Creepy Running

I did make it to the track like planned on Sunday.  Headed out around 10:00 hoping to avoid the heat.  My legs felt tired before I even started so I set Mr. Nike for a timed run of 45 minutes.  Figured that sounded like a good amount of time for the day and I would just do as many laps as I could at a steady pace.     By the end of my 45 minutes I had done a little over 4.5 miles.    I maintained pace and by mile 3, my legs felt a little better.   So I walked a short cool down and stretched out.  I have no idea what the football players use this thing for, but I love stretching with it-

What the heck is this?
What the heck is this?

After my run, I headed home for a lazy day of eating way too much.   Seriously, I ran a half marathon not Rim 2 Rim 2 Rim.  But I still gave myself license to eat way too much last week.  The amount of times I ate pizza was just ridiculous.  Amazingly tasty but ridiculous.    Plus for work, we are having a candy crush October.  I have most of the treats for the crew in my drawer and have been snacking on them way too much.   Bad!!! They are not for me!!!  Plus my skin has decided to tell me that it is not happy with the unending string of junk food either.   Ugh.

Yep, that's true
Yep, that’s true

Yesterday I was pumped to get in a run after work at the lake.  I figured with the looming time change, this would be one of my last chances.  Getting out of work was a little delayed due a waiting for a big announcement that was supposed to come down the pipeline.  There’s always a moment when your stomach sinks hearing that but no need, it’s all good.  We’re expanding!! That was a good thing to hear!  But it did put me a little behind schedule.   I changed and started the drive towards the lake path.   The sun was behind the hill a little more than I planned when I got there but I still set out for a good run.

What was not cool was the creepy guy walking two dogs that was totally weirding me out.  Granted it could have been the border collie he was walking that was giving me the willies.   I love all dogs but not border collies, sketchy devils.    But the way he kept looking back and staring, not cool.  It may have even been someone behind that he was staring at but, ew.   I passed him quickly and tried to settle into a decent pace.   My legs did not like me so much last night.  I felt like I was mincing my steps.  I kept looking down at my form and it felt ok, but my legs were off.    I just felt funky.  Clocked mile 1 at 10:25, ok then.  The sun was even lower but I pushed on for another lap.    My legs still felt funny. 😦

Coming through the park section of the path again, I swear I saw creepy guy sitting on a bench staring at the path.  But without the dogs… ummm what?!   I wasn’t sure if I was more skeeved out by him or the fact that there may be a border collie on the loose.  They’re the reason I carry pepper spray.  Yeah I was done.  I finished the lap coming in at just under 2.5 miles.  I stretched really quick and jumped in my car to leave.  Best way to get a negative split?  Run from something creepy.


The bottom of my left foot felt funny today.  Not painful, just kind of odd.    I had no problems at volleyball though, so who knows.  We won!!!!!  Well, 1 of the 2 matches, but woo hoo!  Both matches went to 3 games and now I feel a little bruised but it was fun.  Could have done without the second team of the night deciding to intentionally aim everything at me but I said bring it 🙂  Not sure what I did to them but oh well, women can be so bitchy. (myself included).  They were pretty vocal about it too.  Maybe the fact that we took the first game spooked them, there are the first place team right now.

Now I am relaxing in the Comfy Chair, watching The Biggest Loser and eating potato chips.  Wait, what?  Oops.   Why does this show make me want to snack? 😦

Anyone else have any sketchy encounters while running?

12 thoughts on “Creepy Running

  1. Hmmm- I hate feeling like that: you feel kinda guilty as the guy may be entirely innocent, but your instinct is still screaming at you that something isn’t right.


    1. There are usually a few transients but I am used to them, they usually just hang out at he horse shoe pit. This guy was a new level of creepy


  2. Carrying pepper spray is smart! I love my neighborhood, but after the sun goes down it’s not the safest place in San Francisco. One day I got a late start on my run and it started getting dark. This guy was walking towards me, and I running towards him, and he was wearing a creepy hooded cloak that covered his face. When I got close, he started opening the cloak and I was so creeped out I took off and sprinted home! I’ve never run alone in the evening again!


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