gear, Run!

When the pain begins

So I followed through and went for a run this morning.  Getting out of bed was so hard to do; sleep was not my friend last night.  Finally managed to drag myself out and hit the road.   I could feel my ankle as I started down the driveway, uh oh 😦

New Gear!!!
New Gear!!!

I did a route from my house and my mother came too.  Usually she walks most of it while I run ahead, usually circling back to her again.  She has been adding more running into though, nice!  I was dragging today.  My ankle hurt, I was tired and it was already getting hot at 9:30 in the morning.   Seriously?  On the upshot, I got to test my new shorts!

The run route takes us by a cemetery, up a few hills, and down a few hills.  Then there are alleys to run through as well as a school, with a few more inclines.  I really should be better at hills than I am.

Today’s run was very slow going, but I completed just about 5 miles.  While I may wish it was faster, (a lot) it still adds to my training. 😦   I also completed the required 155 squats for the squat challenge that I started on July 1.  What was I thinking?   I then spent part of my day slacking and icing my ankle.  The pain needs to go away.

Forward, slow motion
Forward, slow motion

I was planning on running a few tomorrow but I may push that back to Saturday.  My town is currently being invaded by the barely controlled chaos that is the fair.  BBQ, funnel cakes and carnies abound!!!  I have tickets to a concert tomorrow so I am going to walk down do the fairgrounds and wander around for a couple of hours.  That counts right? Ha!  Maybe if I wasn’t also planning on consuming one of those afore mentioned funnel cakes. 🙂 And maybe a pretzel.   Eating healthy can get back on track on Saturday too.  I thought it was hilarious that Word Press chose to highlight the last picture in my last post.  All that yummy, fatty goodness right up top 🙂

On a side note, I made a Facebook page for my blog.  It’s just getting started but go check it out, and share something!

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