Run!, Slacker

A Couple of Hot Ones

Man, were they hotter than planned.

The plan for Monday was an easy 4 after work at the lake path.   My mother texted that she was going to meet me and she actually beat me there.   Once I got my act together (you know shoes on) we headed out.    It felt warm- 91ish- but not too bad, so I did not take my water, which for 4 miles is not abnormal.  The lake path is a flat loop, so 4 miles is a little under 3.5 laps.  I figured if I was feeling good, I would run 4.5 miles and then cool down.  The benefit of the loops was that if I regretted my water decision I could just get it from my car on the next loop.   Less than ¼ mile into the first loop, we were derailed.

Time for my Ninja Warrior skills?
Time for my Ninja Warrior skills?

Ok, time for a little off-roading.    Once back on the trail, my mother wanted to know what the 5k course from the Wild Run was like.  So we changed route and went off the trail up the street, turning my planned flat, loops into streets with slight rolling hills.  I gave her the rest of the directions and pulled ahead around the .70 mile mark.    Half a mile later and I was regretting the water decision.  Oh and I forgot to put on my visor.     After a couple of turns, I was on a street with a little bit more shade but had the bulk of the rolling hills.  I think I walked twice.   Once I was back on the lake path, I was doubting I was even going to hit 3 miles.  I was so hot.  I ran around the path until the broken bridge and stopped for a moment to take a pic.   I could see my mother on the back side of the lake path and figured it would be easier to run back the way I came rather than trying to catch her.  Plus  I didn’t think I had another lap in me.  But for some reason, I still didn’t grab my water.  I told myself I would run to 3.5 miles or when I met with her, whichever came first.   Yeah, when I finally met up with her I was at 3.8 so of course I had to finish out 4, turn around and then walk back to the car.  My water had never tasted so amazing.     Also after the first warm up mile, my pace was too fast for the warmth and lack of water.  Stupid slacker. photo 3

photo 2 (4)
Rockin’ the Race SLO hat

Tuesday, I was aiming for 5 at the river path.   Once again the temp did not drop. It was 96 when I started out.  My mother met me again and brought a frozen bottle of water.  I also asked her to bring me a hat; see, I was thinking this time.   We set off for the warm up, and I walked a little more than planned but that was ok.  Even once running, I kept it nice and easy.     When I passed her on the way down, she hollered at me to drink water.  I know!  Running down I passed 2 skateboarders carrying their helmets.  Umm, that’s not how it works boys.  I do have to give one props for having a camelbak, at least he was thinking smart about something.  It was hot and muggy and I had woken with a migraine in the morning so my planned 5 turned into 4 but I was perfectly fine with that.  I was also feeling good about the average pace of 10:15 for the 3 solid miles that I ran.  In that temp? I’ll take it!

Tonight was gym night with NikeC!  I felt a little more competent with the weight machines.  I am also trying to incorporate some the barre moves into the circuit.  I hate those stupid step up things but noticed that the handle is at the perfect height for some of the barre exercises.    This time I showed my gym ineptness on the ARC Trainer.  I almost face planted into the control panel at one point.   That would have been an interesting bruise to explain.   That machine is harder than it looks but then I have also fallen off a treadmill.  There were no grunters tonight but it was busier than usual.   I feel awkward doing squats in public, and this hip abduction machines.  Luckily they face the wall.  🙂

Hit any unexpected roadblocks recently?  Literal or figuratively? 

Anyone else have issues with the machines at the gym?