Mid Week Musings 8

Frak, it’s Friday.   How did that happen?  Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to it but wow that was fast.

My calf is screaming these past few days.  Grrr.    Monday night saw some drama and I ended up waiting in the ER with my mom and brother for 6+ hours.  He’s ok now.   My legs did not appreciate running then immediately sitting in a horrible, cramped chair for hours.   We also got new chairs at work and I haven’t adjusted yet.  I now realize just how crappy my original chair was.  And I cleaned my car last week (finally) but I’ve had some trouble getting my seat back into the right spot.  In heels I’m fine driving but am way too far away in flats and it’s aggravating it. I’ve moved it but still.  I am rolling and stretching but I have adjusted my running plans this weekend.  Double grrr.

I am obsessed with my new hat- seriously the best-

Work is having an employee appreciation day today- they’re buying lunch.   I love my coworkers- they picked the BBQ place.  Tri tip for the win!  Bonus- they now sell cornbread too.  You can bet I am trying that.  Carbs be damned.   Especially since it’s cookie Friday.  😝

Something about summer time makes me turn a little country.   I don’t what it is.  Country used to drive me nuts.  Well, truthfully some of it still does.   The point to this is I turned early this year.   My first new download was in April.  What is happening?

different day, same hat

This week’s tempo kicked my ass.  I hit my paces but it was seriously hard.  I wanted to quit the entire time.    Surprisingly it wasn’t my calf that was the problem.   I was just tired.  I swear I need a just a week to sleep.  Can I be a Harry Potter nerd for a moment?  A time turner would really come in handy right now.
How many colors/ patterns can I wear at one time?
I have a new Fitbit Charge HR.  Let’s just say some of the numbers are freaking me out.    I’ve been a little numbers obsessed the past few days. I’ve been wearing the Fitbit and my Up band.  Holy discrepancies Batman.    I think I will post more on that next week.

Ok, think that’s enough randomness for one post.  I should go foam roll again.

How was your week?  Tell me something good.

What are you doing this weekend?




18 Comments on “Mid Week Musings 8

  1. The week was tough but so looking forward to the weekend! I’m running the EU Embassy run– 13 miles, 28 embassies and a lifetime of smiles…or so I’m told…hahaha. Enjoy employee appreciation day, eat your face off and heal soon!!


    • I’ve read about that- it sounds kind of awesome! I am curious how the logistics work out- a bunch of sweaty runners coming through? I mean how does it all work? Have fun!!


      • It was so great! Yeah we’re basically in 2 groups and when we got to an embassy we ran to the front of the line and just walked in! In each embassy there was food and drinks from the country. It was fabulous and highly recommend!


  2. Love the hat! Also, I’ve been considering a Jawbone Up, mostly for the “hey, you’ve been sitting too long, get up and walk” notifications, which I think would be helpful at work, what’s your experience with that feature been?


    • Thank you! The inactivity alerts are one of the things I miss about the Up band. Or will miss, I am still wearing both. 🙂 I also like the Up app better. Right now I am noticing a huge difference in the number of steps being tracked though. I want to wear both for a few more days before coming to a conclusion though.


    • It’s so weird- sometimes I feel ok then my stinkin’ commute aggravates it. What do I need to do- carry a pair of heels just for driving? That’s kind of silly.


  3. Love your new Fitbit!! I love mine for sleep and heart rate. It’s fun!!!! Welcome to your new addiction. GREAT JOB on the tempo – they won’t always feel good but you got it done – and that’s what matters!!! Love the new hat too – you look adorbs! However, I dislike the country music. It’s okay. We can still be friends 🙂 🙂


    • I can’t stop checking my heart rate! As I’ve never checked it before I have no idea what half the numbers mean but I am looking forward to finding patterns. I don’t know what it is about summer that makes me like country. I’ve given up trying to figure it out and just go with it. Normal music taste should return soon enough. 🙂

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  4. I hope your brother is ok!! I have a Fitbit Charge HR too, and I couldn’t wear it for running-my mileage was SO off (and not in my favor). I will be curious to see what you think of it!


    • He is doing better now, thank you! I wore on my run yesterday and the mileage was way off. I want it more for the daily step count and HR tracking. But now I am wondering if I just gave myself one more thing to stress about!


  5. Love the hat! I need to find a good running hat one of these days. Although my hair is so wonky right now that it looks even more ridiculous under hats somehow. I don’t even know. I’m a big fan of employee appreciation lunches 🙂 My work has one in June every year, and now that I read about BBQ in your post I’m really hoping that’s what mine is too! 😉 I ran 5 miles this week, I think that counts for good! 🙂

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    • I have a small head so I gave up on worrying about how I look in hats. Everything makes my head look tiny! I never thought I would like a trucker but I like how the mesh lets the back of my head get air. 🙂 The tri-tip was so yummy!! I ate way too much! 5 miles is awesome! 🙂


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