Run!, Slacker

The Jury’s Still Out

Before I get to the boring medical stuff, how’s this for a roadblock-

That thing is huge!   And was standing 2 weeks ago.   Wonder when that came down.

Why do I hope for answers from a doctors appointment when those have been so rare in the past?  Particularly from this doctor.  The only time I have ever seen him show any kind of emotion or urgency was when I was attacked by a dog a few years ago.   Anyways, after a scheduling headache last week, I was able to see my doctor on Monday.    He ordered a chest x-ray and some blood work and gave me a snazzy new inhaler to try.   Instead of a rescue inhaler, it’s a daily use inhaler.   Boo, I’m so over medications.  My medicine drawer is looking a little crowded.   But, I would like to run without gasping for air.  Also, a rush at work shouldn’t leave me feeling winded.    So hopefully these tests will shine at least a little light on what’s been going on.

That being said, I had a pretty good run on Tuesday.   I took the Nike Free RN’s for another little test spin.   I set out to run super slow.  I was hoping I could maintain a slow, easy pace without any walk breaks.  I was running from work so I was a little concerned about the humidity but I was hoping a nice and sloooow pace would keep my breathing under control.     This route is not conducive to a slow start though-

I kept my pace calm and just kept trucking.  I was feeling ok and enjoying the sunset on the ocean.   I was also debating if I wanted to run 3 or 4 miles.  I had gotten out of work a little later so the sun was setting quickly.   I had remembered my flashlight though and I had my blinky lights on my belt.    I love the turn around point for the 4 mile route but thought 3 might be the better idea as the return to my car is always slower.   I was feeling sluggish but ok and was going to push for 4 when the roadblock pictured up top put a stop to that.    Boo.  I never quite realized how damn big the trees in the eucalyptus grove were before.  I’m glad I wasn’t running when it came down!

I made it back to my car just before total darkness fell.  One bonus about starting so slow?  I negative split this route for the first time ever!  #findtheshiny right?

How has your week been going?

Ever run into a roadblock like that?