A Couple of Hot Ones

Man, were they hotter than planned.

The plan for Monday was an easy 4 after work at the lake path.   My mother texted that she was going to meet me and she actually beat me there.   Once I got my act together (you know shoes on) we headed out.    It felt warm- 91ish- but not too bad, so I did not take my water, which for 4 miles is not abnormal.  The lake path is a flat loop, so 4 miles is a little under 3.5 laps.  I figured if I was feeling good, I would run 4.5 miles and then cool down.  The benefit of the loops was that if I regretted my water decision I could just get it from my car on the next loop.   Less than ¼ mile into the first loop, we were derailed.

Time for my Ninja Warrior skills?
Time for my Ninja Warrior skills?

Ok, time for a little off-roading.    Once back on the trail, my mother wanted to know what the 5k course from the Wild Run was like.  So we changed route and went off the trail up the street, turning my planned flat, loops into streets with slight rolling hills.  I gave her the rest of the directions and pulled ahead around the .70 mile mark.    Half a mile later and I was regretting the water decision.  Oh and I forgot to put on my visor.     After a couple of turns, I was on a street with a little bit more shade but had the bulk of the rolling hills.  I think I walked twice.   Once I was back on the lake path, I was doubting I was even going to hit 3 miles.  I was so hot.  I ran around the path until the broken bridge and stopped for a moment to take a pic.   I could see my mother on the back side of the lake path and figured it would be easier to run back the way I came rather than trying to catch her.  Plus  I didn’t think I had another lap in me.  But for some reason, I still didn’t grab my water.  I told myself I would run to 3.5 miles or when I met with her, whichever came first.   Yeah, when I finally met up with her I was at 3.8 so of course I had to finish out 4, turn around and then walk back to the car.  My water had never tasted so amazing.     Also after the first warm up mile, my pace was too fast for the warmth and lack of water.  Stupid slacker. photo 3

photo 2 (4)
Rockin’ the Race SLO hat

Tuesday, I was aiming for 5 at the river path.   Once again the temp did not drop. It was 96 when I started out.  My mother met me again and brought a frozen bottle of water.  I also asked her to bring me a hat; see, I was thinking this time.   We set off for the warm up, and I walked a little more than planned but that was ok.  Even once running, I kept it nice and easy.     When I passed her on the way down, she hollered at me to drink water.  I know!  Running down I passed 2 skateboarders carrying their helmets.  Umm, that’s not how it works boys.  I do have to give one props for having a camelbak, at least he was thinking smart about something.  It was hot and muggy and I had woken with a migraine in the morning so my planned 5 turned into 4 but I was perfectly fine with that.  I was also feeling good about the average pace of 10:15 for the 3 solid miles that I ran.  In that temp? I’ll take it!

Tonight was gym night with NikeC!  I felt a little more competent with the weight machines.  I am also trying to incorporate some the barre moves into the circuit.  I hate those stupid step up things but noticed that the handle is at the perfect height for some of the barre exercises.    This time I showed my gym ineptness on the ARC Trainer.  I almost face planted into the control panel at one point.   That would have been an interesting bruise to explain.   That machine is harder than it looks but then I have also fallen off a treadmill.  There were no grunters tonight but it was busier than usual.   I feel awkward doing squats in public, and this hip abduction machines.  Luckily they face the wall.  🙂

Hit any unexpected roadblocks recently?  Literal or figuratively? 

Anyone else have issues with the machines at the gym? 

20 Comments on “A Couple of Hot Ones

    • I haven’t done anything with the free weights. I kind of feel like I am getting a handle on the machines but I do have to read the little how-to’s each time. I’m glad they have pictures!


  1. I second Courtney on the “yikes”! Way to keep a good pace despite the heat and having had a migraine!!

    I love that you run with your mom 🙂 I wish I lived closer to mine so we could run together too!


    • Thanks! Sometimes I think running helps the migraines, not always though.
      Yeah, it’s nice having someone to start and finish my runs with, it’s amusing when we pass each other. 🙂


  2. I do ok on the arc trainer, but I actually run into the front of the treadmill a lot.

    Way to push through on those hot runs!


    • I liked the ARC trained and will try it again next week, it felt way harder than I thought it would. I have done that before, both run into the front and punched the front with my arm swing. Oops!



  3. I’ve just found that after weeks of being able to hit all my workouts hard, my body has lost almost all willingness to run! Definitely an unexpected roadblock!


    • Oh, that bites, I’m sorry. That’s a roadblock I’ve hit before, a few times. Sometimes I force myself and others I just do other things until the running bug hits again. It’ll come back!


  4. Don’t you hate those unexpected roadblocks! I had one this morning on my run. The sidewalk was all tore up for construction. I had to quickly jump in the road, which was not a good idea with all the cars. Luckily I made it back safe! And now I’m feeling bad cause we have ‘cool’ temps in Texas this week. Today we didn’t get above 80….however last week it was like 105 every day. I’m hoping the current temps hold for a while


    • I hope they finish whatever they are doing to the bridge (and your sidewalk!) quickly. I like the flatness of the lake. I don’t think the heat would be so bad if it wasn’t for the weird monsoon mugginess that has been hanging around for the last 2 weeks. Hopefully it goes away soon.


  5. I wish my mom would run with me. 🙂
    Nothing too bad in the way of roadblocks lately although we did have some crazy storms and they had one area with a downed tree marked with caution tape. It would have been NBD if I was alone, but I had Betty with me in the stroller so it was kind of a pain to get around/under.

    As far as gym machines…OMG. The other week I was on a treadmill that just shut off with no warning. Thank goodness I was only walking. If I had been running I probably would have broken my face.


    • Yikes! We rarely get storms like that here, I can’t think of the last time we had one actually.

      The machines at my gym used to just turn off at the hour mark. The first few times I had no idea what was going on! Those things should come with warnings.


  6. At least you learned from your mistakes on the first run! The heat and humidity are really game changers. They can mess with you. Road blocks are the worst. There was a big old sewage pump truck blocking my way earlier this week, tearing up half the road, and being gross.


    • True, but I will probably do it again. At least temp wise, I’ve learned my lesson with the humidity, I hope that goes away soon. Oh gross! That would be the worst, just the smell alone, yuck!


    • It’s so hot! I need to figure more running paths in work town, it only gets up into the 80’s and that’s rare. SF sounds awesome for running. 🙂


  7. Ugh, I hate running in the heat! Looks like you still had a great run! This year I’ve done more strength training and in the beginning I was self-conscious about being in the weight room. What helped me was going on bodybuilding.com because it showed videos on how to do certain machines. Now, I don’t feel so awkward. 🙂


    • Oh, thanks for the tip, I will check that site out. I am trying to be more consistent with my strength training, I am hoping that it will help with my running. Maybe eventually I will feel comfortable enough to go by myself. 🙂


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