Frustration leads to…

After the great race on Saturday morning and the festivities later that night, I made Sunday a very lazy, slacker day.  Got to say, it was very nice. 🙂   Official chip time was also announced- 57:17, hell yeah!!!!

My left ankle was fighting back on Monday so I decided to take another rest day.  I figured that since I had a split volleyball schedule, I could hopefully get in at least 25 minutes of running between matches.  It wouldn’t be a lot but I figured it would be an easy jaunt that would test my ankle.

In Public, no less

I have to say that I love the camaraderie of the running community. 🙂 The majority of runners I meet are good people and they are just as excited as you are when you do well at a race.  I wish I could say that holds true in a women’s volleyball league.    By the end of the first match I was so frustrated I was going to scream.  So I lost the knee pads, changed my shoes and ran it out.  Oh and I was wearing these socks-

Perhaps running when frustrated or angry is not best idea, at least not when the goal is to take it easy.  I set the timer on the Nike+ app for 25 minutes and was off.    My ankle protested for about half a mile and then it was quiet, woo hoo!  Brought in my first mile under 9 minutes, oops.  That’s not easy.  Slowed down a little and kept going.

Faster than planned:)
Faster than planned:)

Turns out I didn’t know the area as well I thought, got a little turned around but worked it out.   Towards the end of my run, I saw a crowd a people a block ahead but thought they were just bbq’ers.  Nope! It was a drug bust or probation, didn’t get close enough to read the vests.  Turned around when I figured out there were about 10 cops and 3 police cars milling about.    So, yeah, that’s a new one.  I ended up doing shy of 3 miles in 25 minutes.  So maybe running cranky is a good thing.  Who knows but I’ll take it!!!  And I played the next volleyball match in much better mood:)

The good thing about my training plan is the flexibility, so this week, I am adjusting my two week day runs to Tuesday and Thursday.  Starting today, I am on vacation until next week, so yea for morning runs!!!  Today I did a little shopping in a nearby town and came back with some new running gear.  Always exciting!

I also ate my post-race reward meal this afternoon.  After most every race, I go to the same restaurant and get a burger.  However after Saturday’s race, scheduling made that impossible so I postponed until today.  Oh so yummy 🙂


So what about everyone else?  Any post-race traditions?

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