Oh, vacation…

I have been on vacation for the last two days.   I had planned to run a couple miles Wednesday after work; however after leaving “work school” I was so tired.  And I still had to drive home.  I was supposed to meet my mom for a run/ walk but wanted to cancel so badly, but was gonna tough it out.  I made it back home and found out that my mom wasn’t feeling it either.  Yay for a rest day!

Thursday was my first vacation day.  I had originally taken the time off because I wanted to head up to Sacramento to attend Aftershock, but wasn’t able to make that work out.  😦 If anyone who reads this is there, I am so jealous!  But a 4 day weekend is still pretty awesome, right?    I spent Thursday running errands (boo- DMV) and catching up on school.   After not having to commute to work, I really did not want to drive to school, but I did.  What do you know the teacher was late and the alarm in the nearby chem lab went off every 5 minutes for the next 2 hours.  Ugh, really?  Thankfully, the teacher couldn’t take it either and we were able to leave early.

Today rolled around and I should have gotten out of bed and done my long run before it hit triple digits but I didn’t.   Instead I slept in, went to lunch with my parents and did a little antique shopping with my mom. I have been looking for a headboard for years now, but never found one that I liked and was in my price range.  Wandered into a booth today and one was leaning up against a wall.  Blue-gray in color, good, right bed size, check, and the price?  Steal of the day-under $50?  Sold!!!!

Since it was still around 100 outside, and the first home football game was tonight, I decided not to run around my neighborhood.  The stadium is within walking distance of my house, so Friday nights often mean crazy traffic and crazier drivers.  So what the heck, I went to the gym.  Haven’t been since February, oops.

Walked into the gym and was confused.  When did it turn into the Biggest Loser gym?  I was waiting for Jillian Michaels to come out and start yelling at me to run faster.  Hmmm, guess I missed a remodel in the last 7 months.  So I got on a shiny new treadmill (way too many buttons) and started running.   10 miles later, I still hate treadmills.  And I am a little over the movie Hancock, it was playing on one of the numerous TV’s when I got there and then it started over.  No!!!!!!

But, long run done!!!! Also while I was on the treadmill, I had a little notification from Word press pop up.  I was nominated for a Shine On Award!   Talk about a great pick me up when running 🙂


So Cool!
So Cool!

I was nominated by BayRunner Jamie, who has a really great blog, if you haven’t checked it out, head on over and catch up!  Since I am still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out, I need to read more on what I need to do now so that will follow soon in another post.  But thanks for shout-out BayRunner Jamie!


Tomorrow I am looking forward to being as much of a Slacker as possible.  Is it sad that I really like this shirt?


Now, I'm hungry!
Now, I’m hungry!

Hope everyone has a great weekend ahead, either great plans or just good general lazing around. 🙂

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