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Week 14 Training Recap

Upcoming races– Firehouse 5K
SLO Marathon 13.1

Focus this week– Keep Calm and Run Long

This week has been in the back of my mind for a month now.  Looming and lurking all at the same time.  The first real test of my crazy decision to run a marathon.   The first big effort for this Slacker.   Throw in some stress in my personal life and some work stress and the week had the potential to go south real fast.

Monday- Rest  Attack of the crazy wind!   Well, spring had been here.  The temps dropped and the wind came in.   How those palm trees bent so far without snapping, I have no idea.

Tuesday- Rest  I had every intention of running after work, I really did.   My mom started texting and wanted to move pizza night up.  I said I wanted to run.  Her response was that it was still crazy windy everywhere.  There was truth to that as we had lost part of a tree at work but I still wanted to run.  Then she dropped the kryptonite- my dad would come with us if went on Tuesday instead.   All right, she won.


Wednesday- 3.81 miles Baby speed work!!!  I headed to the lake path for some intervals.    After a 15 minute warmup I did intervals of 1:30 at 5K pace and then 1:30 recovery.  Baby intervals but you have to start somewhere right?    I did 6 intervals- 8:29, 8:44, 8:34, 8:19, 8:31, 8:35 pace.    Which is about 30 seconds under my 5K pace but hey they were fairly consistent right?  I felt pretty good and wanted to do more but knew I had big plans for the weekend and was trying to be smart. 


Thursday- 5.69 miles  I met up with NikeC  after work for a few miles.  Ouchie McOucherson.  This run hurt.  I am not sure if it was because I had run the day before or because I was once again wearing shorts.  It also could have been the Launch’s; I was wearing different socks than usual.   Whatever it was, my shins hurt the entire run.  Not enough to quit but enough to be concerned.  Other than that, it was a great run.   The company and conversation were great and NikeC ran us up a street I had forgotten about.   It was the course for a 10k we had run years ago.  The race was so miserable for me, I tried to forget everything about it, it took me 2+ years to run another 10K.   However, now that I remember the route, I have more ways to add mileage with out doing incessant loops.

Friday- Rest  Can I say how much of a win it was that I only ate 1 cookie on Cookie Friday?   Anyways, once off work I was home by 7:30 and prepping for Saturday.   I was ready to go to bed by 10:30, which is early for me but I knew I had an early wake up call the next day.
So much for good intentions, I could not sleep.  I was tossing and turning and felt like my heart was racing.   Either the stress of the week caught up with me or the next days’ plan was really freaking me out.  Either way, I got less than 4 hours of sleep.

Saturday- 16 MILES!!    Holy crap, people, I followed through!   I knew the likelihood of me completing this run on my own was small so weeks ago I called in reinforcements.   I met up with Ashley and Heather bright and early Saturday morning.    The sun was barely up!!  Not that we could see it as it was a very gray morning.  Heather was running 24 so she ran to where Ashley and I were and then we ran from SLO to the Avila pier and back.  That sounds like a lot when I type it.

We kept a steady pace up for the first 9ish miles and I was feeling pretty good.  I had to take a few walk breaks which I knew I would but I felt bad for slowing them down.   The route ran through the Bob Jones Trail which I had always heard about but never really run.  A mile of it was in the City to the Sea half but I was riding the misery train and hadn’t paid that much attention to it.  It’s nice, paved and scenic and full of people enjoying it.   We hit the bay around 8ish miles and I had to take a break.  My right knee was twinging in an odd way.   I told them to go ahead so I could stretch it out.    Speeding up usually helps me work out the kinks so catching up to them worked perfectly.   Once at the pier we turned around and headed back towards SLO. 

oh, just a little fog

My lungs started protesting around mile 11.  Which wasn’t surprising given how heavy the marine layer was.  I started to slow down.  We played leapfrog for the last few miles.  We would run together until I tired, then I would walk, they would pull ahead.  Then I would either catch up or they would wait for me.   I didn’t hurt until mile 14.  Then my knees started aching and my right toes ached.  Just keep running, just keep running.   At this point we lost Heather, she had a much longer run back and the sun finally came out and the temp was rising.  On a side note- she’s a rock star and ran 25 miles that morning!  

Then my watch buzzed- 16 miles!!!  I did it!   And I didn’t hate myself!  In fact, it kind of rocked.   I have Ashley and Heather to thank for that, they were both awesome.

Funny thing- because we ran all the way to the pier, the mileage was a little off.  When my watch hit 16, we were still 3 miles from the cars.   I contemplated walking it, but instead we took an Uber.  I’d never done that before!  It was a morning of firsts.

