Water and Gatorade, then go left

I said that a lot on Sunday!IMG_7103

First things though thanks for letting me know I’m not the only one!  The comments on my last post were awesome, thanks guys!  🙂

I was still riding that runner’s high from Thursday when I went for a run on Saturday.  While it was nowhere near the epicness of Thursday, it was still pretty good.  My planned 3.8 turned into 4.5. Oops.  🙂  The weather started out overcast and chilly but I quickly warmed up.   I’m still slower but I think I’ve finally, really accepted it.    I just took my time and enjoyed my run.   Going longer was only an oops because I had a meeting to go to with my mother.  I ended up just throwing a sweater over my running gear.  IMG_7113The only reason I felt ok doing this was because we were headed for a volunteer check in for the Harvest Marathon.   I have wanted to run the half at this race for the last two years but it’s proximity to City to the Sea usually has me feeling burnt out.  So instead I volunteer.  My mother and her tennis teams have to work 2 stations so I hang out with them.    The race has a 5K, half marathon and a full marathon.   The half and the full are run on back roads through vineyards and orchards as well as farms and homes.  Last year the teams were split between 2 water stations.  This year we had one of the water stations from last year and a course monitor point at the 12ish mile turn around point.  IMG_7098It was an early morning.  Being up that early and not racing seemed like a crime.  Have I mentioned that I love sleeping? However stopping for donuts along the way made everything better.  Didn’t you know that donuts have magical healing powers?  My boss said that the other day, I thought it was awesome.  🙂  We arrived at our aid station- mile 8.7 of the marathon- a little before sunrise.  Fall has finally arrived, so it was damn cold, after setting up the station I jumped back in the car until it was almost time for the first runner.  IMG_7126This is a small race put on by the high school and the funds go back into the high school athletic program.  It is Boston certified but draws a smaller crowd.   There were 97 finishers for for the full and 283 for the half.   As for the Boston qualifying part- it has an elevation gain of 1600 feet.   The aid station was at the top of a long slow climb followed by an immediate left and more climbing.   I felt so bad every time a runner asked if this was the last hill.   😦IMG_7124All the runners were so nice.  Most of them thanked the team for the water and for being up early on a Sunday.   Our station had water and Gatorade which was an improvement over last year when we just had water.  The port-a-potty was a huge hit too.   Apparently one guy couldn’t handle the line of one and did his business behind the port-a-potty.  Really?!  There was no line!   One runner did yell at me for the lack of race food provided and a woman from the orchard asked me if we were cleaning up after “the parade”.  When I said yes, her response was that she wasn’t going to yell at me yet then.  Ummm, thank you?IMG_7125On the whole, it was a good morning.  It’s fun to cheer other runners on.  Especially for a race that has no crowd support for the majority of the miles.   The people who run this race rock.   Now I am torn for next year- do I finally run it or do I keep volunteering?  Getting teenagers to voluntarily get up at the crack of dawn is like pulling teeth so my mother will probably need help again.  🙂

Ever volunteer at a water station?

Ever been yelled at by a runner?

How about the port-a-potty?  Would you have jumped the non-existent line?

8 thoughts on “Water and Gatorade, then go left

  1. Dude, not cool of the runner to yell at you for having no food… isn’t that on the race organizers and not the volunteers? (Even still, yelling at a volunteer is never cool!) I heard people grumbling at the half I ran because there were no gels at the water stops, and hopefully no one took their anger out on volunteers. Also, that dude’s bladder had better been nearly bursting for him to not be able to wait in the non-line! Also not cool!


    1. I even double checked the website, it never said anything about food at any station. And what if we had something she didn’t like? Right?! It was just under mile 9, how badly did he have to go? The roads weren’t closed either so someone could have come from the opposite direction and seen him.


  2. I’ve never volunteered at a race before, but it sounds like it would be such a great experience! Besides people yelling at you of course… I can’t believe that. I read a review of a race one time where a volunteer shuttle driver taking people to the start of the race made a wrong turn and so many runners yelled at her that she cried. Ugh makes me sick to think about it. Volunteers taking their time to help out at a race should have nothing but gratitude thrown their way!


    1. It is a great experience, I actually volunteered years ago before I started running. This was the first time someone was cranky. I admit that I may not thank volunteers as much as I should- I usually get stuck in my head-but I have never wanted to yell at a volunteer. That poor bus driver!


  3. That darn runners math got the better of you eh’ 3 = 4 and some change haha lol. More great pictures Falyn!!! You truly have some rave runs in your area 🙂


    1. Haha, I looked at my watch as I hit the bottom of my driveway and wondered how that happened! It was really pretty, it looks like it would be a good place to run. It’s just the logistics of getting out there and finding roads that are wide enough to be safe when not monitored by CHP. 😦


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