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Rambling On 18

How is it only Thursday?  I feel like it should already be Sunday.

Maybe it’s just been one of those weeks.

I went to a long overdue eye appointment this week.  Holy crap, I can see again!  I didn’t realize how much I was squinting until I didn’t have to anymore.   I can see clearly now the squint is gone, hehe.   And good lord, my eye sight is bad.  🤓

Lately, I’ve been on a Battlestar Galactica kick.  It’s my newest binge.  I watched it years ago but now thanks to Hulu, I’m rediscovering it all over again.  It holds up.   The commercials are about to drive me batty though.  The commercial free version is looking better.

I had this idea to make Las Vegas half marathon #30… except I am one short.  So half #29 anyone?  Any ideas?

I just went on a book buying spree on Thrift Books.  Did I need 4 new books?  Nah…but I love their prices!  Downside is they are coming from 4 different warehouses so now I just have to wait.  Wonder which one will show up first.

On the upshot, I’ve been dizzy spell free so far this week- knock on wood- and gotten in 2 runs.  Let’s keep it going.

How has your week been?

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Rambling On 17

What’s up Friday! It’s almost long run time!  🙂

Who am I kidding, I’m looking forward to a morning of sleeping in.    😛

Have I mentioned I have an awesome team at work? Because I do.  I just need to throw that out there.  They rock on a daily basis.

My back still hurts.  More of a dull ache than sharp now so I just try to do everything slowly.  I stupidly wore the wrong heels all day Thursday and my back is pissed about that.    Silly Slacker, emergency heels are for emergencies not 9.5 hour days.  Stupid.

Apparently I spoke too soon about Fall weather.   The 90’s have made a roaring comeback.  It’s even been in the 80’s in work town.  Then Timehop reminded me that last year and the year before was hotter.  Ok, fine whatever, I want fall weather!

Rock n Roll San Jose is in a little over a week and I still haven’t registered.  But I have 2 hotels booked.   Think I’m doing something wrong? 😂

Speaking of doing things wrong- if you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen my post about My Fitness Pal giving up on me.

Ouch.  Dissed by an app.

What are your weekend plans?

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Rambling On 16

Is it Friday yet? And now it is because I didn’t finish this when I started it.  Oops.  But yay!

Nothing makes a lazy runner stretch more than the first twinge of an injury.


I’ve been having some back issues and I was hoping they would clear up with the new bed.  Yeah, that hasn’t happened yet.   I realize it hasn’t even been 2 weeks but still.  I think the movie theater chairs really pissed it off.    Monday saw the yoga app being used and more stretching on Tuesday.    Sitting on tennis balls, foam rolling, you name it.  Grrr.

This week has been odd.  I feel run over but not exhausted.   I don’t even know how that makes sense.   It’s been odd adjusting to my boss being gone and as a result, I’ve been a little absent this week.  Ok, if I’m honest- the last month.   I am going to get back to a normal schedule- I miss you guys!

We now get to wear jeans on Fridays and I think I am the only one going wah.  I have to wear pants?  But I don’t like pants.  😛  It’s ok, I can deal with it once a week.  😀

With San Jose in 2 weeks, I would really like to pull off a 10 miler this weekend.  Fingers crossed!!!

In other news, Fall is definitely in the air!!

What are you up to this weekend?












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Rambling On 14

Howdy people!

I kind of fell of the grid there for a bit.  I kept meaning to post all week but then just never followed through.   I’ve had a very short attention span all week.  Oops!

3 day weekend ahead!! Woo hoo!!!! Who has plans?  I am going to try and avoid this crazy heat wave we’ve been hit with.   I need to attempt a longish run somehow but Saturday is showing a high of 110.   Yay.😒

I also need to go bed shopping.  Partially Doc’s orders now too.  Need to figure out what part of my tiredness is from my shitty bed and what is thyroid based.  I was like great, can insurance help pay for it then? 😛  Plus bed shopping sucks.  How do I know what feels good? It’s 5 minutes in a store- totally awkward.  Bed stores should have sleep overs.  You like this bed? Alright, come on in on Friday night- 8 to 8.  Sleep a whole night on it. That will give you an idea of how the bed sleeps.

