Rambling On 33- Favorites Style

I love Friday, well the idea of Friday’s.

Let’s ramble in a positive way this week.  I have no idea who started Friday Favorites or Loving Lately, if you know, let me know and I’ll give ’em a shout out but at this point I think they’re both pretty widespread.

So- favorites-

Shinedown– I’ve mentioned before that they are one of my favorite bands. I’ve had their newest album on repeat for weeks. Even is some of the songs make me second guess ever taking a running selfie again.😛 Anyhow, I also follow them on Instagram and the other day they posted this-

Say what?!? Make this happen now!

Wildflowers– they’re almost all gone but they were pretty while they lasted. It was worth getting stuck behind super slow drivers on the scenic route home when they suddenly realize the road is more than they bargained for. I swear they are in both of the scenery pics above but you can only stop for seconds on that road.

Sleeping in– With running up in the air this weekend, I won’t have to feel guilty about really wanting some extra sleep, right?

Pizza🍕 – No shock here, right? However, I may have to go predominant low carb again in the near future so I have a feeling that pizza will be calling my name this weekend.

What are you loving right now?