2015 Goals- Time to Polish

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year’s.   Mine was uneventful- just how I like them.   Actually, I ended up being sucked in to watching The 100 on Netflix which is why this post is going up one day past schedule-oops!  So without further ado, let’s talk about those hoops I want to jump through, err, I mean goals for 2015.2015pic2015 Goals


So I received a notice from my doc that says “congrats, you are negative for cancer but we have no conclusion as to what is wrong with you”.  It seriously said that.  So, ummm, yay?   So it’s back to the drawing board.   That means it’s time to play with my diet some more.   I am not going paleo (I like dairy) although I am buying the book, nor gluten free but I have been trying to cut my grain intake by about 85%.   When I follow through, I feel a little better, holidays made following through hard.    And yes, this means I need to limit my pizza intake to once a week at most.   I started this in December so I am going to give it a few more months while I see if it helps.    I’ve known I should restrict my carbs so I need to work on that again.  On the upshot, I ran better when I did this, so fingers crossed!

Fitness- who am I kidding- Running-

  1.  Find Easy–  Well, that sounds odd as a starter.   I pushed a lot in the beginning of 2014 and I ended up sore, tired and sick.  I’m not saying that they are necessarily linked but I want to run as long as I can not a short period of time.  That means finding an easy pace that I can sustain for long periods of time.  I want to enjoy my long runs and look forward to them, not dread them.   Right now I aiming for around 11:15 and averaging 10:50.    Would I love my easy runs to one day be 9:00- hell yes- but I want to work towards that the smart way.
  2. Cross-training–  Yeah, I know I should and I admit I ran better when I also rode the stationary bike twice a week.  But it’s just so boring!  Admittedly, I am setting the bar low here- I want to cross train at least 3x a month.  Yes, I said month not week.  If I can pull this off for 6 months, I will reassess in July.
  3. Races–  Quality over quantity.    No 15 in ’15 for this Slacker.  I hit 14 in ’14 and that was cool but there were some I probably should have DNS’d.  That said, I am confirmed for 3 half marathon distance races in the first 4 months of the year and am debating another and a 5k.    Bold is confirmed, italicized maybe.   Wine Country and Firehouse have sentimental value but I won’t commit to those until the last minute.  The rest of the year is up in the air.
    1. Spooner’s Cove 25K
    2. Surf City 13.1
    3. Wine Country 13.1
    4. Firehouse 5K
    5. SLO Marathon
  4.  Break 2:00 in a half–  The goal of the first 2 months of the year is finding easy, after that I would love to find speed.  I set this as a goal for 2014 but spent the year going the opposite direction.  Yes, I valid reasons but it just makes this goal all the more enticing.  Now, I know I am horrible with following training plans and prefer to do my own thing but I realize I may need guidance to pull this off.   An I would really, really like to go sub-2 at SLO.  To that effect, this Slacker may have committed to an 8 week training plan that would start after Surf City and a week of rest.   But more on that later, I don’t even know much right now.
  5.  1000 miles in 2015– Oh, man, typing that was scary.  I am trying to tell myself that 1000 isn’t that far from 832.  And I went from 558 in 2013 to 832 in 2014, so it’s doable…Right???????

    10 down, 990 to go

Life and other stuff-

Read more–  or get back to it.  I used to read 4-5 books a month and I think I barely hit 12 this past year.    Work was crazy and I didn’t get a lot of lunches but that should be better in 2015- fingers crossed.  That put a serious dent in my reading.   I would also like to get back to reading before bed which mean I need to turn off the computer and that is hard.  🙂

Socialize more- I admit I am a homebody.  See above for my NYE plans.  🙂   I need to try to get out a tiny bit more often.  A couple of my coworkers and I are talking about running together after work, so that’s something!   I would also like to spend more time with ML, A, C and NikeC and R, I am hoping we can make something work.

The blog–  I would like to redesign the blog.  Which I have started on but am not where I want to be.   Sorry if you saw it in it’s various states in the last few days but there’s likely to be a few more in the pipeline.  Bear with me while I try to be tech savvy and will likely fail!  But on the upshot, most times the mobile version looks good and it’s just the computer version that looks off.

