I really need to do that more. 😛

How was your week?

Ever get horrible cramps in the middle of the night?

Have you ever had a week where you just wanted to be a hermit?

15 thoughts on “Week 15 Training Recap

  1. LOL, this morning in the shower I was soaping up and hit my thigh and went “when did I bruise that?” I looked, no bruise. “then why is that so freaking sore???”
    Oh yeah, I foam roller’d last night! After two days at Texas Motor Speedway (for the NASCAR races, which is 12 and 14 hour days on my feet – 30,000 steps) I needed sleep, food and to massage my poor, sore muscles. It helped as I wasn’t so tight afterwards, but I didn’t realize how tight I had been!!


    1. I hate those invisible bruises! If something is going to hurt like that, I want visible proof! 🙂 Oof, my foam roller made me whimper like a whiny child tonight. My calves and quads are so tight!! I gimped around work and had troubles standing and sitting.
      Seriously, it is awesome that you got to volunteer at Texas Motor Speedway. I know it was a ton of work and very tiring but it’s still cool to me. 🙂

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  2. I had the same situation with a leg cramp the other night and I was like half screaming in pain and half trying to be quiet (which I shouldn’t have because my husband didn’t even wake up). I think all this training is making us miserable!! We are always hungry, in pain and exhausted yet we keep doing it to ourselves!! The things I do for a t-shirt and a medal…


    1. Exactly! I was trying to not wake up everyone else in the house! It hurt so bad, sorry you had one too! I am hungry all the damn time! It drives me crazy, grrr. You better believe I will be ringing that cowbell at the SLO finish line!


  3. CRAZY on the cramps, whoa! I am glad you are okay and congrats again on the 5K. I am very impressed with the 7.5 mile run the day after, especially considering you mentioned you usually take several days off. You are going to be so ready for this half!

    For the cramps, maybe some more electrolytes? Add some nuun to your water during the day or drink some coconut water…or eat bananas. I hate bananas. I eat them anyway, lol!


    1. I am not sure what hurt worse- the cramps or my legs after that race! Those 7.5 miles were so slow and even though I could barely walk on Monday, I am glad I got out there. 🙂
      I drink a ton of water on a daily basis but I don’t always use my Skratch when I run. I think I need to start doing that. Especially as it warms up. I hate bananas, there’s just something about them. Why do they have to be so good for you?! I can tolerate them in smoothies so I think it’s time to up my smoothie game. 🙂

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      1. Yes, use your Skratch – this training cycle I was really diligent about adding Nuun to my water a few times per day regardless of running or not. I think the electrolyte boost helps. I HATE BANANAS. I eat them. BUT I HATE THEM.

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  4. I agree with Allison on the cramps. You may need more electrolytes. Also, I’ve found that for me personally, running with extra cushion-y shoes makes my calves much more sore and cramp-y. Do you run in the Launch’s often? Just a thought. Regardless, way to get it done this week. You’re going to be fine with your half–remember, you ran 16 mile already! If you can do that, you’re half marathon ready for sure!


    1. The Launch’s are fairly new and we are officially breaking up. I put about 50ish miles on them and only one run was pain free. They are a light weight neutral shoe but I think they are still too much shoe. I told myself I needed more cushion for marathon training but I don’t want to be in pain!

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  5. I love reading your training journal — it’s so much more realistic and I def connect with your feelings! You’re inspired me to start my own training journal series when I start training come June.

    It’s a bummer your feet are hurting from your shoes. Have you thought about switching them before race day? Or are you in too deep with them to switch now?


    1. Thank you! Sometimes I fear I get a little whiny. I really like the weekly recaps. I can never seem to keep a paper training journal but I have stuck to this. I am looking forward to following your training!

      I am actually so over the shoes I am planning on returning them this weekend. I have 2 other shoes in rotation but one is getting pretty worn and the I’ve never run over 10 miles in the other. Either one is a better option than the Launch’s though. I so wanted to like them.

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        1. I run most in a pair of Brook’s Pureflow 4’s and then I have a pair of Nike Free RN Distance. I like the Nike’s but have only run up to 10 miles in them. I worry that they don’t have enough structure for farther runs.

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  6. First of all, your run puns are on point!

    Second: YES to the hermit question. Most weeks I just want to cuddle up on the couch with a milkshake so I feel you on this one! We’re all human, it happens! It’s all about balance in my opinion.

    Good read!! xoxo


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