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Mid Week Musings 8

Frak, it’s Friday.   How did that happen?  Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to it but wow that was fast.

My calf is screaming these past few days.  Grrr.    Monday night saw some drama and I ended up waiting in the ER with my mom and brother for 6+ hours.  He’s ok now.   My legs did not appreciate running then immediately sitting in a horrible, cramped chair for hours.   We also got new chairs at work and I haven’t adjusted yet.  I now realize just how crappy my original chair was.  And I cleaned my car last week (finally) but I’ve had some trouble getting my seat back into the right spot.  In heels I’m fine driving but am way too far away in flats and it’s aggravating it. I’ve moved it but still.  I am rolling and stretching but I have adjusted my running plans this weekend.  Double grrr.

I am obsessed with my new hat- seriously the best-

Work is having an employee appreciation day today- they’re buying lunch.   I love my coworkers- they picked the BBQ place.  Tri tip for the win!  Bonus- they now sell cornbread too.  You can bet I am trying that.  Carbs be damned.   Especially since it’s cookie Friday.  😝

Something about summer time makes me turn a little country.   I don’t what it is.  Country used to drive me nuts.  Well, truthfully some of it still does.   The point to this is I turned early this year.   My first new download was in April.  What is happening?

different day, same hat

This week’s tempo kicked my ass.  I hit my paces but it was seriously hard.  I wanted to quit the entire time.    Surprisingly it wasn’t my calf that was the problem.   I was just tired.  I swear I need a just a week to sleep.  Can I be a Harry Potter nerd for a moment?  A time turner would really come in handy right now.
How many colors/ patterns can I wear at one time?
I have a new Fitbit Charge HR.  Let’s just say some of the numbers are freaking me out.    I’ve been a little numbers obsessed the past few days. I’ve been wearing the Fitbit and my Up band.  Holy discrepancies Batman.    I think I will post more on that next week.

Ok, think that’s enough randomness for one post.  I should go foam roll again.

How was your week?  Tell me something good.

What are you doing this weekend?




Eat!, Run!, Slacker

Week 6 Recap- Really?

I know I picked a longer training cycle but how is week 6 over already?      Picking a longer cycle seems to have been a good choice so far with work being crazy, my odd leg issues and other various issues popping up.  The plan is detailed enough to give me guidance but flexible enough I can move things around.  And things moved this week.

Monday- Rest

Ahh, glorious Monday Rest day.  Coincidentally also Monday Pizza night.  😉🍕

Tuesday-  4 miles easy.

Like I mentioned in my last post, this run made me nervous.  While my leg ached it didn’t outright hurt.  I tried to focus on my form and make sure that my left leg was actually coming around and not just shuffling along.    I pulled off a nice negative split for the run but gravity helped that along.   🙂

Wednesday- Rest

I have to start writing these recaps as the week progresses.  I can’t even remember what I did other than work on Wednesday.  I think pizza may have been involved.  Oh, I got my CT results.  Yeah, more on that next post.

Thursday- 7 miles long-ish run

I love half days.  Granted, they mean working on a Saturday but those extra few hours on weekday rock.    I decided to try and get my long run out of the way.    With my leg still being achy, I had already decided that instead of the 10 that had been on the plan I was aiming for 7-8 miles.     I headed to the lake path, while running multiple loops can be boring I would be near my car if my leg started hurting.  IMG_1265It was warm but not too bad.   There was one section of the lake that resembled the surface of the sun and I felt like I slowed in that section every time.   I completed the first 5 miles by taking a .10 mile walk break after each mile to shake out my calf area.    I noticed that walking wasn’t helping so for miles 6 & 7, I tried something different.    I stopped my Garmin and started a new run.  Instead of walking, I took a short 20-30 second pause if I needed to stretch.     My running pace dropped by 20 seconds and overall it only added 2 minutes to my run vs the 5 minutes walking.  Overall, I am not sure if I learned anything but it was an interesting experiment.   😏

Friday- Rest day

I lost the battle with the cookies.

Saturday- Active Rest day

The morning started with a drive out to Saturday work town.   I headed home after work as my mom and I had plans to head to the fair for the afternoon.   The fair comes once a year and runs almost 2 weeks.  The town goes a little insane but it’s fun.   I can usually hear the concerts out my window too, so bonus!  I’m not huge on crowds so I generally only go once.  I have to get my funnel cake and pretzel, it’s a fair tradition.  😄  We enjoyed our yummy fair food and took in all the sights.  I will never ride a fair ride but I love taking pictures of them.

