Adios April- Recap

May Day!!!! I am in total denial that tomorrow is May Day.    How does this keep happening?

April, while all over the place, was a pretty dang good month.   So, here we go-


Firehouse 5K

SLO Half Marathon

I wish that my miles were higher but with the dietary changes during the month, I am still pretty happy with that number.     The first couple of weeks were a little rough.   A full post on what changes I made… or was supposed to make will be up this weekend.      I still feel proud of how I handled everything thrown at me during me SLO.   I feel like using an actual training plan and following through 85% of the time gave me the confidence I needed in myself.  The last half of last year kind of kicked my pride and confidence in the gut.  I know I can and will break 2 and when it happens, it happens.    🙂   Plus those hills at SLO didn’t seem very big this year.   🙂

My body seems confused this week.  SLO was my last big race for a while and though it’s only been a few days, I feel a little lost.   I am sure the Slacker in me will kick in sooner or later and embrace the laziness but this week I just wanted to run.    Monday, I was sore from the fall.  My legs felt great after the race but my knees hurt and I suddenly knew how hard I had landed on my right shoulder so I rested.    I had Monday and Tuesday off and I indulged by being lazy.   sadrunOn Tuesday, I set out for a slow recovery jog.  Ha ha!    3.5 miles in 47:51.   It was in the high 80’s and I loved it.  I wore my new Wave Inspires since I am still trying to break them in.  I just can’t, I’ve never met a pair of Mizuno’s that I didn’t like but these are leaning towards hate.    They still feel huge and I can feel the insole on the inside of my right foot.  I’ve tried moving it around but no luck so far.   A coworker described it perfectly- it’s like when you are wearing boots and short socks and your sock keeps slipping down inside the shoe.    I finally just gave up and walked most of it.  I figured I didn’t make it through 4 months of training and 5 races to hurt myself on a short recovery jog.     I am planning on trying the shoes one more time but I am afraid that we may have to break up.   😦IMG_0276

Today’s run was a farce.  My head is in the game but my body is not.   I did one lap of the lake.  One lap.  1.2 miles.  And the Garmin registered it short so it doesn’t even show as that long.   My mother called part way through the lap asking if I wanted to meet her and a tennis player at Chipotle.  It didn’t take too much convincing.  So, that brought me to 79.3 miles for the month.  Yes, a tiny part of me considered running up and down my driveway to hit 80 but I didn’t.

On to May.   I have decided to pass on one of the 10k’s but I would like to up my training.   I want to bring my base mileage up so that I when I start training for fall races, I feel stronger.    Also with temps hitting the 90’s again, I would like to transition to running 3x a week after work and a long run on the weekends.   That would mean a little less heat and sun exposure, plus an entire weekend day off.    That sounds kind of nice.   🙂   Or who knows, this could be the start of me transitioning to running 5x a week.   Ok, let’s not get that crazy yet… I’m still a Slacker.    I also want to get back out on the trails, I miss them.    I should also add cross training.   Or at least try.

Oh and I finally figured out what to do with my medals!! –IMG_0272Non running goals for May are a little up in the air.    I would like to read more, and hang out with friends.   There are some movie nights coming up too.  I need to focus on the diet a little more as well.  And I really need to start that project for the craft swap I signed up for.  Oops!!   Running may also turn into stress relief because work is about get insane for a month or two.

How was your April?  Goals/ plans for May?

Anyone racing this weekend?

Ever been unable to break in a pair of shoes?  Any suggestions?

Happy Friday!!!

17 thoughts on “Adios April- Recap

  1. Amazing April mileage!! I had my biggest mileage month so far so I’m happy with that. May should be even bigger since it’s Marathon peak month!
    I’m sorry to hear the shoes aren’t working out so far. You could try them again but at this point, I doubt it will change anything. The last pair of Asics I got after my marathon, I tried to break in for nearly a month but it wasn’t happening and I’m sure it exacerbated my little injury. When I break in my Kinvaras, it literally only takes about a week and my feet are happy with them. Shoes are tricky but find one that doesn’t take as much work to like 🙂


    1. Thanks! I had hoped it would be higher because of my race but no such luck. But I am holding steady and that’s cool too. Congrats on your month!
      Yeah, I am not optimistic about the shoes anymore. I don’t see them suddenly working out. I have been scouring online stores trying see if I can find my old shoe in my size. No luck yet.

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  2. Bahaha, I ran 17 miles in April, so your month looks pretty awesome to me! Now that Legally Blonde is over, and Chess rehearsals don’t start till the end of the month, I’m hoping that May will be a higher mileage month for me.


  3. Life is way too short to run in uncomfortable shoes! When I got my last pair I think I tried on about 10 different kinds in the running store – poor salesperson – I think I was there for over an hour. I think if they’re not working for you straightaway then they are probably not for you. On the plus side they are super cute and would be great to wear for non-running activities? April was my biggest mileage month since August!


    1. I tried on 2 pairs fairly quickly. I had worn previous versions of both shoes before so I was hoping the new version would be similar. I think I will be going back to the store soon to try again. Congrats on your April mileage!


  4. Your April mileage looks pretty great to me. April tends to be one of the worst months of the year for my running, which is really unfortunate because it’s one of the best weather months here in south Florida. My goal in May is to stop slacking!


    1. Thank you! It looks like April is going to be the nicest month out here too. We’ve hit the 90’s a few times already. Luckily we don’t get much humidity though. Good luck in May!


  5. Bummer about the shoes, guess some shoes just don’t work out for a reason.. don’t force it, like you said, don’t want to get injured.!! 🙂 but sounds like you had a great running month, and good goals for May.


  6. I’ve had good luck with Mizunos the past couple years but I got the Wave Riders and liked them for a couple runs then started to hate them… now I’m in Brooks Ghosts and I am really loving them. It’s so hard to find perfect shoes! April was a good month for me, and May is hopefully going to be even better, my first marathon is in three weeks!


    1. I don’t know what it is about these shoes, I just don’t like them. Even my Sayonara’s which are legitimately too big- apparently I lost weight in my feet- feel so much more comfortable. I’ve run in a couple of Brooks in the past but never been too fond of them. Good luck with you marathon month!!


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