Rambling On 35

Let’s ramble.

It’s almost July, people, how??? I mean, seriously? It’s almost fair time.  Give me a funnel cake!  Well, in a month.  But in reality I am in denial that the fair is almost here… and that the year is half over.

I did it again.  I committed to a race out of town on the same day there will a local half in me hometown sponsored by my work.  Oops.

Speaking of work, I will be traveling for work at the end of next week.   Not gonna lie, I’ve never driven that far by myself so shout some podcast options to keep me alert on the long drive.

Summer heat has officially, fully arrived.  Which also brings fire season.  Can it rain at night?

Something angered the Instagram PTB and I’ve been shadow banned. Me? I’m boring- what the heck did I do??? Grrr.

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7 thoughts on “Rambling On 35

  1. I have no good suggestions for podcasts unless you like musical theater, haha! Although the Moth Story Hour podcast is great. It’s just people telling stories. Some funny, some sad, some bizarre. I enjoy it a lot. Good luck on your trip! Driving long distances can be super tiring.


  2. A friend of mine recommended the podcast S-Town from the people who do Serial and This American Life. At first I wasn’t so sure about because it’s very different from what I normally listen to, but it grew on me. It’ll keep you entertained anyway. Also the usual Bibrave, Marathon Training Academy, and some travel podcasts.


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