I always try to go on a night where I wouldn’t mind hearing the concert a little better, too.  This year that was supposed to be Alice Cooper and Motley Crue.    Except they had plane issues so the concert was pushed back.    From what I could hear from home- Alice Cooper started playing after 10 and Motley Crue around midnight.   I wonder how many people stayed.     I wore my Fitbit to the fair and we walked well over 5 miles.   Plus that thing is notoriously short on steps.    I feel zero guilt for that yummy fair food.  Maybe for the purse I bought.

Sunday- 5.5 miles Speed work

Somehow I was up early for me and made it to the track by 10.  I wanted to try to complete the speed work I had skipped by running long on Thursday.  The plan called for a 30 minute warm and 8x 1:00 @10K pace with 1:00 recovery and then a 15 minute cool down for 1:10:00.  As I type this I noticed 2 things- 1) that math does not add up at all and 2) I thought it was 10x repeats so I did 10, ugh.    The 30 minute warm up turned into 35 and I rode the struggle bus the entire way.  I could not get my legs moving and my lungs weren’t much better.   I checked the temp during a water break and noticed the 65% humidity.   Ok, I get the complaining lungs now.   I really wanted to blow off the repeats but I figured I would at least start them and see how it went.    Since I didn’t want to see 500 splits with an odd overall average pace I ended my first run after the warm up and started a new one.   Honestly, I have no idea what my 10K pace should be but according to my PR 16 months ago it was around 9:00.     Didn’t think I had a shot in hell of hitting that.

1.  8:01
2.  8:13
3.  8:02
4.  8:12
5.  8:15
6.  7:55
7.  8:19
8.  8:21
9.  8:23
10. 8:21IMG_1398Well, that was unexpected.   No lie, I walked the recoveries.  I recently read another blog of someone much faster and stronger than me and they said they walked their recoveries.   I swear it was like birds singing when I read that.  😊    That being said, I have no idea how I hit those paces when I was feeling so rough.     I felt like a nasty, sticky mess when done so my cool down only ended up being half a mile.    I was done.    But all in all, it turned out to be a good run.  Plus I love the track.

Over all, not a bad training week.   I think I’ve finally accepted that I have some limitations right now so I am going to do what I can and see what happens.   Going forward I would like to add in cross training and I think the stationary bike is the best option right now, I just need to get my lazy butt to the gym.  Any bets on how long that will take me?

How was your week?  Do you like the track?

Ever been to a concert that started that late?  Would you have stayed?

What’s your fair food indulgence?

Eat!, Run!, Slacker

Cake’s a Carb, Right?

Short and sweet tonight!

So, I learned today that glass scales are made of tempered glass.   They still shatter into hundreds of pieces when dropped on a tile floor; but there way fewer sharp edges.  My big toe still found a sharp one.  😦

Today was fairly calm for a Friday- woo- hoo!

My coworkers bought me these beautiful flowers-flowersAs well as pizza for lunch, they know me so well.

Then there was this cake.  Tomorrow’s race may just be fueled by cake.  Cake’s a carb, right?cake#1I managed to sneak out for a break around 4 to pick up the race packet.   That was also the first time I saw tomorrow’s new age in print, yikes!  However, the swag was kind of awesome.pierswagThen it was back to work before heading home.   This is when I had a wardrobe conundrum-piergearNow, my gear is packed.  A new playlist is ready (no Wrecking Ball), my Garmin is charged, and it’s off to bed for me.  I have a 4:30 am wake up call.  Ouch.

How was your Friday?

Anyone else racing this weekend?


Eat!, Run!, Slacker

Baby Steps (out of my comfort zone)

Happy Friday!!  Wow, this was a long week.  But let’s catch up.  I stepped out of my comfort zone in very little ways this week, but that still counts right?

First up, Wednesday, I hit the gym after work with NikeC with the intention of doing the circuit room.  I have only done it one other time and that was about 2 years ago.   Machines and I don’t get a long so well.  I did a short 2.5 miles on the treadmill to warm up.   I actually kind of liked the treadmill, either that or I was nervous about the circuit room.   I had hydrated a little too well before hitting the gym that night so before moving to the circuit room I had to use the restroom.  Why is this special?  I had never used the restroom or been in the locker rooms before.  I’ve belonged to the gym for 5 years.  I did mention I was a germophobe right?

