And I ran away again. Oops.

Maybe I should stop saying oops. Things have been a little off lately. Work always gets a crazy around the the holidays but I feel like it’s turned up a notch this year. Plus, the change in my meds may be throwing me for a loop. I mean I cried over a pizza last week. A pizza! Who does that? Also a couple of Christmas commercials have made me teary eyed. Commercials, not even cheesy Hallmark channel movies.

I have been running, barely, but have been attempting at least. Some roads, some trails. I got new shoes and have been trying to put some miles on them. Slow miles are still miles, right?

I’m on vacation this week. All of my plans fell through, Mother Nature had other ideas. I haven’t yet decided if that was a good thing to a bad thing. We shall see. I do have some backup options but sleeping in my own bed does sound the better idea so far.

I feel like there is so much more I want to type but I can’t get the thoughts right in my head yet. Or what’s in my head doesn’t seem the same once it’s on the page, err screen.

So hopefully, it won’t be as long until I update again.😂🤣

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  1. a lot of us have that…I’ve suddenly become old, and being in the great white north, deadling with running on ice, and only having time for either late night, or early morning runs, but a challenge with a co-worker to run every day until January 1st is sort of forcing me run, even when i’d really just watch TV and drink coffee


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