Sunday- Rest   After a much better nights’ sleep, I headed down to SLO for a little bit of shopping.  I also cleared 10K steps for the day so let’s call it active rest.   Stairs were the only times I noticed a little soreness from the run.

Weekly miles 25.5

Last week was a good week.   I feel a little better going into future training.  I know it’s going to be hard and going to kick my ass but this was the week I needed.  I needed a litle reassurance to continue.   I got it.  Now I just need to keep running and training and taking it one week at a time.   I need to work on fueling.  I ran those 16 miles on an empty stomach and only ate 1/2 a package of fruit snacks along the way.    I felt fine but I know that won’t always be true.    My hydration was good- I had Gatorade and Skratch.

Low-carb-  speaking of food, last week was kind of an odd week.  I did pretty well on most days but really bad on others.  It was kind of an emotional eating week but I didn’t give in anywhere near as much as I could have.  I passed on In n Out for crying out loud!   I am concerned that this week will be more of the same but we will see.

How was your week?

What about weather? What is it like in your neck of the woods?

Do you fuel for long runs?

Week 10 Training Recap

Upcoming Races-  Wine Country 13.1??
SLO Marathon 13.1

Focus– Keep it slow and steady but solid.

The lament of runners all over- Easy is hard!  Grr.   I’ve been thinking a lot about pace.  It’s part of that insecurities post I’ve been sitting on for a while.  But in short, I’ve been thinking about how I ran better when I didn’t care about my pace as much.  98% of my runs were also “easy” runs.   So, I’ve been revisiting 80/20.  I bought it about a year ago but really just skimmed it.  With my lungs being what they are lately, I figured this would be a good time to read it again.    Plus, running slower is fun when it’s the plan.  😀 But still hard.

Monday-  Rest I really love Monday rest days.   I really do.

Tuesday- Rest  I usually run on Tuesdays and that was the plan.  Work was insane that afternoon and ran late.    By the time I would have changed and gotten out the door I would have only had time for about a mile before the sunset.  I took it as a sign that I should just head home and get to the pharmacy for my new medications before it closed.  Since I’m still only running 3x a week right now, I figured I had plenty of time to make up my run.   Plus I was able to take part in my first Twitter chat.   Damn that moves fast!

Wednesday- Rest  Spanish tutoring.   Or I tried.   My mother volunteered me to help one of her tennis players.   Except that the days of me being fluent have long since lapsed.   Conjugating my verbs is not something I do anymore.    But I tried…and since we met at the pizza place, I still had my Wednesday pizza night.

 Thursday- 3.91 miles   I headed out after work for a few miles.   El Nino has been threatening to drop some heavy storms in the area so I knew the humidity level was up.  A heavy marine layer was rolling in and I knew this run was going to be a struggle breathing-wise.   It was but I just slowed down and tried to keep my breathing under control.   It was rough but there was an amazing sunset so it all evens out right?   I hit 3.9 miles at my car.  I was going to run around the block to hit 4 miles but there was a crowd of cops outside the police station so I just called it.   Running around the block a few times looks crazy to most people- what would the police think?


Friday – Rest day  Something about this week kicked my ass.  I was so tired by Friday and the scale pissed me off in the morning.    I was waiting for closing time a little more eagerly than usual.  

Saturday- Rest This was not the plan.   My mom had been wanting to go shopping in SLO so we were going to head down in the AM and I was hoping to get in a few miles later in the day.   It was also supposed to pour all day.    SLO did happen but running did not.  I felt super tired when I woke up but other than that ok.   I didn’t realize anything was wrong until my first few words to my mom.  I had no voice!   I sounded like a squeaky frog!   What the?!   It continued to get worse throughout the day and I felt off.    Like I couldn’t keep my body temp regulated.   So I skipped my run.  Boo.   But I did indulge with some pretty kicks. 


Sunday- 8 miles  My training plan called for 10-12 miles but I wasn’t even going to try for that.  I still had no voice but I felt ok, just tired.   I decided to head to the lake path and attempt my long run.   Lapping the lake meant I was never even a mile from my car so if I had to bail, I could.  I also had my mom and S along for the ride; they were going to walk while I ran.   This way I had backup if things went south.   The weather was sunny and high 50’s but I wore pants and long sleeves just in case.   I tried to keep things easy.  I went back to my old method of running at the lake- ran all of the lap except the park.  I walked through the park.  That way every lap had a built in walk break and it was easier to avoid all the children playing.    I felt tired and sore but not bad.  I just kept moving.  I told myself I would be happy with 6 miles.  That put me on the backside of the lake so I figured why not finish out the lap?  Then back at the parking lot I could see my mom and S on the backside but they seemed closer so I figured I would keep running until I caught op to them.  Yeah, my eyesight must have been off.  I didn’t catch up to them until 7.6 miles.  Then I figured I may as well just run until I hit 8 miles.   So I did.  But there was nothing else left in me.  Surprisingly though, the run was one of the steadiest paced runs in a long time.  Go figure!  

