Mid Week Musings-3

Woo hoo, it’s Wednesday!   WordPress tells me this is the third time I’ve posted with my mid-week musings, so here we go.

D.E.R- Smart Choices-

As in Don’t Even Register.    I’ve never DNS’d a race because I register super late.  I figure I’d rather pay $20 more than lose the whole registration fee.   My post back in May laid out my summer race schedule.   It listed a 25K trail race on August 1.  Which I really, really want to run.   But let’s be real here, I haven’t been on a trail since April.     I am not in any kind of shape for a 3200’+ elevation gain.  And it’s by the beach.  Hello humidity.  While I was struggling through the last humid miles at Shoreline, I came to the conclusion that a humid 25K just might kill me.   That struggle bus was fueling some dramatic thoughts apparently.    So, I decided that a 12K with 1400′ climb would be fine, a little fun with a little difficulty too.   Then there was my leg and let’s be real there too, it’s been bothering me for a while now.  It’s not a new thing.    It’s not like I’ve never done dumb things before (i.e. Ventura half on heavy-duty antibiotics, a 5K after an asthma filled 10k -September makes me stupid) but I am trying to be smart here.  So from 25K to 12K to 0.     Which makes me cranky since our area has 2 trail races a year and this was the last long distance option until Fall 2016.  Waah!   Or so I thought.   🙂   The one I ran in January is coming back in November.   7 days after the Big Sur Half.   Yup, I’m still crazy.  Just not running next weekend.   🙂IMG_1230

That leg though-

After hiding from the lightning and thunder on Sunday, and the oppressive humidity left behind on Monday, I was ready to try running.   Seriously, I’ve never seen 95% humidity in home town and work was a lovely 100% when I arrived that morning, thanks Delores.     On Tuesday, I changed and headed back to home to run.  I met my mom at the river path which was cool because I was actually really nervous to run so I ended up walking the first mile with her.     From then on I tried to run and just keep things easy.  I focused on how my leg felt and worked on my turn-over.  I know my left hip drops and I need to work on my form.   And now with no races in August, I can work on my form, like back to re-form school for slacker runners.  Oof, that was bad.  🙂  Anyways, the run was pretty good.  My leg felt achy but not in pain.  I paused for a stretch break after each mile and I made sure to stretch really well after my run and later.  I also iced my leg for a bit.  Now, let’s see what happens.

A Fab Choice?

Back on July 4th I finally caved to one of those Facebook ads and signed up for a Fabletic’s outfit.    They were offering an outfit for as low $15 so I figured why not.   After their little questionnaire, the site suggested a few outfits.   I didn’t buy any of those but finally chose one on another page.    Shorts, tank and visor for less than $20 after taxes.   I wore the shorts and tank on Tuesday’s run.  Somehow, I’ve already misplaced the visor.   😦     I sized up for both pieces which worked well with the shirt as I think my normal size would have been too small.  The waistband on the shorts feels super loose so a smaller size may have worked but damn they are short in the back.    The material felt slightly heavy when on and I was less than enthused with the shorts on that first mile.  They kept riding up.    Grrr.  Somehow running made all the irritation go away.    3 miles of running and both pieces were perfectly behaved.    I even forgot the shirt was new, it fit so well.      The second I started walking my cool down, the shorts went back to riding up.    WTH?!    So, overall I am not hugely impressed but not overly disappointed either.    More of a meh.   Why can’t Lulu be more affordable?

Tips for correcting form issues?

Ever tried Fabletics?  Thoughts?

19 Comments on “Mid Week Musings-3

  1. Ahhhh so sorry you are missing out on the 25K – but so smart to wait on registering. I usually register early and I’ve lost fees before. I’m eying up a half marathon on 8/16 right now but haven’t decided on it yet and will sign up last minute if I decide to do it. I’ve been so curious about Fabletics! I agree, freaking Lulu is so pricey – but I love that stuff! GRRRR is right!


