Hey Now

Once again, I disappeared longer than planned. Oops.

I actually had last week off of work as a postponed vacation from October. It was only going to be a couple of days but combined with Veteran’s Day, it turned into the whole week. I didn’t really have any plans but sometimes those weeks are needed.

I ran some, I slept some, I ate yummy food and watched some movies. There may or may not be a Christmas Tree up. Maybe 2. I also may have gone full Hallmark channel character and there may be a 7 foot tree in my bedroom. May be.

I had my quarterly strip search with the dermatologist and they took another biopsy. This time higher on my back. And damn did it hurt more than the last ones. I swear it even hurt more than the full on melanoma incisions and those needed stitches. It put running on the backburner the last few days of vacation as I couldn’t figure out a sports bra that didn’t hurt. Boo. Good news is that although it did show cancerous cells, they said the got it all.

I also made the choice to stop 2 of my medications. I’ve been thinking about it for some time now as I honestly think the side effects were outweighing the positives. Whether or not that remains to be true though is still to be seen. So it’s been a detoxing couple weeks.

I was actually running consistent and smart at the beginning of vacation. I was really enjoying my runs. I wish I could say I was continuing that this week but damn I forgot how dark it is now when I get out of work. I’m not adjusted yet even though I usually love this time of year. I have all of my lights ready though.

One of my favorite local races is this weekend. Rescheduled from it’s usual month. I so want to run it. However even I am not stupid enough to jump into a half marathon right now. But I am sad.

I am also still in denial that next week is Thanksgiving though. How is that even possible? I just can’t wrap my head around it.

So, how have you been?