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Dudes, it’s July.

How is that even possible?

I finished June with a measly 21 miles. Not surprising as I retreated into a dark corner after all the trauma in my town. I almost called it drama but that is not accurate, trauma is.

Last week was more trying to regain some calm. In some ways it worked, in others not so much. People’s obsession with fireworks was not helpful at all but also expected.

All that aside, last week was actually not bad when it comes to workouts- I worked out 5 times. I don’t even know who I am?!

After much consideration, I re-upped my Beachbody account. I wasn’t fond of the gym before Covid, I have no desire to go back anytime soon. That and my sedentary- ness has got to give. I do have to say that the Amazon Fire stick is a game changer. Having the workout videos on my tv as apposed to my laptop or cellphone is so much better. I completed Week 1 of Liift 4 on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday. Yeah, I got a little distracted in the middle of the week.

Thursday, I was feeling lazy. I hadn’t run after work since transferring to the new office…over a month ago. I headed home with the intention of being lazy but instead squeezed in a short 20 ish minutes- 1.5ish miles. Forward progress is the point right??

Work on Friday was insane, I just went home and hid in a dark corner. No long weekend for me.

The weekend was a warm and I slept late on Saturday. When it came time to run, it was 100*, so I napped instead. Oops.

Did I learn my lesson for Sunday? Nope. Did a Liift4 workout and then headed out. Depending on what thermometer you read, it was either 102 or 106. My run turned into a walk but forward motion, right? Plus, I have adjust to the heat at some point. A friend actually saw me out, and was confused by both my walking and the fact I was outside in that temp. I only saw one other person outside the entire time I was out there. Ha! 3 miles

So, still not a lot of miles but an overall improvement on the entire year, really. Now the question is can I repeat it?

How was your week?

Summer Racing

Disclaimer: I received an entry into Salinas Valley Half Marathon as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Summer running- happened so fast, summer runnin’- had me an asthma attack.

Haha, couldn’t help myself.  😛

Every summer for the past few years, I’ve run a half marathon in July.  Always near the beach, sometimes on the beach.  Last year the heavy marine layer and my asthma conspired together to make me want to swear that off.  😛   Combine that with what is shaping up to be a crazy busy July and it seemed like a good idea to pass on running a half next month.

Instead, I’m taking it inland.   I’ll be running the Salinas Valley Half Marathon on August 5.  Salinas isn’t that far away so it will an early morning drive up to run the race before driving back home.  This is actually a race that has been on my radar for a few years.   The course is through vineyards and crop fields which is my favorite and it seems to be the perfect size crowd for me.    Last year’s race was actually canceled due to the smoke from the Soberanes fire, we were on fire for what seemed like forever last summer.   😢

Ok back to some fun stuff-

  13.1-mile course along the agricultural fields and vineyards of Salinas Valley

  • –       Begins at historic Soledad Mission, ends at Pessagno Winery

    –       Travels along River Road Wine Trail, passing several wineries and tasting rooms

    –       Post-race wine tasting, music, awards, bbq lunch and more

    –       This is in the heart of “Steinbeck County” where many of Nobel Prize winning author John Steinbeck set his novels and short stories.  (A humorous sign placed at one of the hills calls it “Beast of Eden;” a play on words to Steinbeck’s novel, East of Eden.)

    –       Crops are identified along the route

Beast of Eden- how awesomely punny is that?  Plus, it starts at a Mission.  Fun fact- California has 21 Spanish Missions.  I’ve been to 3- used to sing in the choir at one actually- so this will be #4 for me.    And it will be half #27.  😛

As for that beach race in July?  I may run the 10k.  We shall see.  😛

Run to the Music 8

Yes, I am going there.

This post is about show you how erratic my music taste it.  Let’s call it eclectic.

I could blame summer.  Something about the longer days, sunny beating down and warm air makes me latch onto a ridiculously bubbly song that I put on repeat forever.  2 summers ago it was a country song- Crash and Burn by Thomas Rhett.  Yeah, it’s a breakup song- it’s bubbly to me.  😛

But I can’t blame this song choice on summer.   I’d probably love it in the dead of winter.   Why?  I love this band.  Yes, I am adult, in my 30’s whose last song post was about Papa Roach and I recently downloaded the new Rise Against but…. I still love Hanson.

Yes, they are still making music.  They are so much more than MMMbop.  😛   And their kids are adorable.

I love the words-

Don’t need a map, I can’t be directed
I’ve got a madness, don’t need the method
My heart is a weapon and my mind’s electric
I’ll shock the world when you least expect it
Everybody’s betting on the big guy
But don’t underestimate the sting of the butterfly, oh

Now if I could just apply some of that in real life.  So here’s my current obsession-

I Was Born-

What are you listening to?

Mid Week Musings 8

Frak, it’s Friday.   How did that happen?  Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to it but wow that was fast.

