Rambling On 27

Fri-yay!!! I’m so glad it’s Friday.

It’s been an interesting week…at least it’s felt that way. Has it felt that way to anyone else?

I’m not a usually a fan of Justin Timberlake- don’t disown me- but I’m really liking that new Say Something song. Who am I???

Speaking of music, the local Fair has started announcing the summer lineup and they are stepping up this year. I know I’ll be going at least twice. I missed Florida George Line the last time they came so I’m not going to now. And Gabriel Iglesias is coming too. Fluffy!!!!! Could care less about Luke Bryan or Eric Church though. 😛

But how are we talking about summer already??? Wasn’t it just Christmas?? I’m already registering for races in October (more on that later). Slow down!

Speaking of things to disown me for- I don’t watch This Is Us. There, I confessed. I feel better now.😂

Happy Friday!

What are you up to this weekend?

12 thoughts on “Rambling On 27

  1. I don’t watch This Is Us but I got the whole rundown from beginning to end from some co-workers the other day (don’t you love when people go on about something you could care less about). I guess some people are really into the show!


  2. Fluffy!!! He’s in Boston right now and I’m a little bummed I’m not getting to see him. However, I saw him a few years back and the show was kind of ruined by people in the audience who kept yelling out his punchlines before he could say them. That was a little lame.

    Anyway! I haven’t seen This is Us either. I haven’t gotten any grief for it, usually I get more for having never seen Game of Thrones!


  3. Totally random. But yes, I also love Fridays. And I liked Say Something too, but I’ve liked some of his other stuff too, so it’s not special. But yes, agree with dancingrunner. Load up the calendar!


  4. Okay, I resisted This Is Us, but man, so glad I tried it! I enjoy that show!
    Yesterday discount codes were emailed for several races put on by my favorite running club – and Adam and I both have signed up for the Nov Turkey Trot… $22 to race, get a medal and tech shirt? Yes please!!

    And, I saw that RnR San Antonio is about to open for registration! I’m hoping my tax refund will cover RNR San Diego and San Antonio, from reg fee to flights and hotels! Oh, and Adam thinks he wants to come and do the 5k (he walks them) and then have a mini-vacation and see the city, San Diego particularity!

    I’m behind on blog reading… but had to comment!


    1. I tried This is Us back when it first came out and I just can’t seem to get into it.
      I am registered for some races in October but so far that’s it. I still need to finish my taxes so I can that beast out the way. I am trying not to think about the car registration nightmare I will be hit with in a few months. I started a new jar for San Antonio but I need to get out from under some other things first. 😦 But San Diego will be awesome!!!!

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