Eat!, Run!

Mid Week Musings 8

Frak, it’s Friday.   How did that happen?  Don’t get me wrong, I am looking forward to it but wow that was fast.

My calf is screaming these past few days.  Grrr.    Monday night saw some drama and I ended up waiting in the ER with my mom and brother for 6+ hours.  He’s ok now.   My legs did not appreciate running then immediately sitting in a horrible, cramped chair for hours.   We also got new chairs at work and I haven’t adjusted yet.  I now realize just how crappy my original chair was.  And I cleaned my car last week (finally) but I’ve had some trouble getting my seat back into the right spot.  In heels I’m fine driving but am way too far away in flats and it’s aggravating it. I’ve moved it but still.  I am rolling and stretching but I have adjusted my running plans this weekend.  Double grrr.

I am obsessed with my new hat- seriously the best-

Work is having an employee appreciation day today- they’re buying lunch.   I love my coworkers- they picked the BBQ place.  Tri tip for the win!  Bonus- they now sell cornbread too.  You can bet I am trying that.  Carbs be damned.   Especially since it’s cookie Friday.  😝

Something about summer time makes me turn a little country.   I don’t what it is.  Country used to drive me nuts.  Well, truthfully some of it still does.   The point to this is I turned early this year.   My first new download was in April.  What is happening?

different day, same hat

This week’s tempo kicked my ass.  I hit my paces but it was seriously hard.  I wanted to quit the entire time.    Surprisingly it wasn’t my calf that was the problem.   I was just tired.  I swear I need a just a week to sleep.  Can I be a Harry Potter nerd for a moment?  A time turner would really come in handy right now.
How many colors/ patterns can I wear at one time?
I have a new Fitbit Charge HR.  Let’s just say some of the numbers are freaking me out.    I’ve been a little numbers obsessed the past few days. I’ve been wearing the Fitbit and my Up band.  Holy discrepancies Batman.    I think I will post more on that next week.

Ok, think that’s enough randomness for one post.  I should go foam roll again.

How was your week?  Tell me something good.

What are you doing this weekend?