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Rambling On 8

Friday!!!! Yay!!!  Oh wait, it’s Thursday.   But it’s my Friday, I have a 3 day weekend!  Woot Woot!

I’ve started this post multiple times over the past 2 weeks but dozed off while writing it…oops!  I’ve been so damn tired these past 2 weeks.  I have no idea what’s up.  Can I blame the weather?   This is the weirdest damn May I can remember.  On day it’s on fire, the next it’s freezing and misting.   Grrr, just pick one already, me and my allergies can’t take it.

I think the universe is telling me to watch less tv, half the newer shows I watched this year were canceled.  With Bones and Grimm gone too, my background distractions are all gone.  How can I multitask now? 😛

Work has been going well with the new company.  Yeah we have our days of “huh?” but for the most part things are going well.  It’s hard to complain when they treat to breakfast and lunch.  🙂  Well, my waistline may have some complaints soon but yumm.

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Week 18- Step Back

Upcoming Races:

  • Destination Races Santa Barbara 13.1- May 13
  • Rock N Roll San Diego 13.1-June 4

The beginning of this week was full of late work meetings so with the lingering effects of SLO being felt, I figured it was a good reason to use the time to rest.  Otherwise I probably would have tried to run too soon.    My left ankle was very sore and achy so taking Monday through Wednesday off was probably the smartest thing to do.   But it was hard, I still packed running gear and took it to work every day.  😛

There was also the lack of sleep.  What I didn’t mention was that pre-SLO, I only slept for about an hour.  I generally sleep poorly before races but rarely that bad, I didn’t feel like it affected my race performance though.  I was looking forward to sleeping on Sunday night… except I couldn’t.  I managed less then 5 hours.   Grrr.  Monday night was more of the same as was Tuesday.  By Wednesday I was running on fumes but it didn’t really hit me until Thursday when I was driving home from work.  I started to get sleepy.    Like so sleepy I had to change my running plans because I wasn’t going to make the whole drive home.

That’s not to say it was a bad week, it wasn’t at all- it was a good week.   I just had some speed bumps.    I ate some super yummy food this week and that’s never a bad thing, right?   I did start a Random Friday post but dozed off part way through. Oops!

Monday- Rest  Day 1 of the planned 3 days.  I had a meeting after work so I knew running was very unlikely.  Which was good because damn my ankle was sore.

Tuesday- Rest Day 2 but like I said I carried my running gear with me every day.  Optimistic or in denial?  My ankle was still achy.  I stretched and foam rolled and planked that night.

Wednesday- Rest Day 3  Car show sponsor dinner.  I learned last year that this would be a late night so there was no way running would be happening.  But with an awesome dinner, who can complain?

Thursday- 3.5 miles  I ran!  But I damn near fell asleep on the drive there.  I planned on running in home time but halfway there I realized I wasn’t going to make it.  So I made an emergency right at the lake path and hoped the fresh air and a few miles would wake me up.     Thankfully it did.   As for the miles, I was sluggish and a little sore to start but once I got going things loosened up.  I still made sure to foam roll and stretch really well that night.  I also iced, just for GP.

Friday- Rest  I worked open to close so I knew it was going to a long day.  We were treated to breakfast which was yummy Acai bowls which almost turned bad.  I took a bite of mine and it tasted off.  I took another bite, nope- it still tastes wrong, tastes like nuts.  Turns out they messed up my order and gave me the wrong base, which wouldn’t be so bad except the 2 main ingredients were peanut butter and almond milk.  Umm, I’m allergic to nuts.   I was just going to say whatever and have a cookie because you don’t complain about free food but a coworker took it back and the store corrected it to my original order.  She’s awesome.  (I can’t leave- I swear I’m not just lazy 😛)