My calf is screaming these past few days.  Grrr.    Monday night saw some drama and I ended up waiting in the ER with my mom and brother for 6+ hours.  He’s ok now.   My legs did not appreciate running then immediately sitting in a horrible, cramped chair for hours.   We also got new chairs at work and I haven’t adjusted yet.  I now realize just how crappy my original chair was.  And I cleaned my car last week (finally) but I’ve had some trouble getting my seat back into the right spot.  In heels I’m fine driving but am way too far away in flats and it’s aggravating it. I’ve moved it but still.  I am rolling and stretching but I have adjusted my running plans this weekend.  Double grrr.

I am obsessed with my new hat- seriously the best-

Work is having an employee appreciation day today- they’re buying lunch.   I love my coworkers- they picked the BBQ place.  Tri tip for the win!  Bonus- they now sell cornbread too.  You can bet I am trying that.  Carbs be damned.   Especially since it’s cookie Friday.  😝

Something about summer time makes me turn a little country.   I don’t what it is.  Country used to drive me nuts.  Well, truthfully some of it still does.   The point to this is I turned early this year.   My first new download was in April.  What is happening?

different day, same hat

This week’s tempo kicked my ass.  I hit my paces but it was seriously hard.  I wanted to quit the entire time.    Surprisingly it wasn’t my calf that was the problem.   I was just tired.  I swear I need a just a week to sleep.  Can I be a Harry Potter nerd for a moment?  A time turner would really come in handy right now.
How many colors/ patterns can I wear at one time?
I have a new Fitbit Charge HR.  Let’s just say some of the numbers are freaking me out.    I’ve been a little numbers obsessed the past few days. I’ve been wearing the Fitbit and my Up band.  Holy discrepancies Batman.    I think I will post more on that next week.

Ok, think that’s enough randomness for one post.  I should go foam roll again.

How was your week?  Tell me something good.

What are you doing this weekend?




Adios April- Recap

May Day!!!! I am in total denial that tomorrow is May Day.    How does this keep happening?

April, while all over the place, was a pretty dang good month.   So, here we go-


Firehouse 5K

SLO Half Marathon

I wish that my miles were higher but with the dietary changes during the month, I am still pretty happy with that number.     The first couple of weeks were a little rough.   A full post on what changes I made… or was supposed to make will be up this weekend.      I still feel proud of how I handled everything thrown at me during me SLO.   I feel like using an actual training plan and following through 85% of the time gave me the confidence I needed in myself.  The last half of last year kind of kicked my pride and confidence in the gut.  I know I can and will break 2 and when it happens, it happens.    🙂   Plus those hills at SLO didn’t seem very big this year.   🙂

My body seems confused this week.  SLO was my last big race for a while and though it’s only been a few days, I feel a little lost.   I am sure the Slacker in me will kick in sooner or later and embrace the laziness but this week I just wanted to run.    Monday, I was sore from the fall.  My legs felt great after the race but my knees hurt and I suddenly knew how hard I had landed on my right shoulder so I rested.    I had Monday and Tuesday off and I indulged by being lazy.   sadrunOn Tuesday, I set out for a slow recovery jog.  Ha ha!    3.5 miles in 47:51.   It was in the high 80’s and I loved it.  I wore my new Wave Inspires since I am still trying to break them in.  I just can’t, I’ve never met a pair of Mizuno’s that I didn’t like but these are leaning towards hate.    They still feel huge and I can feel the insole on the inside of my right foot.  I’ve tried moving it around but no luck so far.   A coworker described it perfectly- it’s like when you are wearing boots and short socks and your sock keeps slipping down inside the shoe.    I finally just gave up and walked most of it.  I figured I didn’t make it through 4 months of training and 5 races to hurt myself on a short recovery jog.     I am planning on trying the shoes one more time but I am afraid that we may have to break up.   😦IMG_0276

Today’s run was a farce.  My head is in the game but my body is not.   I did one lap of the lake.  One lap.  1.2 miles.  And the Garmin registered it short so it doesn’t even show as that long.   My mother called part way through the lap asking if I wanted to meet her and a tennis player at Chipotle.  It didn’t take too much convincing.  So, that brought me to 79.3 miles for the month.  Yes, a tiny part of me considered running up and down my driveway to hit 80 but I didn’t.

On to May.   I have decided to pass on one of the 10k’s but I would like to up my training.   I want to bring my base mileage up so that I when I start training for fall races, I feel stronger.    Also with temps hitting the 90’s again, I would like to transition to running 3x a week after work and a long run on the weekends.   That would mean a little less heat and sun exposure, plus an entire weekend day off.    That sounds kind of nice.   🙂   Or who knows, this could be the start of me transitioning to running 5x a week.   Ok, let’s not get that crazy yet… I’m still a Slacker.    I also want to get back out on the trails, I miss them.    I should also add cross training.   Or at least try.

Oh and I finally figured out what to do with my medals!! –IMG_0272Non running goals for May are a little up in the air.    I would like to read more, and hang out with friends.   There are some movie nights coming up too.  I need to focus on the diet a little more as well.  And I really need to start that project for the craft swap I signed up for.  Oops!!   Running may also turn into stress relief because work is about get insane for a month or two.

How was your April?  Goals/ plans for May?

Anyone racing this weekend?

Ever been unable to break in a pair of shoes?  Any suggestions?

Happy Friday!!!