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The Jury’s Still Out

Before I get to the boring medical stuff, how’s this for a roadblock-

That thing is huge!   And was standing 2 weeks ago.   Wonder when that came down.

Why do I hope for answers from a doctors appointment when those have been so rare in the past?  Particularly from this doctor.  The only time I have ever seen him show any kind of emotion or urgency was when I was attacked by a dog a few years ago.   Anyways, after a scheduling headache last week, I was able to see my doctor on Monday.    He ordered a chest x-ray and some blood work and gave me a snazzy new inhaler to try.   Instead of a rescue inhaler, it’s a daily use inhaler.   Boo, I’m so over medications.  My medicine drawer is looking a little crowded.   But, I would like to run without gasping for air.  Also, a rush at work shouldn’t leave me feeling winded.    So hopefully these tests will shine at least a little light on what’s been going on.

That being said, I had a pretty good run on Tuesday.   I took the Nike Free RN’s for another little test spin.   I set out to run super slow.  I was hoping I could maintain a slow, easy pace without any walk breaks.  I was running from work so I was a little concerned about the humidity but I was hoping a nice and sloooow pace would keep my breathing under control.     This route is not conducive to a slow start though-

I kept my pace calm and just kept trucking.  I was feeling ok and enjoying the sunset on the ocean.   I was also debating if I wanted to run 3 or 4 miles.  I had gotten out of work a little later so the sun was setting quickly.   I had remembered my flashlight though and I had my blinky lights on my belt.    I love the turn around point for the 4 mile route but thought 3 might be the better idea as the return to my car is always slower.   I was feeling sluggish but ok and was going to push for 4 when the roadblock pictured up top put a stop to that.    Boo.  I never quite realized how damn big the trees in the eucalyptus grove were before.  I’m glad I wasn’t running when it came down!

I made it back to my car just before total darkness fell.  One bonus about starting so slow?  I negative split this route for the first time ever!  #findtheshiny right?

How has your week been going?

Ever run into a roadblock like that?





23 thoughts on “The Jury’s Still Out

  1. I’ve been climbing over a few tree trunks this week! 🙂 Really hope you find some answers soon. Well done for keeping going, despite the breathing stuff.


  2. That tree is no joke! I saw something like that at La Cuesta Ranch. As long as it didn’t fall on you! I’ve been loving the photos lately, you’re catching some great shots as you get those negative splits!


  3. Ugh, I’ve been running so slow this week. Today is my first run rest-day, but all week long my pace has been slower than I expect. So much so that I’ve had to work on acceptance!! It’s only 30 seconds, lol, but those 30 seconds bothered me for several days!!


    1. I feel you on that! Sometimes looking at your pace can be de-motivating. My plan right now is to just keep running easy. So that means slooooow. Some theories swear by easy running, maybe it’s time for me to finish reading 80/20. 🙂 We just need to keep telling ourselves that we are out there moving forward right?

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      1. That is my new motto – I’m out there and moving forward! And I’m doing it for me! So, I can’t care if someone sees me as slow, cause I have to honor my body – and you know how loving accepting runners are, no one is going to mess with you! 🙂

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  4. I haven’t experienced a road block quite like that before. But, my best friend was running a local canal path we run often, last summer, when she heard a tree fall behind her. Right across the path she just ran on. Unnerving!!


  5. Yikes, that downed tree is crazy! Definitely glad you were running when it came down! I can’t remember any similar roadblocks that I’ve experienced, though a friend recently had to turn around when she came across a coyote in the road. Talk about yikes! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that you can get some answers from those tests, and that they’re helpful/good answers!


  6. That sucks you got moved to a daily inhaler but hopefully it helps! I’ve had similar issues this week with my breathing and inhaler meds. Not fun. Hope you feel better or can figure out what works best soon!


    1. Both runs since I started using the inhaled have been a little better. But then I have also been running really slow so that could be helping too. Sorry to hear that you’ve been having issues too. Is breathing freely too much to ask? 🙂

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