Goodbye July- Recap

July didn’t exactly go according to plan.  It started great but that didn’t hold for very long.  So with that being said, bring on the recap-


Wild Run 5K– 27:47  New PR- Sweet

Rock’n Around the Pier 13.1– 2:20:21- Mother of Ouch

After my rough half, I was feeling a little disenchanted with running.   I like to think that everyone has those moments.  Right?   I played with the idea of taking a whole week off after the half because I was so irritated with myself.   That resolve lasted 2 days; I was running again by Tuesday.   I decided to let my feet do whatever they wanted to do and  the rest of me was just along for the ride.   That was supposed to last for a week but I let it linger all July.   Why?  Because I loved running again.   If I am honest, I have been a little disappointed in how I’ve been running since April and that all came to a head in that half.   I probably could have done a little better but I just gave up.   Not a good reason.

So pretty, I have to show them twice
So pretty, I have to show them twice

I figured that this month was going to be my lowest mileage month of the year so far and I was ok with that.  Running and I were getting reacquainted.  I met up with my mom for a bunch of runs, and I discovered the wonder of the warm up.  #littlelatetothegame  I did my yoga DVD and tried a Barre DVD. I walked around the fair and ate fair food.   I tested out a new pair of Wave Riders and met up with NikeC for gym nights.   And I ran.  With no real plans or goals, just to run.  And it was awesome.    I hit some average paces that I haven’t seen in months.  I somehow also pulled this off-

71.4- Hell yeah!!
71.4- Hell yeah!!

I know that part of June and July’s issues were my current GI issues.  I would like to say July was better than June but it wasn’t.   I went home sick from work once and managed to wear pants only 2 out 31 days.  I hate pants.  Going forward into August, I will get this figured out.  My appointment is now just weeks away, and the doctor is going to hear a lot from me.  🙂

How I uses to reward myself after speed work... oh and brown hair
How I used to reward myself after speed work… oh and brown hair

Running free was great for July but for August, I do need to get back into training.  Long runs need to come back and I would like speed work to come back into play.   I’m throwing out the other training plans.  I loosely followed a Nike one for SLO and a Higdon one for Pier.  All they succeeded in doing was stress me out.   I hit my current PR of 2:05:57 last year by doing my own thing.   I am a Slacker who is slightly dedicated and I should listen to myself a little more.  When I set the goal to break 2 hours this year, I let the doubts creep in.  Lot’s of thinking that other people were faster and with all these plans floating around, maybe I should follow those instead.   It worked for them right?   Except I am not them and should not measure myself by others (but it’s so hard not to!).   I am a little odd, a little nerdy, my brain works in weird and random ways, a little lazy and a little rebellious.  I am a Slacker who doesn’t like being told to run or that Monday should be 5 at goal pace with a Thursday 6 mile tempo, and extra stretching and strengthening on Tuesdays.

Now that my tantrum is over, it’s time to embrace my inner Slacker.  I have another half in 5 weeks and a goal 10K (gulp-NikeC!!) in 8.  Time to see what going off book can do.  Fingers crossed, wish me luck!

Thank you for listening to my rambling, slightly whiny words here…If you made it this far.  🙂

How was your July?  Are you ready for August?

Do you use other training plans or make your own?

21 thoughts on “Goodbye July- Recap

  1. Congrats on the mileage even during another rough month! Also, I like the dark hair! And lastly, I totally think you can pull off your own training plan and totally meet your half/10k goals. Happy Slacker-Training!


  2. Good luck! I have a goal of breaking 2 hours in the half this year too, and haven’t managed to figure it out yet (nor have I committed to it). Who knows, maybe something will click in these last five months of 2014!


  3. I’m a Slacker too! I guess I didn’t realize there were others like me. This post really resonated with me – thanks for sharing! My favorite part is the “a little lazy and a little rebellious” – this is SO ME!

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  4. I got distracted half way through and had to go Google Wave Riders since you’ve mentioned them twice… Eventually I did make my way back – but by then I was lost – but I’m happy to hear you are embracing your inner slacker!


  5. After just over 25 years running, I have definitely found that things ebb and flow through the years, and that we just have to ride those waves … so good for you just letting the joy of running dictate things. Because ‘racing’ and ‘training’ and so on, are all predicated on actually loving what we are doing in the first place. They say we have to build up a ‘mileage base’ … I would say we need to build a ‘love for running’ base. Once we have THAT, we can do anything …


  6. You’re definitely not the only slacker out there… it was actually reassuring to read that I’m not the only one who gets stressed out by training plans and prefers to do my own thing! Like you said, everyone is different, so just because a certain plan worked for one person doesn’t mean it will work for everyone. I’m a big supporter of finding out what works for you and letting your body dictate how you should train.

    I LOVE those bright yellow shoes, by the way!


    1. I see so many posts where people say “so and so” plan was amazing for them, so I think why not? But there is just some part of me that hates being told when and how far and how fast to run, it just gets under my skin. And it just wasn’t fun anymore.

      Aren’t they awesome? I love the colors 🙂


  7. You had a great month!! Nice 5K PR and that’s some great mileage! My July was not as exciting as I was hoping it would be. Hopefully August will be better. 🙂


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