Low Tide + Running= Squishy shoes

Rock to Pier 10K

So I set out for this race this morning feeling like I usually do; a little green around the gills.  Seriously, I should be past the nervousness by now.   I didn’t even have a huge goal set for this race.   Today’s goal was just to finish.   I was really nervous about the sand, having never run on the beach, I was kind of freaking out.  Also they said that the race was going to be a wave start, I had never done that before.

The Rock
The Rock

It didn’t help that even though we left with plenty of time we made it to the start line like 30 seconds before the gun. I wasn’t even in the chute when the starting gun went off, but luckily neither were another couple hundred people. Luckily it’s all based on your chip time, :).    And as for wave starts, there were no pretty colored flags waving anywhere, so maybe next time.

The first hundred or so yards of the race were across the soft sand to get to hard pack exposed by low tide.  I thought it was going to suck my shoes off, hehe.    Once you got to the hard pack, it was so much easier.  And a little softer than pavement, nice!!  So then you just got to run along with the waves coming in at your left and making you sure you dodged clumps of seaweed or the random unattended fishing rod.  Or the people who were still trying to surf through this crowd of runners.

Hard to take pictures and run:)
Hard to take pictures and run:)

Other than the overcast sky, the weather was perfect, about 58.  Of course, I felt cold before so started out in a long sleeve shirt over my tank.  At mile 2, I wanted it gone, but it wasn’t until mile 4 that I was slowing down to walk.  I shoved my water bottle in sports bra and tried to lose the shirt and get it tied around my waist as quick as possible.  Still took too long, next time no long sleeves! Or maybe just my arm sleeves, easier to lose while running.

Since my goal wasn’t to push it,and with my recent ankle twinges,  I just took my time and tried to maintain my pace without taking another walk break.   So other than the wardrobe issue, I ran the whole race:).  It was nice not stressing too much, and the change of scenery was awesome too.  Seeing the pier come into view at mile 5 was a great feeling, finish lines are usually that visible from far away.   That was also about the time that people running the half marathon were coming back our way.  So you go from feeling like “yes I ran a race this morning!” to “oh they are running more than me, now I feel lazy”.  Hehe, mood swings at mile 5.

The Pier
The Pier

At the finish line, we left behind the sand dollars and crabs, and water getting into your shoes to cross another stretch of soft sand.  Even harder when your shoes (and socks) are wet!   Crossed the finish line at 58.21, Nike said 56:47 but it was being glitchy, so now I just have to wait for the chip time to be released.  I am happy with that finish:)

hmmm, not bad!
hmmm, not bad!

Met up with my race photographer (my mother) at the end, where she always relays her people observations from the finish line:).   It’s great having support there for you.

So now I have run my race, had a nap (slacker!), CPR done for my shoes, I think it’s time to celebrate yesterday’s birthday!!!

The finish!
The finish!

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