Week 19- Disconnect

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  • Rock n Roll San Diego 13.1

I wish I could say my migraine was all gone when I woke on Monday but no such luck.   It did ease up as the week progressed but I swear migraine brain made me feel stupid.   And tired.  Maybe it’s all because of allergies?  My car is covered in a lovely yellow powder these days.

Monday- Nothing- The migraine was still lingering so after making it through work, I just headed home to rest, well after a stop at In n Out for dinner.  😛  Oh, wait I did attempt my PT exercises.

Tuesday- 3 miles I had tried sleep, ice packs, dark rooms, food (so much food), now it was time to try running out the headache.     I almost quit less than 1/4 mile in.  I felt like the top of my head was going to pop off and I was just walking.  Perhaps a hat, headphones and 90* temps was a bit much all at once.  I ran super slow and took breaks if I felt I needed a moment to chill on the path.  By the end of the 3 miles I did feel a little better.

Wednesday- Rest My head felt better but I wasn’t going to push it and do too much too soon.   Instead I took my parents to dinner and almost got run over in a parking lot cross walk.  Nice.

Thursday- 3.15 miles  My legs and head were not talking to each other.   My legs apparently wanted to move but the rest of my body not so much.   I kept telling myself to slow down but it wasn’t really working.  Which was weird because I also finally understood the meaning of tight hips on this run.   It sucks! I stopped my watch with a 1/4 mile to go and worked on squats, walking lunges, side steps and karaokes the rest of the way before stretching out.

Friday- Rest  Oh good lord, a few squats and lunges on Thursday and I think I hurt worse the next day than I did after Big Sur.  🤣

Saturday- Mother’s Day Shopping– I spent the day shopping with my mother for Mother’s Day.  No running but I definitely got my step count in!

Sunday- 7.16 miles The plan was for 6-10 miles as my first long run since the marathon 2 weeks ago.  Except I slept so poorly and woke with a headache.  I lay in bed from 6:30 to 9:30 trying to either force myself to get up to run or go back to sleep- neither worked.  My brother took us to lunch and I was hoping food would help and I could squeeze in my run before dinner.   Except after lunch and a short nap, I really did not want to run at all.  I was feeling very Slacker like.   But I forced myself to change and headed across to town to attempt a run.

I told myself a short run was better than nothing- 3 miles and I could go home.   I started out and just kept going forward.  At the turn around point for a 3 mile run, I kept going, I wasn’t happy but kept going.  At mile 2.5 I had to stop and lose my top layer, I was way overdressed for the temp but I kept going.  Not only was I still running but once again my legs were writing checks that the rest of me wasn’t keen on paying.  However, I mostly let them do their thing and took walk breaks when my lungs pointed out my foolishness.   Which they did more than once…more like each mile.  However, I was somehow turning out my fastest 7 miler in over 2 years and I have no idea where it came from and I was actually feeling pretty good.   In an effort to be at least slightly smart I called the run at 7 miles.  Less than the original plane but more than I had been feeling!

13.34 miles for the week.   If I didn’t have a half in 3 weeks, I would say hell yeah to that mileage post Big Sur.  But I do, so I am slightly nervous.  Oh and I did more squats and lunges Friday through Sunday- can I keep it up?

How was your week?

9 thoughts on “Week 19- Disconnect

  1. I think that is great mileage – and honestly, if you hit 15 miles this week, you should be able to sustain your Big Sur training and let that carry you over to San Diego!

    I did try a new fuel on my long run this week – the sport beans! I’ve been dying to try them! I like the concept, but they seemed like too much sugar and I don’t like how they stuck to my teeth.

    I have; however, determined that for the Half, I do need to start fueling at mile 4. It just felt like it was sooo early to start, but if I wait until mile 6, it’s too late for me. That tripped me up in AZ by waiting too long – and this weekend, half a fuel at 4, the other half at 7, worked well for the 9 miler. I think that I have to learn not to be afraid to fuel myself!


    1. Fuel, what’s that??😂 Did I ever tell you I didn’t use anything for Big Sur? Don’t be like me. I tried the sport beans years ago- I choked on one, haha.

      Have you tried the Honey Stinger Chews? I can’t remember if we’ve talked about them.


  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about the mileage leading up to your 13.1 this soon after Big Sur…the important thing is that your legs still have the checkbook! Best of luck to you at your next race.


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