Week 37 Training Recap

Training for:

  • City to the Sea 13.1
  • Harvest Marathon 13.1
  • Golden Gate Half

A week of shoe issues, calf issues, wardrobe malfunctions and a long run attempt that knocked me flat.   Yay?

should have napped with the cat

Monday- 2.0 miles.  Yeah, another run testing the new Brooks.  I also wore the wrong shorts.  This was a hot mess from the start and I could tell it just wasn’t going to get better.

Tuesday- Rest I was sore from the baby run.  😩

Wednesday-Rest Pizza night!! 🍕🍕


Thursday- 3.8 miles  I was optimistically hoping for 5-6 miles.  Fail.  Everything hurt.   Ankles, shins, calves.   Which led to whiny thoughts then deep thoughts.  Which prompted my last post and my concerns that my weight gain was affecting my shoes.

Friday- Rest I’ve closed the last 4 Fridays and I admit it’s making me tired.   Crossing the street on my way back to my car, I felt twinges in my left shin.   I was also feeling a little off so I decided right then that my planned 14 miler was going to be broken into 2 runs over the weekend.  I was trying to be smart for once. I failed.

Saturday-8 miles The first run of the weekend. I overslept and was feeling a little weird but if I didn’t run every time I felt a little off, I would never run.  I headed out around 9:30 but as the high of the day was only supposed to be 91 so I figured I would be fine.  If only I had known how wrong I was.

The run started off ok.  I was sticking to my 5/2 run walk intervals, wearing my Nike’s and compression socks and my shins/ ankles were feeling pretty good.  Since I was only running 8 miles I decided to throw in some hill repeats.  What was I thinking?  I was huffing and puffing but I kept running.  I did 2 hill repeats before running to the turn around point then back for another 2 hill repeats.   I felt fine though mile 6 then things went bad.

My 24oz water bottle was almost empty and I was slowing down significantly.   My town doesn’t believe in water fountains.  They are either turned off or locked up.  A little over a mile from house I passed an elementary school.  The gates weren’t locked!!!  Hallelujah!  I felt like a creeper opening the gates but I really needed water.    I was loosing steam though.  I barely made it up the last hill- I had to stop halfway up, I couldn’t catch my breath.   I normally love running the downhill and the flat on the way back to my driveway.   I couldn’t do it.  I hit 8 miles about 1/4 mile from my driveway and just quit.  I crawled back.  Once confronted with my driveway, I almost just gave up.  I was seriously thisclose to just sitting down partway up and hoping someone drove by.

That wasn’t the end.  Once I made it inside, I started overheating.   I was still sweating so I wasn’t freaking out about heat stroke but something was not right.   I tried taking a cold shower, chugging water and I had my brother bring me food.   Then I tried napping.  Every time I tried to stand up, everything kind of went black and tunnel like.  I kept going back to bed.   I spent the rest of the morning and afternoon sleeping.   I knew I had the Avocado Margarita Festival to volunteer at in the evening.  I finally managed to get up without the world spinning and I headed towards work town.  I treated myself to In n Out hoping it would make me feel better.  Not really.  Boo.   I left work town around 8 and was glad to see my bed when I got home.

Festival time!

I don’t know if it was too hot- only in the 80’s, not hot at all- or if it was the fact that I did hill repeats for the first time in months.   Or if I actually had a touch of something.  I later found out a coworker had similar issues on Saturday as well and they didn’t run.  They ended up doing nothing but sleeping after their festival shift.

Sunday- 10 miles bike  This time I listened to the off feeling I still had.   I had woken up at 7 with a pounding headache so I rolled over and went back to sleep.  I woke up at 10:30! feeling a little more human.   After running some errands I decided my 6 mile run was not a good idea and decided to just ride the bike.

13.9 run miles for the week.  Ouch. Let’s just chalk it up to a rough week and move on.   I wish I knew what set off Saturday’s issues because I never want to feel like that again.

Have you had a recent wardrobe malfunction?

Would you eat an avocado Popsicle?  Yes, it does exist.



2 thoughts on “Week 37 Training Recap

  1. Would you eat an avocado Popsicle? YES, I would eat an avocado anything!!! It is one of the main stays of my diet.I used it in tuna, with beans and salad, or just as a sandwich. I even eat them plain.

    Second question – Yes the string on my shorts snapped on a recent run. I have very great sentimentality for my running cloths and often keep them way to long.


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