Rambling On 29

Let’s ramble on a Thursday.

I had to drive on my spare tire on Monday.  Crap, that thing was squirrelly.  So, FYI, if you have an Escape- the spare is creepy.

On Tuesday, I ripped my pants.  In a very inappropriate place.   I work 45 minutes away from home and work town doesn’t really have any clothing stores.  Well, crap, now what?  Well, I have amazing co-workers who literally give you the skirt they were wearing.   😯  And don’t worry, she was still good as there was something in our donation pile that fit her.  Which was actually some clothes of mine I don’t fit into anymore but let’s not got there.

They are predicting rain for this weekend and next weekend.  Seriously?!?! Do you how many miles are on the schedule?  Nope, not going to think about it.

I finally tested out the lake path for the first time this year.  It was short due to some odd feeling in my leg but it was nice to be there.

And super random- why is Matthew McConaughey doing Carl’s Jr. commercials??? I don’t know why I’m weirded out by that but I am.😂

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13 thoughts on “Rambling On 29

  1. Ha h? Random. But the photo is beautiful! And it’s so lame that it’s going to rain…but body glide and a rain coat should help take care of the worst. If you have a few pairs of shoes to rotate, that’s good, too


  2. I just saw they’re calling for rain mixed with snow on Monday and a high of 42. WTF? I live in the south and this is not normal for the second week of March!


  3. What a lovely picture of the lake path! I miss my pond trail but with all the snow we’ve had lately I don’t think it will be clear for a few weeks, and then it will be all mud for the rest of spring. Ew!


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