I love my Escape in all ways but 2.  I miss 2 things about my Altima and the day I bought it just popped up on Timehop so I’m feeling nostalgic.  The gas tank.  That car had a 19 gallon tank and damn I miss that.   I get the same gas mileage now but with a smaller tank I feel like I am in the gas station all the damn time.   And hills- that car ate hills for breakfast.  Whereas the Escape cries big crocodile tears.  I live at around 1000 elevation and work at 50.   Depending on which way I go to work I can get up to 2000 and down again.  The Altima purred.  Seriously, it was a source of pride that my tachometer was rarely above 1500 RPM’s.  If someone was tailgating, I knew I’d lose them on the hills.  This one?  Not so much.  I call it names when driving over the grade.  It’s getting better though.  I’m a firm believer that you can train a car.  I said that to mother once and she said I was a nuts.  😛

And the news just gave a heat warning again.   Oh joy.  They even canceled all the high school sporting events due to “excessive heat”.   Home town may break a record high.  Yay.

What are you doing this weekend?


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Recovery Week 2

I hadn’t really planned on another recovery week but well life right?

I was feeling very out of it all week.  I had troubles speaking and couldn’t seem to remember anything.   With working last Saturday and then the company picnic on Sunday, it just felt like the longest week ever.  I was just so tired and so ready for the weekend.   That said, this will not be a very long recap.  😛

Monday- Rest   I got a phone call Sunday evening from an employee calling sick.  With another one on vacation I knew the day was going to be straight chaos so I left all my running gear at home assuming work would run late.  And I was right.  I wasn’t completely lazy though, I managed to clean my car after getting home that evening.  I am embarrassed at the state that it was in.

Tuesday- Rest  Same situation as Monday.  However I also had a meeting in another town in the AM and I had the brilliant idea to wear heels for the first time in a month.  Oh my word, blisters suck.  Ouch!    I did make it home in time for #bibchat though.  I took advantage of a discount being offered and finally ordered myself the fancy transition towel I had been eyeing on the Orange Mud site for a year.    Monday’s car cleaning also aided in me finally clicking buy.

Wednesday-Rest I can’t remember why though.  I know I took my gear to work but didn’t run.  Hmmm.  I ate pizza though.  🍕🍕🍕

Thursday- 4.5 miles   Fully staffed for the win!  I taped up my blister and ran in home town.  It was a little warmer than I would have liked and I started out super cautious thanks to the blister but it turned out to be a pretty good run.    I have my watch set on 5 min run/  2 min walk intervals, I am trying that these first few weeks post marathon.   The first mile was super slow due to more walking and mile 4 somehow came in at 9:40.  Ummm, oops?  I think my new playlist may have been a little too inspiring.   I felt pretty good at the end of this run though.

Friday- Rest  So damn tired, is it the weekend yet?  We also started a Biggest Loser type bet at work and the scale really pissed me off this morning.

Saturday- Rest.  I planned on running, I was aiming for an 8 mile mid to long run and had been looking forward to it all week.  I could not get out of bed.  I stayed in bed past 3 alarms and could not get moving.  When I finally did get moving, I was moving like a snail.   Ok, running probably wasn’t the best idea.  So instead I headed down to SLO for some errands.  That included a stop at the Running Warehouse for some new kicks-

Sunday-8 miles.  I was still tired when my alarm went off but not like Saturday.  That said, I didn’t get started on this run until 9.  That was stupid.  I only took my handheld with 23 ounces of water- rookie move #2.  Miles 1-4 weren’t bad.  I was feeling tired but overall ok.  Miles 5-8 were a hot mess.  I was overheating, slowing down and having troubles with my asthma.  I couldn’t smell smoke in the air but a huge wild fire broke out nearby Saturday night and I figured that could be affecting me.    My mother met me at the halfway point, well that was the plan, I was so slow I didn’t catch up to her until mile 7.  Oops.   I just kept telling myself get to my car, get to my car.   It felt like forever but finally I was done.

I was glad to have completed the run but things went south in the afternoon.   I started to feeling very not right.   I couldn’t regulate my body temp and I was burning up.  I took the coldest shower possible and was chugging water.  I was coughing a little more than normal and couldn’t focus on anything- which is why this post is also a day late.  I texted my boss to let her know that I wasn’t doing so great.  For me to text my boss, things are bad.  At last check, I had 220+ hours of sick time available.  Which is now 8 less because I did not make it to work on Monday.

I am feeling a tiny bit better and hoping that it was just too much sun/heat on top of being overly tired that kicked my ass.  It was in the 90’s when I finished on Sunday which shouldn’t feel like a lot considering I live in Central CA but it’s better than the alternative.  That coworker that had been out at the beginning of the week?  Pneumonia.   So yeah, I am hoping for too much heat.

12.5 miles for the week.  More than the week before, that’s a plus right?

How was your week?

Do you keep your car clean?