Sun and scarecrows

I managed to get in a run on Thursday before heading to school for my exam.  Oops, sorry mixer!!!  I’ll go next month- it’ll be too dark to run then 😦

I wanted to take it a little easy, so I set Mr. Nike for a 3 mile run.  I love the distance mode.  He comes on and tells you at the halfway point, great way when to know to turn around.  Otherwise I get distracted and just keep running.  Which if it wasn’t my first run after my half or if I didn’t have an exam that I should have been studying for, that wouldn’t have been a bad thing.  🙂

The halfway point is just inside the state park, I barely get to breathe in the Eucalyptus before I had to head back.   I take a slight detour on the way back just to see this-

So Pretty!!!!
So Pretty!!!!
I can see clearly now!
I can see clearly now!


Bonus, the weather was amazing!  70 and shining sun!  Usually by this time of evening the marine layer rolls in and it’s just gray.  All in all, finished a nice 5k when I made it back to my car.   And I averaged a 9:46 pace, fine by me.


Since I work 3 of the upcoming 4 Saturdays, I admit to a little whining.  But I have an awesome boss, so I got a few extra hours to sleep in on Friday.  I have been so tired; I just wanted some time with a few less alarms.  Yeah, I set 5 daily.  Usually sleep through the first 2 and snooze the rest repeatedly.   While a better person may have snuck in a Friday morning run, I am a Slacker.  I chose to sleep.  It was so nice.   Then I headed into work, picking up a birthday cake along the way for the afore mentioned awesome boss.  I really need to stop eating junk.  This has been a very indulgent week.

Cuter before cropped, but yummy!
Cuter before cropped, but yummy!

This morning’s commute actually wasn’t that foggy!  As I drove into town, I tried to take a few pictures.  This town has an annual Scarecrow festival that I never knew about.  Last time I worked there, the fog was so heavy and zombie like, then creatures were just popping out the mist.  WTF?  The first 2 scared the crap out of me before I figured it out.  This time, I was prepared and snapped a few pictures along the way.  Yes, I should have gotten out of the car, but I am lazy.


The bottom two were the creepiest!!!
The bottom two were the creepiest!!!


I really did plan to run today but the Slacker in me finally beat out the twitchy feet.    After work and lunch and errands, I was tired and lazy.  No lies, I was just a Slacker.    Tomorrow, I get back on track.  Literally- track Sunday!!!!! Woo hoo!!!!  I love the track.   It’s supposed to be over 90, but hey, soon I will be complaining that it will too cold, so I may as well enjoy it while it lasts.

Today wasn’t totally running free, I did finish my scrapbook page for my City to the Sea bib.  Yes, I keep a scrapbook of all my bibs.  Cheesy but I love it.  Wish they made better embellishments though.


To anyone who ran or raced today, you’re awesome!!!!


Anyone’s towns have any interesting Harvest traditions?

2 Comments on “Sun and scarecrows

  1. I love Scarecrow Trails! They’re so much fun- but a little creepy!


    • I am prepared now 🙂 I know there are almost 100 more, and since I will be out there a few more times, I am going to try to see more of them.


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