Week 5- Oops

And here it is.   This past week did not go according to plan, not even close.   After a good day and race on Sunday I was optimistic for this week.  Or I was trying to be.   In reality I was in a funk.  No real reason for it, but I was feeling very woe is me this week.  Like I said, not sure why.  But let’s get to the training- or lack there of.

Monday- Rest

I was feeling a little sore post race so I figured a rest day was in order.  Monday was also a vacation day for me and I usually love running on vacation days but thought rest was best.

Lost runner?
Lost runner?

Tuesday- Rest

I woke up feeling pretty rough but managed to drag myself out to the high school.   My mother had a morning tennis practice and asked for my help.  All I wanted to do was sleep but I lasted for a little over an hour.   I never really felt better so I wasted another vacation day by resting.  I told myself I still had Wednesday and Thursday after work.   I did get further on my craft swap project though.   And I had a few helpers even if they were breaking the rules-

Bad cats
Bad cats

Wednesday- And…rest

Last week I was smart and made sure that the day I had blood work done was a rest day.   This week that common sense escaped me.   I had a CT scheduled for the morning but other than the fasting I had to do on Tuesday I didn’t think anything of it.    I went to work right after and felt fine.   It wasn’t until3ish that things went south.   I suddenly felt the opposite of fine, I thought I was going to pass out.  I spent the next hour sitting in the break room feeling very off.  I don’t know what caused it but it meant no running that day.  On the upside- my boss got me a great birthday gift-


Thursday- 3.5 miles

I was looking forward to this run.  After 3 days off, I really needed to run.  I changed after work and headed for the lake path.    My warm up walk ran a little longer as I missed a call from my dad.  It’s odd for him to call, so I made sure to call him back.  I didn’t want to wait so I just walked while I called.   Once that was done, I started running.   My goal was to keep an easy pace so I was obsessively watching my watch to make sure I stayed around 10:30.    I’d really like to get back to running without so many walk breaks so I know I need to slow things down.  However that wasn’t my biggest problem.  I hurt.   Specifically, my left knee, calf and ankle.  My calf was so tight, it hurt so badly.  I stopped after the first running mile and just tried to stretch it out.   I then attempted to run another mile.   More pain.  Both miles I ran were at a 10:30 pace but after completing the second running mile I decided I was done.     I spent more time stretching before walking back to the car.  Grr.

Stretching site- grr
Stretching site- grr

Friday- Rest

Started work early and since we weren’t open I wore my Sayonaras until we were.    I don’t run in them since they are too big but I may start wearing them more to and from work and on the weekends.   I need to figure out what is up with my leg.  I put them back on after work to run errands.  I was looking stylish.    🙂

Saturday- Rest- sense a pattern here?

My mother was throwing a little dinner party for my birthday that evening so I knew I had to run early.     Except I woke up feeling poorly and my leg ached.  We had hoped to go on an 8 mile hike on Sunday, so I skipped another run.    😦   The party ended up being super small but fun.     My birthday is pretty much the only time I drink alcohol and I admit I was looking forward to sleeping really well that night.  Life of the party right?   It’s one of the reasons I rarely drink, I get super mellow and sleepy.    Mother Nature had other ideas.

We had the mother of all thunder storms roll through in the last 24 hours.   I don’t think I have ever seen so much lightning before.    The house rattled all night long.  So much for sleep.     The power was going and coming back making that lovely surge sound every time. Kimi somehow knew each time a really big batch of thunder was going to roll through and would start crying in warning.


Sunday- Rest

Running or hiking in the rain I can do.  Lightning?  Not so much.  There were reports of it hitting cars.  Power was out all over the place, lines were down and the flood damage was all over town.     And more rain was coming.   We received more rain in the last day than the last few years.   Which is amazing and needed but the land was too dry to absorb all that water.   The town is kind of v-shaped so the water flooded down to the river bed but so much mud and gunk are strewn across town now.   There’s still a flood warning in effect as I type this.   Grrr.

Weekly miles- 3.5

So yeah, that was less than stellar.    Luckily my goal race is in October so I have some time to figure things out.   I’ve also rethought my next few races but more about that in another post.  More rain is expected for tomorrow but hopefully I can get back on track this week.  Fingers crossed.

How was your weekend?

Do you like thunder and lightning?  There are very rare here. 

Best thing you did this weekend?

