Getting twitchy

Normally, the first few days after a big race, I feel sore and achy and look forward to rest days.  This time around, I have twitchy feet.  I want to run so badly, but haven’t worked it out yet.

Monday was a holiday and a day off for me, so I thought I would be able to get in a very, very easy 2-3.  But between physical therapy, running errands and the sudden urge to overhaul my entire closet, I ran out of daylight.  I had a short amount of time when I may have been able to squeeze in a run but my guilty conscience reminded me that I have a big exam that I needed to study for. 😦

Tonight was volleyball and I wanted to run instead.  However, I have never missed a game (5 years!), so I followed through.  I am glad I did, it was fun and we played really well.  I finally ponied up and bought new shoes, actual volleyball shoes this time.  Not sure if it was because I don’t have a big race on the horizon (less fear of injury) or if it was the shoes but I was like a freakin’ jumping bean.  I didn’t know I could block like that.   Hopefully, that skill sticks around.


So damn white!
So damn white!

Tomorrow is my brother’s birthday (27, I feel so old) so it will be a speed race back to town for dinner with the family.  Thursday is supposed to be a business mixer after work, then off to school for the big exam.    So, short of dragging myself out bed at 4:00 in the morning, I have a schedule problem.  No lie; I am a huge Slacker in the AM.  Big time.  The bed is so warm and comfy, yay for flannel sheets!  Transitioning to a daily commute was hard enough.


I want to run and I want to race.  I am a procrastinator when it comes to registering for races; you never know when life may throw a speed bump.   There is a half locally on the 27th that I kind of want to do, but it’s freaky expensive.   There are 3 races in November I am contemplating and I am still looking for December options.

Two of the November options are Turkey Trots.  The other November race sounds awesome, it’s a 7 mile trail run at a nearby state park.  What makes me leery is this:



Yep, that says a 1700 foot elevation gain.   I have actually done the incline portion before.  Now, granted, I walked a lot of it last time, but my splits looked something like this-


And I almost took a header on the way down.   Hmm, decisions decisions.  There are also 3 half marathons in the beginning of 2014 I am interested in.   Those will be determined around finances.  I will admit it, races cost money!!!!


I hope everyone is having a good week so far!  How is it almost Wednesday?


Any thoughts on what to get a 27 year old with expensive taste for their birthday?  (yeah, I procrastinated that too.)

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