34- Smoke

Last week was another lazy week. However, this was not my fault.

If you’ve read the news or watched it, you may have seen that California currently has an unprecedented number of fires. While the fires near my city and in my county have been small and put down quickly, the same cannot be said for the rest of the state.

What time is it?

While our fires were small, the smoke was not. Something about the way our county sits seems to make it a settling zone for the smoke from other fires. It’s happened with other fires over the years but this was a new level. Our air quality made headlines last week and not in a good way. The one site only went to 500 for AQI and we were maxed out.

I spent very little time outside all week and had the air conditioner maxed at home (with a new filter). I still ended up having asthma troubles most of the week and ended up going home sick on Thursday. Boo. So it was a very low key week.

And there was a tiny bit of blue sky!

Oh yeah, and I bought a car.

How was your week? What weather keeps you inside?

2 thoughts on “34- Smoke

  1. I actually heard your city mentioned on our news cast! I was like “that’s where Slacker lives!” Adam goes, “No, she lives in XXX” and I was all high and mighty going “nuh uh!” 🙂

    Anyway… I hope it is getting better!


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