Saturday- 6.2 miles  My overall fatigue level for the week never really improved so I made the decision on Friday that I was not running long this weekend.  I was doing 2 6 milers and I was comfortable with that.  Rest is important too.  A cold front came in so I was able to sleep longer and head out for an afternoon run.   Running wise, it was awesome.  Smashrun says it was my fastest run in 6 months.    However it was freakin’ chaos- it was moments of running calmly interspersed with moments of running for my life along with some walking.    It started out normally but went weird soon.   I noticed that a tiny house I’d been watching had recently sold and the new owner had a dog.  I wondered if the dog was nice because dogs like to eat me.  1/2 mile later I was running past a couple of parked cars when 4 pit bulls tied in a truck bed decided I looked like a good snack.  I freaked out and jumped into the middle of the street.  The owner said nothing and just looked me.  Asshat.    2 miles later on my way back I stopped at an intersection because I realized I don’t really know a 6 mile route from my house and was wondering if my mileage was going to work out when I heard a loud BANG! It sounded like a gunshot and it was right near me.  What the hell?!   I know it wasn’t a gunshot because that is actually not an abnormal sound on my longer runs (rural area) but I bolted like a bat out of hell.     I’m running neighborhoods, what is going on?  Then is started raining on me.  Seriously, just get me home.

Sunday- 6 miles Rest  It was raining in the morning so I planned on running in the afternoon.  At least that was the plan.     I ended up super dizzy and nauseous in early afternoon and it lingered into the evening.     I kept trying to force myself to get out and run but I am clumsy on a good day, who knows what damage I could do to myself if I tried to run while dizzy?

9.7 miles for the week.  Perhaps more of a step back week then I planned post SLO but maybe my body was trying to tell me something.   With a race next week, I chose to listen for once.  Who knew?

I did go and see Guardians of the Galaxy 2- Freakin’ awesome!

Oh- who watched Breaking 2?   What did you think?  Kipchoge was so close!

How was your week?

What was the last movie you saw?

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Leaded or Unleaded

And the long run headaches are back.

I drink plenty of water so it’s not a lack of hydration.    Granted I am prone to headaches and migraines so there is that.   I am still loving the Ultima for shorter runs but I am wondering if my issue with longer runs is a lack of calories.  I still fuel horribly…as in I don’t.   I just can’t eat on my longer runs.  I buy gels and gu’s and chews and never eat them.  I carry them with me but they just end looking very beat up and expired.  So maybe my water needs to gain some weight?

With that in mind, it was time to experiment.  So I hit up The Feed.

#1  Gen Ucan Orange-   I heard great things and I really liked their protein powder so I was hopeful.   Out of the package, it mixed chalkier than I had expected.   It kind of seemed like it didn’t dissolve.  It didn’t taste powdery it just looked like that.  It actually had very little taste.   Very bland.    Taste aside, I had a surprisingly great 8 mile run.   I ran a hill I have never run in its entirety before.  I even posted about it on Instagram.  My mother made fun of me.   My post run headache was very muted.

#2- Glukos Orange-  Mixed and dissolved well and was very orange in color.  It also tasted very yummy.    That said, I slammed into a wall at mile 6 of a 9 mile run.    I felt ok leading up to that point and then things went very south.    It was the same route as before and at first I thought to blame it on the French toast that I had for breakfast but again that was the same as before too.    And I had a headache.

#3 Tailwind Raspberry Buzz- Caffeine!!!!    I was heading out for what I thought I was going to be a shortened long run because I wasn’t feeling it so I admit I only mixed 1/2 the pouch.    It blended well but oh man, it tasted like medicine.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the taste but a I went from not wanting to run at all to bartering with myself to just run 4 to actually running a solid 8 miler that day.  Hmmmm.   I do like that it has caffeine in it.   I feel like my asthma cranky lungs appreciate it sometimes.  I had a medium headache.

I am still cycling through these options.  I bought multiples so I could try each one on multiple runs in hopes of finding the golden ticket.    But a new contender has entered the ring too.

Thanks to Bibrave, I get to try the Beachbody Performance line.  I’ve heard great things about their Hydrate product so yay!    One of these has to solve the long run headaches, right?

How do you hydrate?




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Weekly Recap 2- Of stress and rain

Yikes, last week was a little rough.  I still can’t pinpoint exactly why but if you read my last post you know I was feeling massively out of sorts last week.   The feeling only went away when I ran.  Or tried to nap but that was rare.  I started the week with a migraine and my stomach was being its asshat self.   I also admit that my food choices were less than stellar.  Boo.

