Week 18- Recovery is a Migraine

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  • Rock n Roll San Diego 13.1

The upside to starting your marathon training plan with the first week of the year is that it is real easy to slip back into your typical weekly recap patterns.  😛

Coming off Big Sur, I knew I needed to rest but with a race in a month, I also knew I couldn’t exactly become a sloth either.  I also wanted to run so it’s not like I was forcing anything.  I was trying to walk the line between being smart and eager.

Too bad my body had other ideas…

Monday- Rest We had actually checked out of the hotel late Sunday afternoon and headed home.  As much as I appreciated sleeping in my own bed Sunday night, my back was still pretty cranky on Monday.    My legs felt fine…except when I had to walk down my driveway, haha.

Tuesday- Rest I took the beginning of the week off from work and I meant to run but I let laziness get the better of me.  Plus I went and saw Infinity War.  😯

Wednesday- 2.25 miles New shoes! You have to run when you have new shoes, right???  My legs felt pretty good but I had some discomfort in another area that I wasn’t anticipating.  And we’ll just leave it at that… no need to get too TMI here. 🤣

Thursday- Rest Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to work I go.

Friday- Migraine hell Any movement made me want to cry or hurl.  How I made it to work, I don’t know.  I’m stupid.  I turned the break room into a cave and napped on my lunch.  I only made it until 4 before I threw in the towel.  Before I left, I had to promise to text my coworkers that I made it home and one took inventory of my outfit “just in case”.

Saturday- Second verse, same as the firstI didn’t even get out of bed until I could lift me head without wanting to scream.  So, yeah that was almost 11.   I went to lunch with my mom and she drove so I could do some errands and she pointed out that at least the migraine was this weekend and not last weekend.  Yes, mom, very good point.  That afternoon, I took a long nap, kept feeding the migraine as it was the only thing that helped and went to sleep with an ice pack that night.

Sunday- Rest My head was better in ways but still not normal.  I hoped to get a run in but life and plumbing (literal) got in the way.

So, sloth like it was.  2.25 miles for the week.

How was your week?

5 thoughts on “Week 18- Recovery is a Migraine

  1. Boo, sorry to hear about the migraine, but I agree with mom. At least it wasn’t during race weekend! Hopefully you’re feeling better and ready to get back to it this week!


  2. I’m so sorry you developed the migraine, those are just the worst!!
    But, I am glad Big Sur is done – you did awesome – but now I can talk about San Diego!!! Yay!! It’s been so hard holding it all in!!! 😀


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