Slacker does Disney

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.  🙂

Ok, I hadn’t been to Disneyland since Disneyland Grad Nite my senior year of high school.  People, that was last century!!  I’ve been trying to go for a couple of years now but never made it work.   My birthday, mom’s birthday, random day in March, nothing seemed to work out.  Then last year, it occurred to me- Surf City!  Disneyland is like 5 minutes from Huntington Beach.  Ok, more like 30.   But then that was in the middle of their not so little measles outbreak.  Yeah, umm no thank you.   Cut to this year.

We were torn between going to Disneyland on Sunday after the race or Monday.  I was concerned with how sore I would feel- Disneyland is a lot of walking.    Then my little lung issue put a kibosh on a Sunday trip.    After lounging around the hotel on Sunday, we headed to Disneyland bright and early on Monday.  Yay!   So while this is not running related, how about a little recap of my little adventure?


Favorite Ride-

More like experience but Star Tours rocked.  I remember loving it years ago, but the addition of Star Wars made my inner nerd so very happy.   We even managed to ride it twice.  Which was sweet because there was more than one story line!!!  The second time was also the longest wait in line of the day but that’s ok, we had some visitors while in line-  

Other Rides-

Throughout the day we managed to ride the Matterhorn (2x), Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (story there),  Hyperspace Mountain, Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, the teacups, Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion and Indiana Jones.    Indiana Jones is still one of my favorites, the sharp turns and drops are awesome.    Haunted Mansion as an adult is only meh, kind of cheesy.  And Pirates of the Caribbean?!  Where did that come from?  I don’t think I had ever been on that ride before because I remembered nothing!  And considering I ended up drenched, I would have remembered that!  Oh and there’s a random restaurant inside the ride?  How do you get reservations there?


Fun Story-

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Yeah, normally this is a pretty speedy coaster (for Disneyland) and our first ride had started normally.   Halfway through, the coaster had just started to go up a hill when it just stopped.  There was a pre-recorded message about a slow train ahead on the tracks so we thought it may have been part of the ride.  Nope!  Soon another voice came on the speakers announcing that all the trains had stopped due to technical difficulties and that we needed to stay in our seats until we were evacuated.  What?!  Eventually some cast members came out and instructed us to stay in our sits as the coaster had to be anchored before we could get off.   Apparently the coaster could roll if it wasn’t tied down.  Then the fire department showed up.   Meanwhile the couple sitting behind me and my mother were throwing a fit about their lunch plans and trying to get off before the fire department showed up.  One of the cast members threatened to get security.   Truthfully, I was trying not to laugh.  Once off we were escorted through the tunnels on foot.



Due to the building of Star Wars land and some scheduled refurbishments, there were quite a few rides closed.  Splash Mountain, Autopia, Jungle Cruise, Mark Twain’s Riverboat, the pirate ship and some other attractions were all closed.   Boo.   😦  Also, we were in line for Hyperspace Mountain again when it too was shut down.    Also it turned out to be a school holiday so the place was very crowded.    And hot- who predicted temps in the 80’s in February?!

Nerd Moment-

Super Hero HQ was nerd-vana for me.  Well, that and Star Wars Launch Bay.   Seriously awesome.  And I finally found myself a trucker hat.  I’ve wanted one for running but could never find one I liked.

The take home-

We saved all the stores for last as we didn’t want to have to carry anything.  I am not a huge Mickey or Minnie fan (sorry!) nor am I fond of the princesses.  My favorite Disney cartoon is Lilo and Stitch.   I remember seeing it in the theater when it came out years ago.  I was a little over 20 and I went with my best friends-at that time they were all guys.  All 4 of us were sniffling by the end, I still get teary eyed watching it today.  So I wanted a Stitch stuffed animal.  I finally found one in the very last store.   I swear I picked it up, hugged it and proceeded to carry it around the store like a 5 year old.  #noshame



Everyone was gathering to watch the parade in the afternoon but we chose to skip it and go try Big Thunder Mountain Railroad again.    While this ride was successful, we missed something big.  Peyton Manning was in the freakin’ parade!!!  Seriously?!

All in all it was a fun and tiring day.  Maybe someday I will finally make it to California Adventure.    🙂

Ever been to Disneyland?

Favorite ride?

Favorite Disney character?  Who is Mr. Toad?



12 thoughts on “Slacker does Disney

  1. Love Disneyland – and Universal Studios (only the one in Calif, the one in Florida is seriously lacking!) Glad you had fun, despite the issues.. and you totally need to figure out how to get reservations at that restaurant!! 🙂


  2. Fun! I’ve never been to Disneyland, but I’ve been to the World, and loved every second of it except for the crowds. My favorite Disney character is tough. Ariel and Belle are my favorite princesses, but I love Mushu the dragon from Mulan, and Stitch is pretty damn cute.


  3. I love Disneyland, I’m a huge Disney nerd and Big Thunder is one of my favorite rides because I’m a total thrill ride baby.


    1. Big Thunder is pretty awesome. I’m glad they were able to fix it, I would have been bummed if we hadn’t been able to get in a complete ride on it. But the fire fighters who came to evacuate us the first time were pretty cute. 🙂


  4. Big Thunder is pretty awesome. I’m glad they were able to fix it, I would have been bummed if we hadn’t been able to get in a complete ride on it. But the fire fighters who came to evacuate us the first time were pretty cute. 🙂


  5. This is an awesome post! Bummer about missing the parade, and the ride getting stuck, and the other rides being closed 😦 I love the Stitch doll with the medal, though. I’ve been to Disneyland once, about 4 years ago. I was a little overwhelmed by the experience… the day after Christmas is not really a nice, quiet day to go to Disney! I liked the Indiana Jones ride, and it’s not really a ride, but I loved Tom Sawyer’s Island… it was almost deserted and the bathrooms were clean. Priorities! 😉


    1. It’s still overwhelming on a random Monday! The day after Christmas must be insane! Tom Sawyer’s Island?! How did I miss that?! Fail on my part. Guess I need to go back sooner! Clean bathrooms are a must! I was impressed by how clean they kept the bathrooms.


      1. I can imagine it’s insane any day! Apparently the day after Christmas used to be a really quiet day, but we learned the hard way that that is no longer the case :-p Looks like Tom Sawyer’s Island is closed for refurbishment at the moment too, no wonder you missed it! In addition to being clean, the bathrooms there had no lines, and the island itself was quiet and shady, so it’s a nice place to escape for a bit when it gets overwhelming 🙂


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