I don’t feel any worse right now but I don’t feel better either.  Wine Country is 7 days away and I am on the fence about it.  It’s one of my favorite races and this would be my 6th year running it.  I will just have to see how I feel this week.   Hopefully my voice comes back soon, I am tired of sounding like an angry Mickey Mouse.  At least according to my mom and S.

Low-carb-– I did damn good last week, I really did.  I was so proud of the myself.  Then the scale pissed me off on Friday and I let it derail me this weekend.   Time to start over on Monday- again.

So it wasn’t the best week but it could have been worse.  Right?

How was your weekend?

Ever lose your voice? 

Do I have a shoe problem?


Training Week 8 Recap

Upcoming race– SLO 13.1- May 1

Focus– Just keep running, just keep running.

This week was an improvement over last week.  Since ignoring my little lung issue for pretty much all of January, I am trying to pay more attention to how I am feeling and actually listen this time.    I am also refocusing on eating a low carb diet but more on that later.

Monday-  Rest  I had the day off and I usually like to run on those days but instead I rested.  I had my doctor’s appointment followed by a chest x-ray.   Yay for the labs being open on a holiday.

Tuesday- 3.4 miles  The fallen tree run.  🙂  Another day avoiding the treadmill and running from work.

Wednesday- Rest  It was also my cheat day for pizza.   Sadly, it wasn’t as good as it usually is.  Boo. 

Thursday- 3.1 miles  I had a meeting at the end of the day but on the upside it was in home town!   I was able to make it home before 5, sweet!  I planned on changing quickly and heading out for a run.   However the dog had other plans.   She went nuts over someone in the neighbors yard.  It took me 15 minutes to corral her.    Once running, I realized I had overestimated how much time I had until the sun set.  Oops.   And because I had been frazzled by the dog I had left my flashlight behind.   Double oops.   Even though the run was shorter than I had hoped it was a pretty good one.   Again, I tried to keep my pace slow and easy.  It’s kind of sad that mile 3 was around 10:00 min. pace and it felt like it was at tempo pace.

Friday- Rest   Work was stressful and I was so glad to see the end of the day.


 Saturday- 10.93 miles With Heather!    Heather, Ashley and I have been trying to meet up and we made it work on Saturday.  Ashley couldn’t join us for the run but we met up with her later.  I met up with Heather early on Saturday morning to run one of her routes.   I apologized from the start that I was going to be slow and wasn’t sure how far my lungs were going to let me get.  I was hoping for 10.  We set out at a comfortable pace and just kept trucking.  I don’t usually run with people so I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to talk and run at the same time.   I don’t think I did too bad!    The route was nice, we ran along parts of hwy 1 and streets in Pismo.   Running past the cinnamon roll store was brutal- it smelled so good!!  My lungs held up well on the way out but got fussy on the way back.   I had to take more than a few walk breaks, boo.   My legs and my body felt fine but every now and then I just had to slow down, it became too difficult to get in air. I kept apologizing for slowing down.  But we finished!   Back to the cars at 10.93 miles.  I laughed over the mileage.   

From there we cleaned up a bit before heading over to meet Ashley for brunch.    We met at Custom House and I had heard really good things about their churro style french toast.  So even though it broke all the diet rules, I had to try it right?   Sadly, I wasn’t blown away.  The bacon was amazing though.    Know what else was amazing?  Lunch with friends!   We caught up on what’s been going on and planned some fun race trips for the future.


📸: Heather

Sunday- Rest  Ummm, I took a 2 hour nap.  Can’t decide if it was an oops or awesome.

So other than I seemed to forget all about the bike this week, it was a pretty solid week.     I was able to get in some decent miles that didn’t leave me hating either myself or running after.    Looking to this week,  the plan is to keep running easy and just take each run as it comes.  I also need to get back on the bike and get in some miles there as well.

Food–  I stopped talking about my diet for a while because let’s be honest- I wasn’t low carb or paleo at all.   However in the hope of keeping myself accountable, I am going to start sharing a little recap on these posts.    I am working on transitioning back to a lower carb lifestyle.    With pizza thrown in once a week of course.  This week was pretty good- I would say I was around 55/45%.  Which doesn’t sound great but it’s epically better than I was previously.   I also had a donut last week.  When one of the company presidents makes a special trip to bring your location donuts- you eat them!

How was your week?