19 Comments on “Week 5- Oops

  1. First of all, I LOVE your sneakers! And how is the Practical Paleo book? I call myself Paleo-ish and I’m curious. Don’t worry about your rest days – your body knows best – but do pay attention to that leg! Better to rest now and take less time off than have to take time on a much larger scale later. Hang in there! xoxo


    • I love those shoes they are just the wrong size to run in. 😦 I am liking the book so far. Since my doctors can’t figure anything out I am looking for my own options. I am hoping to attain Paleo-ish but wonder about my follow through. 🙂 Very true, rest now is better than injury later!

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      • I have a bunch of good staples that I keep in my house to help keep me on track. Like a recipe for paleo tortillas (like wraps) – I make them and keep them in my fridge. When I need a quick meal, I make a breakfast sandwich with them and add eggs and whatever else I have in the house. Also, I have a great recipe for no-oatmeal – looks a lot like oatmeal, you can make it ahead and then cook your portion when you want it! If you are on Pinterest, I have a board with all of them pinned on it. Honestly, the only time I have a hard time sticking to it is when we go out to eat. When I’m really dedicated, I would say 85-90% of my week is paleo…I refuse to give up my Friday night pizza, or sushi – so those still show up in my diet once in awhile. You can do it! Helped my stomach tremendously. I have some really weird stomach problems!


        • My goal is to get through the book this week and make some lists. Shopping lists and a quasi meal plan for the next few weeks. I know pizza is a weakness of mine- Monday nights- and I will probably keep that. I will check out your Pinterest board- thanks for the tips! 85-90 is my goal as well. I am optimistic that it will help. 😃

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  2. I love thunderstorms, but down South, we grew up with them 🙂 I’m cutting out processed foods, but not sure I can go Paleo… but you should share the recipes that you find and like! Sorry you were in a funk! I hope this week is better!


    • I like the idea of them but that was the worst one we’ve had in years, I’d forgotten how intense they could be! I’m not sure if I can either but I want to try! I am hoping that it may help all my issues. Hmmm, that may be asking a lot. 🙂 Thank you!

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  3. Having a tough training week is so draining. But when our body needs rest it’s so important to listen to it! I’m sure you will be coming back better than ever : ) And I love thunderstorms… I ran in one this Saturday and while it was somewhat uncomfortable (squishy socks), the cooler temps and break in humidity were totally worth it. Hope you are feeling better this week 🙂


    • If it wasn’t for the lightning I would have enjoyed running in the rain . Or at least attempting to. 🙂 But, any chance of lightning and I stay indoors. I’m hoping this week goes better but I will definitely be paying attention to how my legs feel and taking it easy to start. Thank you!

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  4. Boo to leg issues! I hope that goes away ASAP. I was reading about those storms you got… my husband is from LA and he was blown away about them. They’re pretty common for me, especially in the summer, and I usually think they’re fun until my house starts shaking or I start hearing sirens!


    • Fingers crossed!! Storms like that never happen out here, even back when El Nino hit years ago. It rained everyday for a season but thunder and lightning?! What’s that about? Part of my regular running route looks like a trail now, the rain moved so much mud into the streets. I wonder if it will be cleaned up a bit by this weekend. They are saying now that we could have a winter like that this year.


  5. Thunderstorms are nice as long as I get to be home in bed preferably with a good book or some nice company 🙂 But when planning to run – thunderstorms are definitely not welcome. I hope your leg feels better this week!


  6. Holy cow, that lightning looks insane! We didn’t have it quite so bad here. It was humid all weekend, and rained and stormed Sunday morning, but after that it was fine. I actually got caught in the middle of my run during the storm on Sunday, which was a bit scary, but good incentive to run faster. Note to self: check the weather before running!


    • There are so many pictures like that! I’m hiding inside and people are are outside taking pictures with that happening?! The humidity rolled in yesterday and today, oof. The new speed work plan- out run the thunder. 🙂

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  7. I was kind of going through the same thing last week… Really not feeling it. I think mentally I am kind of drained with all of the races I have had the few months, and my Shoreline “bonk” really didn’t help things. That weather was TOTALLY crazy, but fun!


    • Yeah, I think that was my 8th race this year. It was fun but it was also rough. Some of the pics I’ve seen from that storm are crazy! My back hill had little mini landslides all along it!

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