Rambling On 32

Everybody party, it’s Friday.

Dude, this week has been so odd.  Maybe it was the migraine that stuck around until Wednesday but I was just not on this planet half the time this week.  Heck part of me is trying to figure out how it is even Friday but I don’t want to complain.

Maybe I can blame the odd weather? The weather app has been wrong for work town every day all week.

Parts of me are super ready to run post marathon and other parts are super not. Those parts are fighting each other.😛 Hey, body, pick one and stick with it, ok?

I have a Yeti obsession and they have new colors. Someone tell me I don’t need a $30 tumbler. No matter how pretty it is.😂

I had this problem after my first marathon too… instead eating ALL the food, I’m like on a mini shopping spree. There are a few packages arriving soon. Send help.

Is it Saturday yet?

What are you doing this weekend?

3 thoughts on “Rambling On 32

  1. New blog layout threw me off! Are you really shopping non-stop? 😀 😀 😀 I ran in a tank the other day, and so I am going to buy another one – it was awesome! Am also considering getting a SkirtSports skirt… they make some longer ones, and that’s what I’d need. (I wanted shorts, but not as easy to find!)


    1. Yeah, I’m on the fence about the design. The header still needs work too.
      Yes, my bank account has been getting quite the workout since the marathon- oops!
      Oh- I was going to mention SkirtSports to you- they sell shorts too. Your birds and rabbits comment on Twitter the other day made me laugh.😂


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