Week 7 Training Recap

Upcoming Races– SLO Marathon- Half

Focus– Recovery

This will be a quick recap.   This week shaped up a little fluffier than planned.   Not a lot of exercise but eating like I ran a marathon.  Or 2.   Oddly, I was fine during race weekend and even Disneyland.  It wasn’t until Tuesday that I went off the rails.  A post race week combined with hormones = #eatallthethings.

Monday- Disneyland!!  According to my Up band, we walked around 7 miles that day.  Not too bad.   My legs held up pretty well, I didn’t really feel sore from Surf City but there were moments my mother left me in the dust.  Mostly going up, walking up to Super Hero HQ was a little rough.😁

Tuesday- Rest My chest was hurting pretty badly on Tuesday.  I had the day off and thought about riding the bike or going for a short run but decided to pass on it.  Instead I caught up on all the laundry from the weekend and worked on some computer issues that I had been having.   The computer is fixed but I want to throw my printer out the window.

kind of where I was this week

Wednesday- Rest  Back at work and I had a meeting a few towns south in the morning.  I kind of feel like I spent the day driving all over the county, so it was a planned rest day.   Plus my chest was still sore.

Thursday- 12 miles stationary   I had packed my running gear and was looking to try for a short run after work.   I still felt a little bruised but nothing like the past few days.    However a dense marine layer rolled in around closing time so I took it as as a sign to not push my lungs.   I headed home for the bike instead.

Friday- Rest   Like always. 😛

Saturday- Shoes!  With spring races on the horizon and big plans for the summer, I need to figure out my shoe situation.   While my Pure Flow’s aren’t making me bleed anymore, they are not making my feet happy either.   My left foot in particular.    With that in mind, I headed down to SLO for a little bit of shopping and ended up at the Running Warehouse.     Uh oh.   It was busy but someone was able to help me fairly quickly.  I’m horrible because I don’t remember his name!  After explaining all the issues I had been having lately, he brought out 3 pairs of shoes for me to try- New Balance Vazee Pace, Saucony Kinvara 6 and the Pure Flow 5’s.

The New Balance felt great when I was sitting but horrible once I stood up and walked around.   The Kinvara’s were super snug.   I didn’t want to go up a size because I regret it every time I do.  The newer Pure Flow’s were odd.  They are firmer than they used to be.  I didn’t feel any pinching in the heel and the arch support felt ok but the tongue was ridiculous!  It’s harder now so it felt like a piece of plastic digging into my ankle.  What is with that?!   Based on what I liked and didn’t like, he then brought out a pair of Brooks Launch 3’s.    They felt the best out everything but they still felt like a lot of shoe.   I’ve really liked the lower heel- toe drop of the Pure Flow 4’s and the smaller foot print of the toe box.    He then brought out a pair of Nike’s- the Free Run Distance.  Say what?  

I’ve tried on numerous pairs of Nike’s over the years and hated every single one.  Which is odd since all my tennis shoes were Nike’s.   I was predisposed to hate this pair, then I put it on.   Holy crap, it felt like a slipper.   Snug but not tight and with a 4mm drop.   Now, it felt great in the store but running could be a different story.  But it was the best fit and I ended up leaving with my first pair of Nike running shoes.

Oh and I had dvr’ed the marathon trials and watched them that night.  How awesome was that?  Shalane and Amy were amazing and the perfect example of #runningrelationshipgoals.  

Sunday- 6 miles  First run in a week and it was rough.   I was hoping that all the extra rest would have helped my lungs but not so much.     My training plan called for a 90 minute progression run but I had mentally changed that to an easy 8 since I wasn’t feeling great since the race and hadn’t run.   I started out the run in my new shoes but knew I might end up looping back to the house if they didn’t work.  Usually I try to break in my shoes with 3-4 mile runs.  My warm up walk was a little longer than usual and felt pretty good but running was hard.  I was huffing and puffing a mile in.   I wasn’t wheezing, it just felt like it was harder to get in a decent amount of air.  I ran slowly and took regular walk breaks.  I called it at 6, I didn’t have another 2 in me today.   The shoes felt pretty good.  I started the run with some soreness and twinging in my left knee but that’s been there since Thursday.  It actually got better by the end of the run.    They held up well today but I am cautious to see how they do once I run in them more.

So this week ended up being on the lazier side of recovery with only 2 workouts.   But I am ok with that as I needed a wake up call to make me go to the doctor and Surf City was that call.  My appointment is Monday and I am really hoping that it is something that can fixed fairly quickly.   Fingers crossed!  I am trying not to plan to far ahead into next week until I hear what he has to say.