    • I registered late in the beginning because I was was afraid I would chicken out before race day. Now I change my mind so often I don’t want to lose my money. 🙂 I like the idea behind Fabletics, plus getting a whole outfit for the price of a pair of Speed shorts is kind of nice but I’m still on the fence. Maybe I will try another outfit at some point. Or I need to shop the Lulu warehouse sales more. 🙂

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  2. I am so jealous of your perfect record of no DNSs! I aim to be more like you in the future 😉 There’s a Halloween race some friends are doing and I’ve been good so far and haven’t registered! I’m waiting til it gets a little closer. Also, can I join your re-form school? I am trying to work that in too, as I work on my recovery. The gait retraining clinic I went to gave me drills to work on, and used to have the videos on youtube but it looks like they’re gone now, or moved to a protected site. A ton of other running form videos came up though, so I’m sure you could find good ones out there somewhere.


    • A Halloween race sounds fun! And the sort of thing I would register for the week of. 🙂 Summer school for runners! I always forget about YouTube, how sad is that? I don’t even know where the app is on my phone, I buried it somewhere. 😦 Thanks for the tip!

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  3. Right now, I only have a 5k and my marathon on my schedule and while I would love to race, I’m not a fan of racing in heat and humidity. So I’ve been holding off on registering for races this summer and I feel so free! I’m glad I’m not tied down to a race just because I’ve already signed up for it (because I agree losing the registration fee would suck! I’d rather pay a little more to sign up later).
    I’ve gotten a few things from Fabletics and I think my overall thoughts are similar to yours. Their stuff is decent but it’s definitely not quality like Lulu. I so which Lulu was cheaper!!


    • Ugh, the humidity at Shoreline was enough to convince me I wanted no part in doing that again anytime soon. I’m kind of looking forward to a race-less August. Yeah, the way some people about Fabletics I was expecting more. Did yours wash well? That is my concern with the clothes now. Cheaper Lulu would be so awesome. 🙂

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  4. I’m with you on your approach to DNS’s. I would be devastated (and financially annoyed) if I couldn’t run a race I paid for. I think being able to appropriate assess my training before signing up for a race (especially something I know I need to have successful training for) is the best way for me. I’m in love with all things Lulu… it’s all I wear to run. I desperately wish it was SLIGHTLY more affordable, but shockingly, Nike is now right around the same price point. Ugh. When did running clothes become so expensive?


    • Races are so expensive and I have to budget them carefully, so late registering wins! I love Lulu bottoms but wear a lot of different tops. A lot of Nike but yes it so expensive now! My shirts used to inexpensive ones from Penney’s but I’ve found the more expensive ones really are better. Plus they’re cuter. 🙂

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  5. I’ve toyed with the idea of ordering Fabletics several times, but I just don’t like not being able to try stuff on before buying. I get most of my workout clothes from Old Navy. They’re reasonably priced and generally of decent quality. They’re having a huge online sale right now if you’re interested… 😉


    • The sizes did fit opposite of how I thought they would. My top half is smaller so I really thought the shirt would be too big but it wasn’t at all. I have a couple of inexpensive sports bras from Old Navy for cross training days but have never tried their clothing. I should check that out, thanks!


  6. I’ve been holding off on registering for Ventura because I’m terrified I’m going to get injured – and those race fees get expensive! Cute outfit! I haven’t done fabletics because I’ve found some outfits that work for me and just buy them in every color they make… I have enough chafing scars to risk any more, lol.


    • Is it just me or is Ventura way more money this year? The shorts are cuter than I thought they would be but I hope they don’t shrink, they are short! I have about 12 of old my favorite running shirt but in the past few months they started irritating my arms on anything over 3 miles. So I’ve bought more than a few random shirt trying find a new option.


  7. 1) for the first time I lost money to a race this year. I leaned my lesson. 2) I have wondered about fabletics. I had a friend who liked it but I’m really picky about workout clothes. Like you, I’d probably be bothered!


    • Sorry about your race! Yeah, I’m not sold. Maybe I will give them one more try and try a capri option in the future. Those might be better. Someday when it’s cold here again. 🙂

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  8. I usually wait until the last-minute to register for races too, unless the swag is really cool. Sometimes though, I need to trick myself into thinking I already registered, or commit in some other sort of way, like telling the blog world, so that I keep seriously training for it.


    • Tricking myself is very necessary! I use that little countdown widget on WordPress for every big race even if I haven’t registered yet. I need someway to keep myself accountable. 🙂


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