Festive Follow Through

Merry Christmas Eve Eve!!

In all honesty, the last two weeks of running have been more miss than hit.   I started December strong but went a little off track once my vacation was over.   I drive past the lake path every night and wish I was running there instead of the gym.    Driving home last night I noticed that the sunset lingered a little more than usual.  I then did a happy little cheer in my car once I realized the solstice was the day before.  Here’s for gaining more daylight every day!

Between Christmas activities, shopping trips and my stomach, longs runs have been non-existent the past 2 weeks.   It’s not like I have a 25K in 5 weeks right?  Oops.  Actually, that was the first time I counted and now I am scared!   Now I am really glad I followed through tonight.  🙂

I have over 400 Christmas songs but I love these.  So odd, I know.
I have over 400 Christmas songs but I love these. So odd, I know.

By the time I was off work, I had lost all desire to run- at least on a treadmill.  But it was my only option, so I told myself to tough out 3 miles and head to the gym.    I have been tired lately, and reading 80/20, so I set it to a 10:46 pace after a short warm up.   I had Christmas music playing in my ears and there was hardly anyone in the gym, so that was nice.   I found myself distracted by one of the tv’s; it was playing a show called North Woods Law.    I admit that the extent of my reality tv is the Biggest Loser so I had no idea what it was.  After a few minutes I gathered that it was like cops but with game wardens.    5 miles later I was still watching.. and running.   Sweet!    A new episode had just started but I didn’t think another 5-6 miles would be the best idea.  5milesDriving home, it occurred to me that after my warm up of .5 mile, I ran the rest without any walking breaks.  So my stomach let me run 4.5 miles straight, woo hoo, bonus Christmas gift!!  I kept the pace easy but other than the usual treadmill aches, I felt good!  Oh and my shoes came untied 3 times.  Seriously?  I really need to put new laces in my Sayonaras.

I hope everyone is all caught up and prepared for the upcoming festivities.  Hopefully not too many last-minute details.  As for me I am looking forward to a shorter day at work before dinner with my family.  And a little bit of re-wrapping.  Putting gifts under the tree early apparently was too much temptation for the puppy-rippedgiftDo you run to holiday music?

Ever have a pet open/ damage a Christmas present?  When my brother and I were kids, one of the cats clawed open the wrapping on a Sega Genesis- we knew what we were getting that Christmas!

Are you ready?

10 thoughts on “Festive Follow Through

  1. Regarding untied shoelaces, I seriously recommend Lock Laces. They may look kind of dorky, but they really work! Also, I LOVE running to Christmas music, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra really has some awesome running songs. Congrats on getting through your treadmill run with no stomach issues, and Merry Christmas!!

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  2. I don’t run to any music, but we had 12 hours of Christmas music going yesterday as we did stuff around the house and baked … 🙂

    Congrats on the awesome run – was so glad to see that on IG! Yay! Great gift!

    We don’t put anything under the tree until … well, tonight!

    As for animals – our older Norfolk Terrier can somehow tell when we come home with their Christmas gifts – she was going bonkers and is now constantly excited about our walk-in closet (where we put their stuff). We learned the lesson a few years ago and put it all on the upper shelf!


    1. We listened to Christmas music all day at work on Wednesday and it was great!

      Thanks! I was stoked when I realized after that I hadn’t needed a walk break.

      Normally I don’t have things wrapped and ready until Christmas Eve. I was prepared early so I thought why not put them under the tree? I have learned my lesson! It was a RoadID- so it couldn’t have smelled that good! 🙂


  3. I am such a reality tv show runner. I queue up “Are you the one?” and pound out the miles.

    My dog is a carbaholic. So I have to remember that if I bag Christmas cookies for friends, my mom’s great dane will do anything to open them. 🙂


    1. Normally I don’t like what they play at the gym- if only this would play more often!

      Yeah, she’s a little beggar, the gift wasn’t food but maybe she thought it was a toy? Luckily, it didn’t open completely.


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