Let’s Rock Seattle!

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I took the train from SLO County all way up to Seattle for a family trip when I was a kid.  For those who don’t know, that’s almost a 2 day trip- one way.   While I never want to do that again, I do want to go back to Seattle.


I remember visiting the Space Needle. I felt tiny and insect like just standing next to it.  Was I going to be brave enough to go up to the top??? I was.  However, I am not sure I am that brave now so it would be kind of interesting to test that theory.  😛

The rest of the trip was spent doing things I can barely remember – I was young, but over the years I’ve learned of so many other things you can do or see in Seattle.  It’s a place I would like to go back to one day soon.


My problem is that when I go to new places, I need a Paint by Numbers guide-seriously.  I could get lost in a paper bag.   So sometimes my sightseeing in new cities is very restricted because I know I am on shortened time frame and I am afraid of my natural tendency to get lost.   That is why I think the Infinite Energy Seattle City Guide that Brooks Running prepared is so awesome!


Not only does it point out some of the best places to go, it tells you how to get there!  It’s Slacker proof!  You know I want to know where to find the best donuts, I’m always thinking about food.  And running stores?  Yes, please.  I’ve never been to a Fleet Feet but I’ve always wanted to find one.


How about the Fremont Troll- how cool is he? Ok, I need to go back to Seattle sooner rather than later.  😛

Can I get on of these for every city I travel to for a race??? Pretty please??  Well and more time to see all the things.

What about you?  Ever been to Seattle?  What’s your favorite part?

5 thoughts on “Let’s Rock Seattle!

  1. Love Seattle, and will get to visit again this summer when I do the Tunnel of Light marathon about 45 minutes east of town. One place I love in Seattle: Biscuit Bitch. One place I hate: the gum wall (yuck!)


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