How was your week?

Ever had to change your mind about a brand of shoes?

Did you watch the trials?



19 thoughts on “Week 7 Training Recap

  1. Never feel bad about taking extra recovery! Your body needed it and you are probably better off for it. I’ve changed my mind about brands of shoes but in the opposite way as you – I’ve stopped liking shoes I thought I’d love forever. It’s gotta suck when shoes you love start giving you issues and you have to say goodbye 😦

    I watched the trials. So awesome to see Meb rock it and come in 2nd. I was really rooting for Desi Linden and wanted her to win, but I’m glad she’ll at least be on the team! It was a little scary when Shalane collapsed at the finish line


    1. That happened with Mizuno. I loved Mizuno so much but then it seemed like they changed everything about their shoes. Ever since then, it’s been a struggle to find shoes.
      Meb is so awesome- I loved when he grabbed the flag as he ran towards the finish line. I had already read online that Shalane had a rough race but watching her go down was still scary!!


  2. Those new shoes are seriously sweet. When I got my first pair of soccer cleats I wanted Pumas, even though they didn’t fit perfectly. I wore them for a season or two and my feet were always miserable, but I loved them – they looked cool and my favorite team wore Pumas so I stubbornly stuck with them. So dumb. Once I found a pair of Adidas that fit like slippers I totally abandoned my Puma love and wore only Adidas until I stopped playing soccer.

    Good luck at the doctor’s today!!


    1. I loved Nike when I was playing tennis, it was all I wore. When I switched to running, all the Nike’s I tried felt weird. For a while they had some that could be worn without socks, I think. Who does that?! I don’t even remember what kind of cleats I wore for softball. I must not have cared back then?
      Thank you!


  3. Oh I love those sneakers! I am usually a Brooks girl, but went with some Adidas this time and am loving them. I have always wanted to like Nike’s but have had no luck thus far. Glad you are loving them!


    1. I’ve been in Brooks for the past few months. Switching is kind of scary but my current pair just isn’t working out. I’ve tried on Nike’s in the past but wasn’t a fan, they always felt odd. Hopefully this pair will continue to work out. Otherwise it’s back to the running store again.


  4. Those shoes look cool! I’ve never worn Nikes I have the impression that they don’t make “real” running shoes but that’s probably an outdated view. I’m hoping to make my annual trip to the running store to figure out if some company has suddenly started making my goldilocks shoe.


    1. Haha, I know what you mean. When it came to shoes, it was odd to try Nike’s. Which is odd when you consider the Oregon Project but they always seemed like tennis or basketball shoes to me. I hope to one day find the Goldilocks shoe but as soon as I do, they will probably change it. 😦


  5. I love those shoes! I first started running in a pair of Nike Frees, and didn’t switch until I started running longer distances. I didn’t know they made ones like yours. I need new shoes pretty soon anyway, so I may have to go see what my local Fleet Feet has for me. I’ve been running in Saucony Mirage 4s for the last year and a half, and while they’re fine, they’re nothing special either.


    1. I was doing some more research on them after I bought them and they are fairly new. They’ve only been out since December. So far I like them. I wonder how long they will last though. I only got around 200 miles on my last pair. Damn, this sport can be expensive.😛


  6. I’m still in love with my Saucony Triumphs, I haven’t found a Nike shoe I like yet, but love the looks of those. And, I will admit to being a runner now, cause I watched the trials. And laughed and cried. Any my son even sat with me for a few minutes and watched and asked questions… and I was able to answer them!!
    I’m behind on blog which means I’m ahead on your life, and I need more info about the dr visit, I’m still flabbergasted over his suggestion of a new “hobby”, and I want to know if you know what’s wrong and how to fix stomach/lungs/everything! 🙂


    1. The trials were awesome. I was checking Twitter and online results while I was in SLO and my mother just did not understand.
      Right? I just glared at him when he suggested that. It’s not the first time either. I’m not sure what’s going on with the lungs right now other then they are not my friend. I am hoping all the tests this week will shed some light on things.

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  7. I’m in some Brooks pure flows right now. They’re my first pair. I’ve liked them fine except for one thing….I have fallen 3 times in them!! I’ve probably only fallen 3 times precious to that in my entire 7 year running life. Is it the shoes? Is it me? Is it the ‘cloven hooves’ on the sole?


    1. The shoes took some getting used to for me. Once I did I loved them. Until my second pair. This pair has not been nice. The theory is that I got a “lemon” pair but how do you prove that?! Did your other shoes have a similar heel toe drop?

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