And How?


How is it the week of Thanksgiving? Could someone take their foot off the gas pedal, please? I may have a Christmas tree or 2 up, I still feel like time is flying too fast.

Between going back to work last week and still feeling off due to the medication change, I didn’t even attempt any weekday runs. I did lament over the lack of treadmill though. It’s not even the cost- don’t get me wrong, they are expensive- but I have no where to put a treadmill. Short of buying a new outdoor shed for it. And let’s be real, that’s just too extra.

So, weekend running it was. Or planned to be. I headed out for a few miles just like planned. I was slower than molasses but it felt pretty good. I really do feel like my running joy is coming back, I just still have trouble getting out the door.

Sunday turned messy. My tv boxes needed replacing and they said Sunday between 12-4. Then ghosted us. WTH? I was so mad. It ruined my whole day. Yes, I know I should have run in the morning but I didn’t want to. That’s on me. The rest of the day, not so much. Again, I wanted a treadmill. Also I may have done a little too much online shopping while I was waiting for the tv people. Oops.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, who is getting out for a Turkey Trot? I’m volunteering at a local one but hoping to get out for a few miles after that. We don’t eat too early on Thanksgiving but fairly early. And there will be no running after that. Even though turkey is not really my thing, I will likely eat more than I should. And then back to work on Friday.

I need to get my trail legs back under me, I have big plans for some future adventures. Fingers crossed. Also not too fond of my trail shoes right now but what else is new. I swear I never used to have these issues, haha.

Any plans for the week?