Add the Lime to the Coconut

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I would like to say that my hydration game is strong but if I am being honest it’s been a little lacking lately.  That’s not a good thing heading into marathon training.  Combine that with my tendency to run my long runs/ races fasted and I was open to suggestions.

However between my already picky taste buds and extremely temperamental stomach, trying new things doesn’t always goes so well.  😯 My concern with Detach did start with the taste- I am not the biggest fan of coconut water.  However, this is my year of trying to push my boundaries (that post will go up someday) so I figured why not try it?

The bottles are an adorable, little 12oz size and I was pleasantly surprised by the taste.  It’s called Ellie-Ade– named for creator’s wife as he created the drink as a way to ensure that she was properly hydrated throughout her work outs.  You can barely taste the coconut flavor and instead it’s a very subtle lemony-lime flavor.  More lime, I think.  Whatever it is, I like it… and that’s coming from the person who drinks water, coffee and Diet Coke.  Kind of bland over here.  😛

Ok, the healthy details-

  • Beta-alanine commonly found in trace amounts of legumes, seaweed has been shown to improve the muscles energy production at intensity and in some studies improving 800m times by ~10s for 1 time use and ~15s after cumulative use.
  • Citrulline commonly found in melons is a known vasodilator, improving Nitric Oxide levels in the body.  This opens up your blood vessels and improves blood flow.
  • Theanine – commonly found in many teas especially white and green teas. Theanine is also known as a neurotropic as it impacts feelings of positivity and focus.
  • All of this with only 60 calories per bottle and NO “fake” sweeteners which leave a nasty after taste.
  • Last but not least light refreshing citrus flavor that you will love!
  • Instructions: Best to take 1 bottle 30m before workout and 1 bottle during exercise. Can be mixed with other drinks as well.

Now, I was sick while testing this and my stomach was having one of it’s flare periods -yay me- so I actually only drank it before one run.  Everything was making me sick.  So instead, I had it post run or in my daily lunch smoothie.  That one run went well but then I got nervous when I started to get sick.   You know, as I type this I realize I was never sick after drinking it even if I had been sick during the run or before lunch.   Ok, maybe I should have written this sooner or paid more attention over the last few weeks.  Excuse me, I need to go order another case to test my new theory.

Oh and this may have been my lunch one day when I was sick.  #balance

One thing I loved is that even when I felt a headache coming on post long run, a bottle of Detach would knock it out.  Thank you very much, Detach.   😊

Detach Coconut+ is available at their website or Amazon.

How do you hydrate? 

Do you like coconut water?

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11 thoughts on “Add the Lime to the Coconut

  1. Sounds like this could be tasty. I don’t like coconut water that much, but I like it better when it’s flavored. These days I mostly just drink plain water. I used to love Nuun but then they changed the formula and I hate it. If I really think I need extra hydration, I’ll just water down some Gatorade.


  2. I’m definitely not a coconut guy, but I’ve always been interested in the benefits of coconut water. Good to hear this stuff isn’t too “coconutty”. I’ll have to give it a try.


  3. How do you hydrate? Water. I also make sure I eat foods that contain water like melons

    Do you like coconut water? I have not found any I liked.


  4. Was just having the hydration talk with a friend the other day. I’ve been bad about hydrating as I’ve only been running short distances but as that grows I know I’ll have to start carrying something.


      1. My handheld just fell apart in my hand last month so I need to find something for the 7-10km runs. I have a Nathan hydration pack for my long runs that I love:)

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  5. Ooh I’m intrigued. I like some coconut waters… some are a bit thicker than others or something and I don’t enjoy them as much. But Ellie-ade sounds delightful. I also love that the creator named it for his wife and made it as a way to make sure she stayed hydrated… so sweet! 🙂


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