And another one…

A little email alert told me that City to the Sea photos were ready.   Yikes!!!  I was really hoping for a good one this time 😦  Below is the least scary one, well, they were all pretty bad.  And what is with my damn ponytail?!  It is bouncing around like a dang cheerleader in every picture.

ugh city to sea

This morning, when I checked Facebook, I saw a familiar sight.  Run The Edge had posted the following picture-

Photo: No political agenda here.  Just a funny sign and a shout out to all those runners who still believe that they are slow or "no good."  You guys are running and that is all that matters!Poster seen on From Fat To Finish Line - the documentary

That’s my race!  That is the same girl and the poster I was talking about during the race.  That was the halfway point, leading up to the overpass, the bridge in the background.  Not sure how it got to their attention, but woo hoo for a little local shout out!  And if you have never checked out their site, you should!  I am currently reading their book, too.

Didn’t get in a run today  😦 but enjoyed lots of yummy homemade Beef Stroganoff and birthday cake with the family.  Happy birthday brother!   Have to figure out how to run that off tomorrow!!