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Is it Friday yet? I am actually counting the hours this week.  I’ve been a little cranky this week, I think stress has gotten to me, I noticed yesterday that even my jaw aches.  Ugh.

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Anywho, moving on!   Yesterday, NikeC and I got back to the gym.   I wasn’t feeling like running much, so we just walked a slow mile on the treadmills to warmup before heading to the circuit room.   It’s only been 2 weeks since I was last there but I felt so weak!   I felt like I was starting from scratch again.  We managed to make it all the way around the room this time around.  4 people came in and used random machines and then left.  One lady glared at us while I was using one of the leg machines.  Hey, we were going in numerical order!    My gym is pretty low-key and I have never seen anyone monitor the circuit room even though there is a sign on the wall.   I also had the privilege of hearing my first gym grunter.   I have seen all the stereotype memes, gifs, and commercials but didn’t think they actually existed.  The free weights section of the gym has always seemed more like a coffee date than anything else, more talk than working out.  This very buff guy comes into the circuit room and goes to one of the arm machines (I really have to figure out what they are called) and cranks the weight up.  He then proceeds to do his reps, grunting and talking to himself.  And he was grunting loudly.    But who am I to talk?  I can’t even use doors properly.  As I was leaving the gym, the door only opened about 45 degrees.  I wasn’t paying enough attention and slammed into it, loudly.  Just call me grace.

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A post run mother- daughter selfie

Ever since my rough race a few weeks ago, I have been running a little differently.  I’ve been starting out with no real goal in mind other than just to run.  I have also been taking my time with my first mile, i.e my warmup.  I have mentioned before that warming up is a weakness of mine.   That just takes too much time for this Slacker, cue the eye rolling and head shaking.  I also hated seeing that warmup bring down my overall pace.   Ego much?   Most of my last few runs, I have met up with my mother more often than usual.  This usually meant that my first mile is slower while we walk and chat.   A month ago, seeing that first mile in the high 12 to high 13 range would have irritated me to no end.    The last couple of weeks I noticed something- my pace is consistently back under 10:00 a mile after that first slower mile.  This was true even today when it was 93º at the beginning of my run and 91º when done; I also took a few walk breaks in the shady section.     Well, don’t I feel silly stupid.  Granted it’s only been a few weeks but I think it’s safe to say that I have learned my lesson.   The Slacker can learn. photo 4 (2)

We have had a brief cool off, but the temps are going back to triple digits this weekend.   My long run will probably not be that speedy, despite everything previously mentioned.  🙂     But that’s ok, too.

What does your weekend look like?  Anyone racing?

Anyone else shortcut their warmup?  Or is it just me?

23 Comments on “Told Me So

  1. Warm Up?? Whats that??
    I know this is going to sounds ridiculous but I can either warm up or exercise, never seem to have enough time to do both!
    I class my my walks from the office to gym and from train station to home as warm ups!


  2. I totally short-cut my warmups all the time. And by short-cut, I mean “don’t do.” I’m sure I’d perform better if I just took the time to do it, but alas, I’m lazy. I think I’m going to do a virtual 10k this weekend–my first virtual race and my first 10k!


    • Yeah, my usual warm up was like .2 miles, ha! And right now it’s around .7 miles, not enough by most standards but better than before. 🙂

      Nice! Good luck! I have done 2 virtual races,1 was cool and the other odd. Have fun!


  3. The gym grunters are always hilarious. I have encountered a few of those. I don’t know what they are trying to accomplish. I always laugh. I can’t help it. Wait until you meet spandex man at the gym.


    • I was trying so hard not to laugh out loud, my friend and I couldn’t look at each other, we were going to laugh. Oh yikes, spandex, I don’t think I want to see that!


  4. How awesome you get to run with your mom! 🙂 Made me smile! Warming up is a must for me; tho I cut it short in the summer it seems. And I don’t know what the whole talking to self thing is with that guy, lol, but I get the grunting. I do it to, briefly. I lift really heavy 🙂


    • Well, I lift next to nothing so maybe if I get stronger, I will grunt too. I think I may have grunted when playing tennis years ago, I can’t remember. 🙂
      I really need to get better at warming up, especially before races.


  5. Ughh I’m the worst at warming up, especially at races where I feel self-conscious. I’ve definitely noticed that I hurt SO much more if I don’t warm up, so I’ve been learning very slowly that it’s a good thing. I walked for about 2 miles (with a few jogs thrown in at random) as a warmup yesterday and ended up with a great run. I guess there is something to it after all! 😉


    • Right? There always so many people running a warmup and they look fast and almost pro like, I just stand there and try to blend in.
      Nice job! As long as I commute everyday, I can’t see my warm up hitting 2 miles, but at least I am getting closer to a mile. Then again my previous warmup was 60 seconds, so anything is better than that.


  6. I have the exact same problem as you. I rush the warm up too much. I actually ran with my Dad the first two miles last week and realized I had a much better long run overall because I took it slow with the warm up with my Dad. You have inspired me to focus on the warm up more this week!


    • Thanks! Now I have to work on keeping a longer warmup when I don’t meet up with my mom. With no one to talk to, I may try to rush it again. Hopefully I can stick to it.


  7. I don’t warm-up which is bad! I always feel out the of the game when I take too many days not lifting. I have to be consistent though. I’m sure you’ll get back into your running groove again! Happy Running!


    • I barely just started even attempting the circuit room and 2 weeks off was too much time. My groove has been off for months but fingers crossed, thanks!


  8. Haha, nice! I do warm up. One time when I didn’t, I got hurt. I don’t do as much since it’s summer and my muscles are already warm. But I have a few go to exercises I always do. If I’m doing something more extreme like a race or a track workout, then I make sure to do a full warm up. It’s not worth getting hurt over not taking a few minutes to do so.


    • Right now, I think I am going to work getting in a slower warmup, if I can stick to that I will incorporate some stretching exercises. Taking baby steps. 🙂


  9. The other day there was a dude on the treadmill who every so often would throw air punches and shout “yeah” and “go get me” and “got this!” It was hysterical.


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