Heyo! It’s been a bit longer than planned since my last post- oops.

Let’s see, I ran some, I slacked off, ate food, gave myself heat stroke and cut my hair. Great, now that we are caught up, let’s move on to cool part. I went to Yosemite for the first time!

My brother is a crazy person who builds houses during the week and summits mountains on the weekends, car camping and taking amazing pictures along the way. He said he wanted to take my mother and I to Yosemite before things got crazy for the summer. Umm, ok?

Woah, 4 AM came early. And the drive was longer than I thought it would be… with my brother driving my car like it was a NASCAR race. That first view driving down into the park is just great, you get a look of Yosemite Falls, El Capitan and Half Dome all on the drive down.

We let my brother lead the way as he had planned the day… I thought I was prepared. He even told us, he was taking it easy on us… yeah, sure 18ish miles later! But this was “easy” as it only gained 1100 ft in elevation. Thanks, B.

We stuck mostly to the Valley Loop Trail with a few off shoots and add ons. The trail was crowded even on an overcast, slightly chilly day. There were parts where it felt like people were everywhere followed by parts where you felt so alone in the woods you almost forgot where you were. The trail varied from dirt to rocks to paved path.

Mirror Lake was gorgeous- I may have taken too many photos.

Yosemite Falls was awesome- although a massive crowd gatherer.

Half Dome watched over it all. Yet, I now realize I have no pictures??? How did I do that?

El Capitan was impressive.

Although I also hit my breaking point around El Cap. My blood sugar dropped, I was running low on water, may have worked myself into a panic attack and I turned into a major bitch. Climbers halfway up El Cap may have heard me shout “this is bullsh**” as I tripped on rocks trying to get closer. More than once. My bad.

Actually that put me into a dark mental space for the 4-5 miles it took to get back to the car. But let’s be honest- Yosemite is the sights and sounds… words don’t really work. Which is why this post is mostly pictures.

If you have been there, what was your favorite part?

If you haven’t been there-put it on your list!

7 thoughts on “Yosemite

  1. I went to Yosemite many years ago. My daughter’s Girl Scout troop and I are going this August for a 5 day camping trip with a couple of guides. I’m so looking forward to going back and to having our troop experience it. It’s such a special place.

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  2. Beautiful pictures. I have never been there. I would love to, but have heard it’s really, really crowded. Glad it wasn’t overly crowded for your visit. Also sorry your blood sugar dropped and you didn’t enjoy that last 5 miles. And…heat stroke? That’s no fun. Glad you are okay.

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    1. The touristy spot were way more crowded, I would have stayed at the waterfalls longer if there were less people.
      Yeah, I generally suffer heat stroke 2 or 3 times a year- I don’t always make the smartest choices in the heat.

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      1. Wow on the heat strokes. At least you know what it feels like and what to do when it happens. Are you more vulnerable to them once you’ve had one?


  3. Looks awesome!
    A different type of park, but we went to Zion in 2019 and it was awesome.
    We had no plan and didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t even know what The Narrows were!
    We got one of the last parking spots and hopped on the bus.
    If we had stopped for gas, the lot would have been full!
    Cannot wait to travel again.

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    1. I want to go to Zion!!! I see pictures and it looks amazing! I just haven’t figured out how to spend enough time there with how long it would take me to drive there. I wasn’t fond of planes even before COVID.

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