From the website source
From the website

After surviving that, we moved onto the circuit room.   Where some people were using it wrong.  Ok, I admit I don’t use it but come on, I can count from 1 to 20.   Once that was straightened out, we got to working out.   #bloggerfail- I don’t remember the names of machines nor did I take pictures.  She went first and demonstrated.  Other than the first machine, I think I did ok.  You sat in the first machine in kind of V shape and the pushed yourself back.  (see- blogger fail)  Also a fail because I couldn’t move it at all- I look over and NikeC had it at 90 lbs, yeah umm no.  She’s a bad ass and I am not.  Backed it down to 40 and I was good.   I also felt really challenged on the stupid steps in between each machine.  Who forgets how to jump?!    I was born in the 80’s, when did I lose my Jazzercise skills!  After the circuit we moved on to the leg room.   Those hip abduction things could be a good thing for running but felt really awkward.   I could do pretty much nothing in the ab room, apparently my butt’s too big for my back to lie flat.  🙂  So that will be a challenge for another night, haha.  Overall, we were there an hour and a half.  Now if I can just make it  a weekly thing.

Since I work Saturday again this week, I had another short day on Thursday.  It was opposite this time, so I worked in the morning and left early.  Knowing this on Wednesday I decided to try to do my long run on Thursday.  Only problem was I didn’t know where.   I thought about running on the beach but was warned away by a text about a bunch of leash less crazy dogs.  (It’s a leash free beach) I am crazy dog bait, so I passed on that.  I headed to nearby park in work town that says it has 2.3 miles of paved trails.   Yeah, I could only find about half a mile.    Any other day I would have just run around and figured it out but I had 12 miles to hit so I wanted a general idea of where I was going.  I headed to the lake to get in some laps, planning for 6 miles before heading back to home town to finish off the second 6.

End of the playground
End of the playground

It was warmer than work town but still mid 80’s so I felt good.   I’ve decided to always walk the playground section of the path.  It gives me a little breather and as an added bonus, I don’t run over any wandering children.  🙂   I have to admit I look forward to that little break, it’s about .10 of a mile, but feels great.    After 3 miles I needed water but I had also over hydrated that day as well.  Was I really going to have to use another restroom?  This one in a public park? Yes…it was only slightly sketchy.  No mirrors and lots of padlocks, classy.7fast

After surviving that I pushed on. It was warm but I felt good, so continued on to 7 miles.  Woo hoo! I stopped to stretch before heading back to my car.  This is where I became an obnoxious runner.  A woman and her daughter were driving by and they stopped near my car.  She asked how far I had walked. I said “run” probably not in the best tone.  I’m sorry!!  Blame it on the heat or the tiredness or something.  And since I do walk the playground now, she could have only seen me walking.  There is nothing wrong with walking.  In fact, I think I am more consistent with scheduled walking breaks.  See example above.   🙂

After driving back home, drinking some Nuun and snacking on some Honey Stinger bites, I headed out to the newer path with my mom.  Again she was going to walk and I was going to run.   Since I had already done 7, all I needed was 5 so I planned on running the same route as Monday.    Same as Monday, I walked most of the first mile with my mom, so I was perfectly fine seeing a 13 minute first mile.  I figured I would pick up the pace, ha!  Never happened.  Maybe it was penance for my earlier snarkiness.    I didn’t schedule any walk breaks but maybe I should have.  Miles 2 and 3 clocked in at 11:00, hey at least I was consistent.  Finally got back down to 10 flat for mile 4 but I also knew 5 wasn’t happening.  I cut out the one cul de sac loop and just headed back to the car.  4.5 miles later and I was done.  Yuck.  I don’t know if it was because the temp had jumped again or if I was just tired.  Either way I was still feeling pretty good for hitting 11.5 miles.   Even if that last missed .5 bugs me a little.   🙂  Apparently my Diet Coke is still spiked.  🙂4.5slow

Today I have yet to hit my measly 10 minutes of exercise but I still have a few hours.  I really should because I ate way too much today.    I was freakin’ starving!   I was a little concerned I would be sore at work today but I was actually pretty good, tall boots and all.   And bonus, I’m heading into the weekend having already completed my long run!   Now I just have work to get through tomorrow and an anniversary party for a friend tomorrow night.  And sleep, I need sleep.   And to maybe read a book.

How was your week?

Anyone racing this weekend?

Am I the only one who has had an #obnoxiousrunner moment?