Anyways, let’s get to the workouts!  Or what resembled working out.  😛

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday- Stress– Rest  In all seriousness, I foam rolled and stretched every one of these nights.     Between all the rain and the longer commute, job stress and just life, I was freaking out.    I knew I was only running one evening during the week due to my weekend running plans so I kept pushing it back due to the weather.    I really needed to run.

Thursday- 3 miles Oh thank goodness, a break from the rain and I ran.    I was planning on running at home but knew that the longer drive home zaps my energy and willpower.  I changed into my running clothes after work and made the last minute decision to run from work as I was walking out the door.   I always treated my work route as off limits in the dark but I decided to chance it.   It was just what I needed.  It was slow but also oddly the fastest 3 miler I’ve done in months.  Considering I was dodging branches, I’ll take it!   The smell of the eucalyptus trees and the sun setting on the ocean was just what I needed.  For a blissful few moments, my brain was quiet for the first time all week.

Friday- Rest   Jacked up my back again while getting ready for work, it hurt just to move.  So I spent the day deciding how crazy I was.  Which also probably contributed to my stress level this week.

Saturday- Road trip!  Up early on the road heading towards Carlsbad.  My back was super sore but not outright painful.  Guess I am crazy.    Bonus to this trip was that my uncle recently moved to that area- so added perks were staying with family and no hotel fees!  Even if the grounds of his new house made me feel like I am doing something wrong with my life.  

And the fact that I typed grounds, it’s not  big but still.   I went to bed early and just tried to get a decent night’s sleep.

Sunday- Carlsbad Half Marathon.  I only ran 14 miles in December, what was I thinking?!   But more on that next time.  😛

16.2 miles for the week.  I kept my work week miles low as I knew what was coming in Sunday.   I may be a little crazy but I have been trying to up my weekly mileage in a sane way.    But still, doesn’t everyone jump their long runs from 7 to 13?     Looking to this week, I am hoping to be a little calmer.  Rain is still coming and my road is still closed, man I miss it, but I’m hoping that I will deal with it better this week.   Fingers crossed!

How was your week?

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Week 51/ Vacation Week 2

And just like 16 days have passed.  For the first time, I feel like I need more time.  Mostly because I feel like I accomplished next to nothing.  Unless there are awards given for the number of Hallmark movies watched.   😛

In fact, since I was still sick most of this week, let’s bullet-ize this recap for expediency.  Is that a word? Bullet-ize?  Oh well, I’m using it anyways.

  • I slept… a lot.
  • Watched all the Hallmark Christmas movies…and Lifetime ones too.
  • I coughed a lot.
  • Finished all 11 seasons of Bones.  Ok, I did start this in the summer but still.
  • Watched all second season of Fuller House.
  • Still not a huge fan of food, well, sometimes I am and sometimes I’m not.
  • Rode the stationary bike once for a slow 6.5 miles.
  • Watched Battleship for the 100th time.  It’s my stress movie. More on that below.
  • Had my office Christmas party on Friday evening.  Filet Mignon, yum.
  • I managed a little bit of yoga to try and loosen up.  Ha!
  • Saw Rogue One on Thursday!!!!!!
  • I had an MRI on Friday and I freaked the frak out.   Like full on panic attack freak out. 
  • Went for one really short run on Saturday.  Man that was hard! My legs were so confused.
  • Finished most of my Christmas shopping on Sunday.  I think.  I feel like I bought nothing.  😢

So, yeah, a stellar week of vacation.    This didn’t serve to improve my opinion of vacations any.   Waking on Tuesday to the news that the company I work for is being sold was also not something I was expecting.   My boss texted me but even knowing, seeing the headline was not something I was prepared for.  The next few months will be interesting.    I’m going to put a smile on my face and do my best to be positive.  Fingers crossed.

2.5 miles was all I ran this week but that’s 2.5 miles more than last week.    That said, I can see I’m not going to be running any double digit long runs any time soon.   Which means Carlsbad in January might not be the best idea.  Boo.  Good thing I haven’t registered for it yet!  I’m not closing the door on it yet, but I think the smart thing would be to not run it.

How was your week?

Do you have a go to stress movie or show?

Am I the only one behind for Christmas?