Feeling Like a Slacker

Wouldn’t it be nice if weekends were 3 days long?  That would be awesome.  I would totally work 4 10’s.  I say that now, but wouldn’t that make it harder to run?    This weekend actually turned into 3 days for me but it wasn’t a good thing.  Friday actually turned out to the be roughest I’ve felt in the last 2 months.  I only made it about an hour and a half at work before heading home.  I hate leaving sick or calling in, there’s a reason I have almost 150 hours of sick time accumulated.     I particularly felt guilty because someone had to drive out to cover me.  😦   I tried calling my Gastro but they can’t see me any sooner and I am “managing” ok.  Ugh!!!!!  I slept for most of the day.

Kind of nerdy and maybe slightly narcissistic.
Kind of nerdy and maybe slightly narcissistic.

This ending up effecting my weekend.  😦  I had plans for an 8 mile run and a 4 mile over the weekend.  Plus a little shopping and good food on Saturday.   Instead, Saturday was spent doing laundry (so much running stuff!) and catching up on scrap booking my bib numbers.   I felt like I needed to do something, so I headed to the gym for the treadmill; easier to quit if I felt sick.    The treadmill sorely tested my new found appreciation for the warmup.   It was sooo boring.  I made it about .6 of a mile before picking it up.  photo 1 (2)

I used this as a reason to break in the new pair of Wave Riders that I picked up in May.  So much color!   My feet really wanted to move, every now and again I would run into the front of the treadmill.   Oops.   But I was trying to be smart and ran a .9/ .1 interval.  .9 of a mile at 6.00 and the .1 was a walk at 4.00.   I felt ok, so I decided to do 6 miles.  The only problem came in when I was nearing an hour.  With the first warmup mile around 13 and each following mile at 10:30, I was running into the machine cut off.   The last half mile was a race with the cool down setting on the treadmill.  It would automatically lower it and I would raise it back up, this time to 6.5 just to get it done.   Finally done, 6 miles in 1 hour and 5 minutes.   Not bad for an off day and I made it through the whole thing!  Plus the shoes were awesome.    I like that this pair seems to have shorter laces than my white/purple Wave Riders– those laces were ridiculously long and I was just too lazy to change them.  Slacker!

As of right now, I have still not made it out the door for a run.   It’s hot and I am tired but I am telling myself to get off my butt.  I have a feeling that I may end up completing the yoga DVD instead.  It’s been a week or two and I should get back into it.    Or maybe when the temps fall below 96, I will feel inspired to get in some miles this evening.   My next half is only 6 weeks away and it’s not going to run itself.   Plus I still need to finish yesterdays scrapbook project.  My new computer and my printer don’t like to get along.

Congrats to everyone who ran San Francisco this morning, I am sure you rocked it!

How was your weekend?

What do you do with your bibs?


23 Comments on “Feeling Like a Slacker

  1. I find myself competing with the coolsown timer a lot!! Every minute I’m bumping up the speed trying to meet some OCD goal. Lol! Sorry you haven’t felt well, hopefully the stomach issues simmer down soon.


    • It’s so annoying! They used to just shut off, but I had figured out a system around that. Now I have to watch the clock and change pace- too much thought, haha! Thank you, I hope they normalize but at least my actual appointment is getting closer now.


  2. Oh MAN I would love it weekends were 3 days long! 2 days just isn’t enough time. I’m sorry you also had a lousy Friday, and hope you’re feeling better!

    I love your scrapbook idea for your bibs! I bought a little wooden display thing (a painted board with some hooks, basically) that has hooks for medals too… I put all my bibs on there but haven’t hung it up yet so it’s a bit silly 🙂


    • Right? Or even a Wednesday off would be kind of cool. 🙂 I could get so much done! Thank you, I am better than I was.

      I’ve seen those, I think they are kind of cool. I had already started by book, so I decided to stick with it. 😉


  3. I scrap book my bibs and race clippings as well. I just started to add some pictures from races in this year. The biggest problem is that I rarely take pictures at races. Usually I forget our everyone that I went with is running so there’s no one left to take pictures. I hear you on the treadmill. It’s completely boring. But the safest bet if you’re not feeling well. Hopefully you get it all situated soon!


    • i have gotten better about pictures. My first few races have next to none, actually my first race has zero. It helps a lot that my mother is at most finish lines so she takes the pics. The treadmill is boring and seems harder to me. But it great for under the weather runs 🙂 Thanks!


  4. I love the idea of scrapbooking bibs! (I’m a terrible scrapbooker though so I know it would never work out). Right now they are all in this gift bag in my bedroom, but I really want a bibfolio.

    I think we all have weekends like that from time to time. I know I’m exhausted right now. You’ll be plenty prepared for your next half. 🙂


    • Yeah, I am not the best- don’t look too closely at the edges I cut. 🙂 I like the bibfolios too. Maybe if outgrow the book. 🙂
      That is what I am hoping, fingers crossed, thanks!


  5. I haven’t figured out what to do with my bibs yet–I really like your scrapbooking idea! SO much more personal and fun than a traditional bib hook.


    • It probably would have been better if I had used an actual scrapbook instead of a sketch book. Oddly enough, I remember things more clearly if I know what I was wearing, so it helps to have the pics with the bibs. Not sure if that makes any sense.


  6. Love the shoes! That’s so cool that you have a scrapbook for your bibs. I just have a bibfolio that my BF got me and I put them in there.


    • Thanks! I love how bright they are, I don’t want to get them dirty! What a great gift! I like how many options there are for the bibfolios now, there are some really nice ones.


  7. sometimes, in running we just need a little bit of a break. and when it’s 90+ degrees out, we really, really, really need a break.


  8. Oh my, I wish I had a day off in the week – I have so much I need to get done! I have all of my bibs in photo albums and in boxes. I need to find something good to do with them – scrapbooking is a good idea! Unfortunately a lot of the bibs are just numbers and I don’t remember which race they were from.


    • Exactly, all those errands that can’t be done on the weekends! Yeah, a lot of the local races use the Road ID bibs, I have to make sure I don’t wait to long to scrapbook those or I might forget!


  9. Three day weekends should really be a thing! Two days is not enough. I have most of my bibs laying around, but I don’t really do anything with them. This should probably change.


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