Hope everyone had a great New Year’s!  Here’s to 2015!!

Am I crazy?

What’s your main goal for 2015?

21 thoughts on “2015 Goals- Time to Polish

  1. Love your goals – I’m looking forward to following along as you reach them! 🙂

    I’m also a total homebody – I spent New Year’s Eve at home on the couch and fell asleep by 10:30!


  2. I think that your goals are great! I have a lot of the same ones….even if they are just in my mind! As to your 1000 mile mark. In 2013 I ran about that (~850) and then did over 1000 this year without really trying. I think it will be easier than you think to make that jump! All it takes is going out those few times (or admittedly those few weeks) when you don’t feel like it. I also would like to read (and socialize) more! I love love love reading. I think I also read about 12 books last year. I try! As with socializing, it’s just hard to find the time. I’m sort of happy with having just a few friends instead of many acquaintances, but it’s always good to meet new people. You never know what will happen.


    1. Thanks! I know there were times I could have stepped it up this year so hopefully I will think of that when I am feeling lazy. I need more hours in the day to run and read and hang out with people. Oh and work and sleep. I have a few close friends, we just need to work on getting our schedules to line up. Have a great year!


  3. Happy New Years! I’m having a hard time finding an easy pace lately and keep pushing mysef and burning out on my runs… Thats a really good goal. And I want to break 2 hours in the half also! Is the Wine Country half the one in Santa Ynez? If so, I may run it too, I was registered last year and DNSed.


    1. It’s hard because I tried to get faster for so long but I know I need think long term more than immediate results. I think there a few Wine Country runs actually, the one I want to run is up in Paso in March. If I do commit this would be my 5th time running it. Happy New Years!


  4. Great goals Fallon! I’m totally a quality over quantity racer for sure. Anything more than five races in a season is huge for me but I give my all in the races I do race. I know you can hit that half marathon goal for sure! I’d like to get under 21 in the 5K, get 1:45 or better in the half and start to learn Greek 🙂


    1. Thanks! I know my first 2 races of the year are more of long training runs but after that I really want to push and be healthy enough to do it right. Greek? That sounds like a project- but a fun one! You will hit those speed goals, I know it!

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  5. Wow that is a lot of goals! Best of luck to you!

    Breaking 2:00 in the half is a very popular goal these days! Time goals take a lot of dedication, but I’ve also known people to train easy and then go into a race and pull a stellar time out of nowhere. The best way to train for a time goal is to do a lot of race pace runs. You become good at what you practice, so if you want that sub-2:00 make sure you practice running at a 9:08 pace to get your body used to it!

    I actually ran 1000 miles this year without really trying (two words: marathon training). It was pretty cool but I get way more excited about time milestones than distance ones.

    Best of luck to you! I look forward to reading about your 2015 adventures!


    1. It really didn’t seem like that many until I saw them in print- oops! Fingers crossed, I am hoping to start speed work and race pace runs in February. Probably on the treadmill but at least it help me adjust to a certain pace before taking it outside.

      Time milestones are the best kind!

      Thanks, have a great 2015!


  6. Love it! I managed 1000 miles this year for the first time – the key was training for a marathon. I like how you’re focused on building base mileage (go slow for further distance) and then working on speed. That is totally the way to get to your sub-2 goal.


  7. I think your goals are spot on and achievable. You got this 2015 locked down. I too want that 1000 miles. And I’d love to get my sub 2 half back. You can do it! I will be here to cheer you on!


  8. Finding my easy is my biggest goal right now for my long training runs. I don’t know why I always felt I had to plow through my long runs, but it really didn’t make them all that enjoyable most of the time. I went out slower this past weekend and enjoyed myself so much more.

    Good luck with all your goals…they are great ones!


    1. Exactly, I feel like I need to push hard on those long runs but always burn out quickly. My last 2 have felt pretty good. Now if I can just convince myself to treat Surf City like a long run. Thanks! Happy New Year!


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