Training Week 8 Recap

Upcoming race– SLO 13.1- May 1

Focus– Just keep running, just keep running.

This week was an improvement over last week.  Since ignoring my little lung issue for pretty much all of January, I am trying to pay more attention to how I am feeling and actually listen this time.    I am also refocusing on eating a low carb diet but more on that later.

Monday-  Rest  I had the day off and I usually like to run on those days but instead I rested.  I had my doctor’s appointment followed by a chest x-ray.   Yay for the labs being open on a holiday.

Tuesday- 3.4 miles  The fallen tree run.  🙂  Another day avoiding the treadmill and running from work.

Wednesday- Rest  It was also my cheat day for pizza.   Sadly, it wasn’t as good as it usually is.  Boo. 

Thursday- 3.1 miles  I had a meeting at the end of the day but on the upside it was in home town!   I was able to make it home before 5, sweet!  I planned on changing quickly and heading out for a run.   However the dog had other plans.   She went nuts over someone in the neighbors yard.  It took me 15 minutes to corral her.    Once running, I realized I had overestimated how much time I had until the sun set.  Oops.   And because I had been frazzled by the dog I had left my flashlight behind.   Double oops.   Even though the run was shorter than I had hoped it was a pretty good one.   Again, I tried to keep my pace slow and easy.  It’s kind of sad that mile 3 was around 10:00 min. pace and it felt like it was at tempo pace.

Friday- Rest   Work was stressful and I was so glad to see the end of the day.


 Saturday- 10.93 miles With Heather!    Heather, Ashley and I have been trying to meet up and we made it work on Saturday.  Ashley couldn’t join us for the run but we met up with her later.  I met up with Heather early on Saturday morning to run one of her routes.   I apologized from the start that I was going to be slow and wasn’t sure how far my lungs were going to let me get.  I was hoping for 10.  We set out at a comfortable pace and just kept trucking.  I don’t usually run with people so I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to talk and run at the same time.   I don’t think I did too bad!    The route was nice, we ran along parts of hwy 1 and streets in Pismo.   Running past the cinnamon roll store was brutal- it smelled so good!!  My lungs held up well on the way out but got fussy on the way back.   I had to take more than a few walk breaks, boo.   My legs and my body felt fine but every now and then I just had to slow down, it became too difficult to get in air. I kept apologizing for slowing down.  But we finished!   Back to the cars at 10.93 miles.  I laughed over the mileage.   

From there we cleaned up a bit before heading over to meet Ashley for brunch.    We met at Custom House and I had heard really good things about their churro style french toast.  So even though it broke all the diet rules, I had to try it right?   Sadly, I wasn’t blown away.  The bacon was amazing though.    Know what else was amazing?  Lunch with friends!   We caught up on what’s been going on and planned some fun race trips for the future.


📸: Heather

Sunday- Rest  Ummm, I took a 2 hour nap.  Can’t decide if it was an oops or awesome.

So other than I seemed to forget all about the bike this week, it was a pretty solid week.     I was able to get in some decent miles that didn’t leave me hating either myself or running after.    Looking to this week,  the plan is to keep running easy and just take each run as it comes.  I also need to get back on the bike and get in some miles there as well.

Food–  I stopped talking about my diet for a while because let’s be honest- I wasn’t low carb or paleo at all.   However in the hope of keeping myself accountable, I am going to start sharing a little recap on these posts.    I am working on transitioning back to a lower carb lifestyle.    With pizza thrown in once a week of course.  This week was pretty good- I would say I was around 55/45%.  Which doesn’t sound great but it’s epically better than I was previously.   I also had a donut last week.  When one of the company presidents makes a special trip to bring your location donuts- you eat them!

How was your week?




15 thoughts on “Training Week 8 Recap

  1. Oh boy, running past a cinnamon roll place would be TORTURE. We have a fancy Mexican restaurant near us that also does churro-esque French toast, but I was also disappointed in it 😦 I think taking each run as it comes is a good tactic, and I know I’ll be doing that too! My week was meh, but I tried to be like you and look for the shiny, and that helped 🙂

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    1. We ran past it on the way out but I didn’t notice the smell just the huge line out the door. On the way back we ran behind the building- holy crap, it smelled amazing!! It’s hard trying be positive but I am really working on it this year, hopefully I can keep it up!

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  2. It was a blast to run together! I love running with people and we had a great run! Then a fantastic time catching up all 3 of us! You’ve upped your game; I can tell you’ve been running more. I like your plan, just get out there and run! That’s what I do! Yay!


  3. I’m still super impressed with your social run, and social lunch! 🙂 I’m toying with cutting carbs… but I’m so clueless and well, I love them. But I made zucchini noodles the other day on a whim to dump a stir fry over and it was awesome! I have two more zucchini in the veggie drawer and am going to do a garlic pasta tonight with them and see how it goes! Whooohooo to a great week for you and for honoring your body!


    1. Right? 2 big things for me!! The second Atkins book was very helpful for me when I was told to cut my carb count down. I just love carbs so much!!! I sub broccoli and green beans in for pastas. What usually gets me is the sauce- who knew how much sugar were in those? Hope your garlic pasta was yummy!

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  4. Running past the cinnamon roll shop must’ve been torture. I had to do a long run on the treadmill this week, and the Y was doing their annual fundraiser and rented a popcorn machine, and it made me crazy (popcorn is my favorite snack ever).


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